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Not to be like that but I don’t understand purely aesthetic shipping? If characters seem to have comparability or share a history I’m DEFINITELY more inclined to like it, but when people just mush two characters together it… shouldn’t annoy me, I just feel like there’s absolutely no canon regard.

the one thing i love most about the 1975 concerts is how incredibly in their elements everyone is. you’ve got the crowd, screaming back every lyric they’ve spent years memorizing and dancing like it’s their last night on earth. you’ve got george, who knows every inch of his drumset like the back of his hand and puts his whole being into every performance. and adam who puts in his little playful riffs during every song and gets so incredibly into each guitar solo. and ross who gets so focused on hitting every beat onstage. and waughy adding his beautiful saxophone and making your heart ache when you hear it live. and matty feeding off the crowd’s energy and just being so unabashedly modest but so unashamedly himself at the same time. and all the crew members flowing together to form a kind of synchronized dance. its absolutely breathtaking watching them preform and turning around and seeing everyone in the crowd smiling right along with you. it’s art is what it is.


Its Asian Face Appreciation Day. I’m Filipino and Chinese. Wasssup. Born and Raised in the U.S, first generation of naturalized american citizen in my family (and the only one so far). I like make up, unnatural hair color, and bands/artists that make me feel unwillingly pretentious. I’m grey-ace and polysexual/polyromantic. I may like you if you aren’t a butt. Also I should be coming out with an LP soon so if I do that successfully pls give it a listen. I’m asian. Appreciate me.

what sassyenfj thinks of the types

(based on my personal experience with people in real life. also, some of what I say will be… sassy.)

INTP: you’re extremely intelligent and creative and appreciate my natural sweetness, and I love you for that. you understand that, even though I’m a feeler, I’m intelligent, too–just in different ways. people usually think you’re robots, but you’re way more sensitive and emotional than you let on. you have very strong convictions… but often you go about showing them in the wrong way. you don’t take into consideration how people feel enough, and sometimes you don’t remember that life isn’t black and white. 
INTJ: you’re socially awkward, but it’s adorable, and I like you that way. you’re so smart and an excellent strategist. you’re so passionate about your interests and sometimes you won’t shut up about them, but I can appreciate that. however, you also love to be an annoying little shit and you can get on my nerves so quickly. like, please realize how sensitive I am. and pay more attention to the needs of other people, please.
INFP: you have a great sense of humor and I love messing around with you. you’re pretty much as quirky as me, and you’re a nerd and meme trash, which is why I love you. you’re a creativity machine, so bouncing ideas back and forth with you is fun, and I can appreciate how much you care about society. however, the way you go about trying to fix society pisses me off a lot of the time. like, I know I’m emotional, too, but logic is a thing. please use it more. and stop always thinking you’re right, and that everyone else is bad if they don’t think the same thing as you!
INFJ: you are adorable and I love you. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m not totally jealous that everyone wants to be you and you’re generally more liked than I am, and you’re better at emotions than I am, but whatever. I love how you’re so interested in saving the world, and I admire you so much. but you know… stop bottling up your emotions so much. I want to hear about how you really are. you matter so much!
ISTP: I dunno, you’re really cool and smart and you read books a lot. you seem to have a solid idea about who you are and you aren’t afraid to be that person. you love adventures, but you also very much have a coffeehouse nerd personality. I think it’s harder for me to interact with you because I feel like you don’t really “get” me and you might think I’m too intense or emotional. we good, though.
ISTJ: you’re one of the biggest nerds ever and I love you for it. when I first met you I’m like, “this person is so quiet and shy and normal.” but now I know the truth. your mind is so expansive and interesting, and you’re honestly such a dorky, joke-making, goofy human being. but you also are just so good at whatever you do, and you honestly care for me and make me feel so appreciated and cared for. (also you are way more organized and clean than I am.)
ISFP: duuuuuude. I have a love-hate relationship with you. you are honestly some of the most down-to-earth, interesting, fun people I have ever met. you are so talented and creative, and your mind works in ways that most of the rest of the world just doesn’t understand. you have such a nice, mellow, humble demeanor. but also… your private personality and ability to shut people out has really hurt me in the past, because I’m just so open. and I’ve learned to never take emotional advice from you. introverted feelers, smh.
ISFJ: you guys are pretty much my favorite people in the world. people think you’re so docile but you have such a wild, silly side and you can be super inappropriate with people you know well. you have such a beautiful way with aesthetics, and you’re so secretly creative–it takes people by surprise. you have the most beautiful souls and you’re such natural caretakers and way more nurturing and organized than I could ever be. the world need you. however, you’re a little too attached to the past and societal rules. make way for change!
ENTP: honestly I love you guys so much. you’re such fun, crazy, hyper-intelligent, creative people and most of the time I get along with you so well. honestly, you make me feel so much better about being pretentious and thinking I’m smarter than the majority of society because we can do that together! sometimes, though, you really don’t take into account what other humans need, and your intelligence can lead you to be dumb about people. also you think you’re right way too often. and you’re awful about shutting up when you need to.
ENTJ: honestly, I try to get along with you, but sometimes you’re a little prick. here, let me backtrack. you’re honestly really funny and quick-witted, which makes you entertaining to be around. arguing with you can be both enriching and maddening because you never admit when you’re wrong. you are the ultimate politician, politely bullshitting your way through every conversation, and you have an opinion on everything. not to mention you feel the need to loudly and passionately express all of your opinions. all. the. time.
ENFP: you guys amaze me. you’re excellent storytellers, charismatic, funny, and kind. I honestly love your energy so much, and I wish I could play with you all the time. (except for when I get tired. do you guys get tired?) but you also are really good at hurting my feelings because for some reason I care a lot what you (and ENTP, actually) think. you also are so frustrating because your logic is just so wishy-washy and honestly sometimes your opinions suck. you think you know best, but a lot of the time you don’t.
ENFJ: you’re honestly just the best. I can relate to you so well. you really care about how people feel personally. you’re always there for your friends and you’re so thoughtful–giving people touching gifts, intervening on their behalf. also, I never have to worry about you doing something socially unacceptable. and your sense of humor is the best. one thing we both need to work on: caring less about what people think. stand up for yourself, homie!
ESTP: y’all are an odd bunch, you know that? you don’t have a filter, you act before thinking, you don’t give a flying f— what people think about you, and… actually, I have a lot of fun with you around. (when you’re not being sexist or totally inappropriate.) I admire your ability to not care, but it also gets you into a lot of trouble. I also know a secret about you… in truth, you’re actually sensitive and romantic. 
ESTJ: people think you’re all about bossing others around, and while that’s pretty true, you’re also surprisingly creative and charismatic. you tell stories better than anyone I’ve ever heard and you know how to have a good time. traveling with you is so fun! however, you totally take things way too personally and you’re kind of controlling and guilt-trippy. chill out a bit, please.
ESFP: I love you so much, even though you can get on my nerves really easily. people always cast you as the out-of-control party animal, but I know you have more to offer than that; you’re a world-class entrepreneur, the most generous person I know, so nurturing, so fun, and you love people more than they deserve. but also, you’re kind of a sore loser and I’m sorry, but I can’t give you attention 24/7.
ESFJ: you da bomb. so generous, so caring, so full of unshakable love. younger ESFJs care a lot about appearances, but trust me–when you get older you’ll just say “f— ‘em.” I can always depend on you, and most of the time I don’t feel worthy of your friendship. you’re SO GIVING. and smart! and kind! but also, you’re lowkey needy and you make enemies almost as fiercely as you make friends. (I mean, I’m one to talk, right?)

2012 Gilbert Cellars Left Bank Red

Washington wines make me feel cool without being pretentious. Iodine leads on the nose, followed by cassis, blackberry, cinnamon, a hint of vanilla and fresh wood. Very ripe black fruit on the palate with fresh leather, wood, and vanilla. Tart finish. Structure from the mix of new and old oak (both French and American) used in making this guy!

3/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot

14.8% abv

Columbia Valley, Washington, USA

your design was just too cool for school i just had to draw something im sorry bout that

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ohmygodpeople stop being awesome. goddamn. i try not to repost all the drawings people do for me cause sometimes it makes me feel a bit pretentious but this is super cool and id like to publicly thank everyone who over the course of the previous year drew things for me / submitted cool drawings to me , honorable mentions that i had not reposted include kadotchi squid-butts 00002101 theartofwazzing theaydin garbledina rexmccoolguy skullmage foreversick alsoword and acquitter i cant remember much further back but thank you all and anyone else i may have missed, forgotten or gave me stuff anonymously! i spend a lot of my days being a miserable bag of douche but i guarantee each and every one of you has put a dorky smile on my face at least once. - oscar award winning tears from all of my 5 billion eyes. -

Wrong Number - Ch 4

TITLE: Wrong Number
AUTHOR: nakedchrisevans
GENRE: Romance/humour/erotica
FIC SUMMARY: 21 year old Kat, after breaking up with her boyfriend, had gotten very drunk one night. Drunk and out of her mind, she tried calling Aiden, her best friend but had mistakenly called Tom Hiddleston, the famous actor.
RATING: M (T for now)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: TomKat’s dinner scene! I will probably update less, since my midterms are around the corner. Feedback is immensely appreciated, and may or may not make me want to update a little faster. Have a good day guys!

chapter 1/chapter 2/chapter 3

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