makes me cry and im not really sure why

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Excuse me, I just felt you should be aware that I have the best cat and he's very sweet and just likes sitting on me and purring with his weird wheezy purr and it's adorable. Sometimes I'll feel shitty and there he'll be and I'll wonder, why does he like me? Because for some reason out of everyone in my family my cat thinks I am the best person in the world. And Im not sure if Im happy or wanna cry, but it makes my day. ~cat anon

That sounds really awesome. I’ve never had a pet but I’ve always wanted one. Mom’s allergic to most animals though, which sucks.


hello hello my dearest friends !! so, this is something i need to do. i will be on semi-hiatus until MAY 5TH, 2017. why you ask? oh, cause i graduate from college in literally two weeks and i really need to hound down and focus on upcoming assignments, test, finals, crying, etc. it is going to be a very stressful next few weeks and i really need to make sure that i am giving it my all since this is literally the final stretch. every once in awhile i may hop on to do a thing or two but, for the most part, i won’t be on. if you need me don’t hesitate to reach out via IM or my skype. and to everyone else who is finishing up school or a semester or anything, best of luck to you. i know that you will do just wonderful.

cheers, dolls !!

xx bee