makes me cringe a little

i always see wholesome posts about loving your mom and giving her the world. those posts are fine and all, i’m glad you guys love your moms and have happy healthy relationships. but for some of us it just isn’t realistic, so this one goes out to everyone who’s stomach twists when they see those posts because their mom isn’t a good person and because they don’t have a good relationship with her. you don’t have to love your mom, you don’t have to love any of your family members. you choose to love who treats you right, don’t let posts like that make you feel bad for not liking your mom.

Everyone knows that one time when Jungkook said “I want you x3, but if this isn’t at least the same level of thirst, I don’t know what is. His voice makes me cringe a little (a lot). And Jimin is no better, sticking out his tongue at Jungkook once again. Oh my…

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3 words. Dean's daughter MacRyeleighaynnabeau

Nash Note: Well-played. I will see your Winchester-child-naming-nightmare, and raise you an SPN fanfic triple-cringe trifecta in return: Domestic. Baby. Fluff

Call my fluff-bluff, have ye? [clears throat] Reader. Insert. Mommy.

Ooh, and - Sam. Gets. Dogs. I’m just sayin’, if we’re gonna get down, let’s get dooown, Mariana Trench this mother.

In summation: Nash. Does. Fluff.  Y’all enjoy it. It ain’t likely to happen again.

Status: Complete
Word Count: 1.8K
Category: One-shot, Domestic Family Fluff, Husband Dean, Reader Insert Mommy, Sam Has Dogs
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): Dean, Sam, You, Newborn with a stupid name, Rando nurse
Pairing(s): Dean + You, and there’s Sam Feels bonus
Warnings: so sweet you’ll need a dentist
Author’s Note: Post-story
Overall Summary: See above; See Nash Twitch

A Fluff By Any Other Name
Dean was waiting for Sam in the hallway.

“No flowers?”

“Uh, she hates flowers. Figured I’d ask what she wants for dinner, run get it.”

“Maybe I would’ve appreciated the flowers.”

“You know, I’m going to let this go, because you’ve had a long day, but not as long as hers, so—”

“Ask me.”

“Ask… what?”

You know.”

“Dean, did you sneak some morphine, or whatever they’ve been—”

“Ask me what your niece’s name is. Actually, no - ask me what it’s not.”

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Riverdale Imagine: Music Notes, Pie, and Archie Andrews (Archie x reader)

Anonymous: Hello darling! I was just wondering – turn it down if you wanna – if you could do a Archie and a really shy reader. When it comes to like PDA or she’s just really really shy and she gets nervous/panics when she meets new people or speak in front of the class and he try to help her out of the shell by meeting his friends and encourages her to speak up.

Summary: The reader meets Archie over the summer as she has just moved to Riverdale and happens to be next door to him. He hears her playing guitar and, despite her shyness, insists that she needs to help him with his songs. By the end of the summer they are dating but as school approaches, the reader is nervous to meet his friends.

Approx. 1455 words

It all started over the summer. It was a boiling hot day and Mum had insisted I spent the day outside, even if that just meant in our garden. I’d given up on sunbathing hours before and was now curled up in the shade of the old oak tree with my guitar. Pages of sheet-music fanned out around me like a blanket, weighed down with tiny pebbles to prevent them from fluttering away in the light breeze.  I was completely engrossed in my music, unaware of everyone and everything, pausing at intervals to record music-notes and lyrics, when I heard an unfamiliar voice call from somewhere behind me.

“You’re going to have to help me with my music sometime, your playing is amazing!”

I jumped and spun around in shock, my gaze greeted by the confident smirk of an auburn-haired teenage boy. A teenage boy who was sitting on my garden fence, sweaty and shirtless. I swallowed hard as I felt my blood rush to my face, feeling the rouge of hot embarrassment spread over my cheeks as I desperately struggled to think of a response. This, it would seem, was the attractive young neighbour that my Mum had been trying to make me talk to all summer with little success. I cringed as I remembered how I had hid in my room the day we had moved in when him and his dad had come to introduce themselves. Even as child I had been unusually shy, still clinging onto my parents long after everyone else had stopped and as a result I struggled to make friends. My parents’ divorce and the recent move to Riverdale hadn’t helped matters, and I was secretly hoping to spend my last two years at school largely unnoticed. Unfortunately for me though, a new girl in a small town never goes unnoticed.

“I’m sorry” he laughed, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I was only trying to get a look at the mystery girl from next door.” He winked at me and jumped off the wall and into my garden, his toned stomach flexing at the effort. “It’s Y/N right?” I nodded shyly, “I’m Archie Andrews.”

“Hi…” I mumbled pathetically as I began fumbling with my sheet music, making it into a messy pile in an attempt to hide it from Archie’s amused gaze.

“How long have you been playing guitar?” He asked innocently as he gestured towards where my instrument was lying on the grass. I smiled as I picked it up and stroked the polished wood.

“I think the real question is when am I not playing. Guitar, piano, drums… I’ll play anything. It drives my mum nuts. I guess that’s why I’m an only child.” I joked. After a momentary pause, Archie roared with laughter and I smiled back nervously.

“I like you Y/N, you’re cool.” He beamed at me. “I heard you playing earlier and, I’m being totally honest, you’re pretty fucking good.” I blushed again and tucked my hair behind my ears in an attempt to hide my embarrassment, how long had he been listening? “So…” he continued, “I was wondering if you would come over to mine for a couple of hours and go through my music with me, I could really use your expertise.” He pleaded.

I was about to decline and was in the middle of finding a believable excuse when I glanced up and looked into his hopeful face. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I slung my guitar over my shoulder and gathered up my sheet music.

“What’s in it for me Andrews?” I asked with mock seriousness.

“Well Y/N, you get to stare at my beautiful face for two whole hours!” He laughed at my skeptical expression. He tried again. “We have apple pie?”  

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Throw Back!

Hello to all of you wonderful people out there. I have been quite busy lately and I don’t want to disappoint anyone with my posts, so I decided im going to have a throw back. If you don’t know what that is (I’m sure you do) it is where I will post pictures I drew from long ago. This SeaWing, I remember, was probably the second or third dragon I drew from the Wings of Fire series when it first came out. 

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Hey, I'm totally with you on not minding that Jonas is dating Emma! On one hand, Jonas isn't perfect, no one is. On the other hand, Emma isn't the satan's spawn this fandom has decided she is. She was naive, more than anything, and Isak isn't bitter, so we need to stop holding a grudge. Maybe she's matured? She's similar to Vilde, but made that one huge mistake. And we don't know how it went down, whether she intended to harm him, or was just really careless. Either way I hope she learnt from it

hey you! yeah, this weird black and white look on characters and situations has always weirded me out a little bit, especially because the show is so big on making sure very few things are one thing or the other. and yeah, agreed, I think people forget Emma was fifteen at that point. just thinking about all the dumb stuff I said and did when I was fifteen makes me cringe a little bit. besides, she was probably very hurt, very confused and very embarrassed about what had happened and I don’t think that’s so strange. like, Isak literally left her behind in his own house without saying anything. she legit came back from the bathroom to find the boy she was supposedly on a date with gone! and it doesn’t excuse her outing him obviously, but it’s not as easy as saying Emma’s a horrible person and Isak is the best boy without any flaws at all. we don’t know exactly how the story went either. people love to make it look like she stood outside the school with a boombox yelling about Isak being gay, but in all likeliness she told one or two friends because she felt angry and betrayed and it started to spread before she truly understood what she’d done. I’d like for her to apologize, sure, but I don’t think she should be uninvited from all parties ever just because she made a mistake once. if that was the case, no skam characters would ever be going to any party ever.


@phen01 not a weird question, you hit the nail on the head. In my defense, I chose this username a million years ago when I was an emo middle schooler and I still like it (the username and the song even though it makes me cringe a little now haha) :-P

Ten Years Ago

Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1K

Warnings: None

Written By: Kace

A/N: This is a short one compared to our others. It was pretty hard writing Lucifer, but I’m a sucker for him so I’ll keep trying until I get it right! Enjoy!!!

The smell of pine filled your senses and the sky was painted shades of pink and orange, but then you heard them. The scene would’ve been beautiful if you weren’t running for your life.

Their barks and growls filled your ears as tears began to stream down your pale, sunken face. Your breath quickened and you picked up your feet, trying to run faster. You didn’t think it would feel like this. When you made your deal, your heart was in the right place.

You never had any friends, so when the opportunity presented itself to finally get one, you agreed without hesitation.

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“What does he want?” she asked, after Orys had spent half the day cloistered in his solar with Aegon.

“What makes you think he wants anything?”

“Of course he wants something. He always does. Is there another war he wants you to fight for him? Somewhere else he wants to send you?”

So you could lose another limb? And worse, lose your faith in yourself?

“He wants me to accompany him to Tarth, the only part of the stormlands he has yet to visit.”

“What else?” There was something else, she could tell from the catch in his voice. It was something he knew she would mislike, she was certain of it.

“He spoke of Davos,” Orys finally said.

“Our Davos?” Their elder son, currently sparring in the courtyard with the master-at-arms, while his brother Raymont and Prince Aenys stood watching. Raymont looked eager, if somewhat envious that his older brother was now old enough to be allowed to spar with a grown man, but Prince Aenys only looked terrified, shielding his eyes with both hands when things got too heated.

No, Argella thought. No. You cannot have him. Not our son.

“A squire,” Orys was saying. “The right age.” Argella heard nothing else.

“You must refuse him. You must!”

“Must I?” There was a curious tone to his voice that would have given her pause at any other time, but the thought of her son serving the dragon king drove out all other considerations from her mind.

“What about the plan to send Davos to squire for one of the marcher lords? We have discussed that.”

“Nothing has been settled as yet. I have not made any promises that if broken, would cause offense to any lord.”  

“Davos is your heir. He must squire for a lord from the stormlands, to know his own people, his own land. What good will it do for him to waste his time in Dragonstone and King’s Landing?”

“Aegon spends most of the year on his progress, travelling the realm. It will be good for Davos to know the rest of the realm, to have the chance to see the Seven Kingdoms in its entirety.”

All this talk one king and one realm maddened her. “Our son will not be king of the Seven Kingdoms. He will not be king of the rest of the realm. What good will it do for him, to be travelling the realm with Aegon? He will not even be king of the stormlands!”

“Too bad his father is only a bastard-born upjumped lord, not a king with thousands of years of history supporting him. Is that what stuck in your craw, my lady, your children being fathered by one so unworthy? Who had you envisioned as the father to your children?The King of the Reach? The King in the North? Did you share the sentiment your lord father conveyed in his contemptuous reply to Aegon’s offer of myself for your husband, back then?”

The unfairness of the accusation stung her. This had nothing to do with that at all. She lashed out, furiously. “Davos would not need a king as his father if he had the storm queen as his mother.”

“Too bad his mother lost her crown, and could not keep the loyalty of her own men.”

She laughed, bitterly. “And there it is. Finally. The thing you have always wanted to throw in my face.”

“I did not mean those words,” he said, aghast. “Argella –” he reached out for her, but quickly pulled back, as if stung, when he saw her recoiling from his touch.

“You meant it. I know you did. You’ve always thought it, I suspected that all along. Where would she be, if not for my gallantry, my chivalry, my kindness? The great Lord Orys, so kind, so generous, so -”

“Don’t,” he said. “We have said too much in anger. Things that are not true, that are only meant to hurt.”

“You are wrong. Things said in anger could be the truest of all, when all pretenses of courtesies and good manners have been stripped bare.” She drove on. “You would send our son to serve Aegon? When you know how I feel about him, how much I loathe him?”

“Davos would be serving Aegon when he is Lord of Storm’s End. He owes the king his leal service, like I do.”

“Is that what your king fears? That if you die before I do, I would try to influence our son to deny Aegon his loyalty?

“He has no thought of that. He is not the scheming villain you take him to be.”

Argella scoffed. “He is as cuddly as a dragon, your king.”

“I know of another truth you will not admit. That it is not Aegon you truly despise and resent. Aegon was not the one who slew your father, who took your castle, your land.”

“Don’t you think I know that? I have to live with you, wake up next to you –“

“Suffer my seeds to grow in your womb.”

“Yes! Yes, that too.”

He nodded, as if this was something he had suspected all along. His voice was barely audible when he asked, “So it was all pretend, make-believe? Those moments when I thought you truly enjoyed it, going to bed with me? Your moans, your cries of pleasure, they were all lies? When I thought you might have had some joy in our union.”

“That was lust, mere lust. I am a woman with needs. And you are comely enough, my lord, and skillful enough to do your duty in that regard.”

She had hated it, at first, that he was gentle with her. She had hated herself even more for responding to his caress, to his touch. Why do you refuse to be the heartless monster I had thought you to be, so I could hate you in peace?


“Why, do you think a woman is not capable of lust? Only a man? Do you think your show of chivalry would cause me to be so grateful that I would grow to love you?”

He flushed. “It was not for show. It was never for show.”

“Do you think I would fall on my knees, proclaiming my undying love for you? Is that the just reward you expected? It is not enough that I have given you sons, that I have been your faithful wife, that I have kept your castle and protected your land for you while you serve your king, this castle that used to be mine, this land that should have been mine. No, you want me to love you too. How do you think it makes me feel, to be under such an obligation to the man who killed my father and stole my inheritance?”

“There is no such obligation. I have never asked it of you.”

“No, not with words, never with words. But with everything else. Your eyes, your expectant gaze, your touch. You are greedy, my lord. You do not mean to be, I know you well enough to know that, at least, but you are greedy nonetheless, when it comes to our marriage.”  

“There is no such obligation,” he repeated. “If I have somehow made you feel that there is, then forgive me for the mistake, my lady. But consider yourself released from it.”


I watched Age of Ultron this morning to refresh my memory. It was … a challenge. I took notes. (I actually have a spreadsheet of AoS ep notes, so, yes, notes are a thing I do). Looking at those notes, it seems I yelled kind of frequently. And, I was totally yelling in my mind. This movie falls apart quick. 

Oh well, chore done. *pats self on back*

Below, my notes, if you need your memory refreshed and don’t want to sit through the movie again. See how much I love you guys?

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in case you guys ever need reassurance that i am, in fact, a loser:

  • my macbook’s name is carolina. she runs my life. she is also getting kind of old.
  • my 4 tb hard drive is named epsilon, but that seemed kind of pushing it since church fucking deletes himself. the drive’s official name is just baby. it is a good baby. i still call it epsilon though
  • my 1 tb backup drive is iota, because by that point i gave no shits.
  • my kindle is eta, because it is smaller than…
  • theta, my 8 inch nextbook tablet! theta was actually named after a different theta, but i consistently forget this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • i named my mini-stick pc north, which cracks me up, because the computer itself fits in your palm. when i was first setting up windows 10, the colors were fucking BLINDING, and the only thing i could stand to look at for the home screen was a purple on the cooler side. so when windows asked for a name, i said north, duh. and thus the gargantuan become the smol.
  • my essential oil diffuser just happens to light up into all of the AI colors. it’s also my first diffuser, so naturally, i named it alpha.
  • my drawing tablet is sigma. 
  • this month i finally got another desktop pc! it’s the second one i’ve owned in about a decade, and it’s badass, so naturally it is beta tex.
  • and yes, she makes carolina look bad but it’s not a fair comparison so shhhh.

and there you have it. proof red is a fucking nerd.

my only worry is that i am running out of names that won’t make me cringe.

Survey - marking books

So, I mark my books with pencil and always carry a pad of sticky notes to slap in there if I have thoughts I want to record around a passage.

My bf highlights with a highlighter. It kinda makes me cringe. It seems unnatural to have that fluorescent color in the sweet little book.

Don’t even get me started on dog-earring your pages!!!

Also, bookmarks? I used to be a use-anything-even-if-it’s-a-tissue-or-a-penny. Now I’m a real bookmark user (because it helps me make straight lines when I underline).

What about you all?

Why is it that I can look back on times I almost died and be like haha hilarious but little things make me cringe. Like the time I screwed up a cliff dive and almost broke my neck and couldn’t talk for several hours? Lmao comedic. But the time I answered a question wrongly when I was 8? Hide me in a void.

Chapter 6: Sleepover

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Lee Yoo Mi ( You ) 

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst 

Word Count: 3.9k

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A/N : I posted this about a month ago on Wattpad but forgot to post it here :’((( lol whoops

After everyone had enough to eat and drink, everyone began helping me clean. Jungkook said he wasn’t ‘feeling good’, so I sent him upstairs to lay down. Everyone suggested that he stay the night again and I could just drop him off tomorrow when I go to work.

After what felt like the longest 30 minutes of cleaning ever, everyone had finally left. I had taken a shower in the guest bedroom and was wrapped in a towel. Opening the door to my room, I could see Jungkook was already comfortable in my bed. He didn’t seem to notice I walked in until I coughed at him, trying to get his attention.

“ Noona, what took you so long? I missed you. ” He whined, sitting himself up straight, his eyes scanning over my towel wrapped body.

“ I had to clean the house up and take a shower. I’m sorry.” I rolled my eyes and went straight to my dresser pulling out an oversized black shirt and some house shorts to sleep in.

“ Yah, turn around and don’t watch me change. ”

“ But noona I’ve already seen you naked. Why do I have to look away? ” He said getting off the bed making his way towards me.

“ Yah! Stay over there? Don-” Jungkook placed his lips on mine and strongly wrapped his arms around my body, making the towel fall off my naked body. I couldn’t help but melt into his kiss and return his actions.

“ You drive me insane. ” He breathed out, breaking the kiss, and placing his forehead against mine.

“ I could say the same about you. ”

I wrapped my arms around his body pulling him closer to me. How could this 20-year-old have such a huge effect on me? Raising my head, I locked eyes with him and just admired the way he looked at me.

“ I’m giving you four minutes to change before I look at you. Okay ? ”

I let out a small giggle and hummed in response. Jungkook went back on the bed and covered his head with a pillow so that he couldn’t watch me. I picked up the towel on the floor and placed it on the chair in the corner of my room and began to get dressed. Since I was only wearing the oversized shirt and some shorts, it took me less than 2 minutes to get dressed.

“ You can open your eyes now. ” I said placing the towel in the laundry basket.

He removed the pillow from his face and looked at me, raising an eyebrow at me.

“ Is that my shirt? ”

I looked down at the faded black shirt. I had found it in my laundry basket and I didn’t really know who it belonged to, so I kept it and slept in it almost every night.

“ I don’t know. Is it? I found it a year and a half ago while doing laundry. I don’t know who it belongs to, but it is pretty cozy. ” I said getting comfortable in the bed next to Jungkook.

“ Turn around. Let me see the tags on it. ” He said placing a hand on my shoulder.

I didn’t even think to check the tags. What if the shirt belongs to him and I’ve been wearing it all this time. His hand glided over my back and flipped the shirt so he could see the tag.

“ Is there a name on it? Is it yours? ” I asked.

He flipped the tag back into the shirt and continued to rub my back.

“ Noona, you must really like me. You’ve had this shirt for over a year? Aish noona. ” He laughed at me.

“ Yah! It’s not funny. ” I yelled hitting his arm.

“ Noona I should’ve approached you sooner. Aigoo, my Yoo Mi really likes me. ” He joked, patting my hair.

“ Aish, stop. I didn’t know it was yours. Like I said, I found it and I thought it was comfortable. ”

“ Okay okay, ” He said putting his hand in the air, “ I’m just teasing. I already told you, I love to see you in my clothes noona. ” I started to blush thinking about this morning.

“Yah, when are you going to stop calling me noona? I don’t like it. ” I huffed out, crossing my arms over my chest.

“ Why? I love calling you noona, and plus it’s respec-” I hit his arm hard cutting off his sentence. “ Why did you do that? ” He laughed out.

“ Yah, if we’re going to be dating or doing anything close to dating, I do not want to be called noona. I know I’m older than you but it makes me cringe a little. ”

He let out a soft giggle, “ Alright, I’ll only call you noona when we’re at work. Deal ? ”

“ Deal. ” I moved away from him.

“ Yoo Mi, come closer to me. ” Jungkook whined, pulling me by my waist so that I was cuddled up next to him. “ Much better. ”

I laid my head down on his chest and took a hold of his hand, tracing over the veins on his hand and his arm. His free hand moved its way up my shirt and laid it on my stomach.

“ You know Yoo Mi when I first saw you, I thought ‘wow, she is absolutely beautiful. I want to be the man she can depend on for anything.’ You were one of my main motivations for striving to be better at everything. I really hoped that the better I got, the more you would look at me. I stayed for so many late practices and made sure to perfect everything.” He started rubbing his hand on my stomach.

I lifted my head to face him, his face was tinted with a slight shade of pink. A small smile crept on my face.

“ Jungkook, you worked that hard to impress me? ”

His face became a darker shade of pink and nodded his head. I let go of his hand and moved my body up so that I was facing him.

“ You idiot. You always made me worry when you worked too much. ” I lightly tapped his chest, laughing. “ When you kept practicing, even after everyone was already done and said you did great, I would wait for you to go home so I could be comfortable knowing you were going to go to sleep. ”

“ I’m sorry Yoo Mi, I promise I won’t make you worry anymore. ” His hand went and cupped my face. “ Gosh, you’re really driving me insane Yoo Mi. I can’t look at you properly when you’re wearing my shirt. My thoughts keep drifting into doing other things with you..” His eyes lowered themselves and his voice became deeper.

“ Yah, my legs still hurt from yesterday. ” I said jokingly, looking everywhere but his eyes.

He let out another low response. “ Come on Yoo Mi, just one more time. ” He cocked up his eyebrows.

My eyes looked everywhere but him now. If I were to look at him, I would probably cave into his request.

“ Look at me. ” He insisted, putting his hand on my chin, but not moving it.

I took a deep breath and looked at him. His eyes were dark, his lips turned slightly up into a smirk, his face no longer tinted from blushing.

“ You’re so beautiful, ” He whispered out, moving to hover his lips over mine, “ So beautiful. ” His lips then sloppily crashed into mine, hungry for me. His hands roamed under my shirt, caressing my waist. My hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. The kiss was becoming very heated very quickly.

“ Let’s stop. ” I said out of breath.

“ Why? ” He groaned out, shifting my body on his.

“ Because… If I start, I won’t want to stop. ” I whispered out almost a shamed of myself.

“ Then don’t. ” His was quick to say.

His eyes searched for mine, making sure that it was alright and once I nodded letting him know I wanted this, he attacked my lips once more, dragging the kisses down to my neck and sucking lightly. His hands squeezed my thighs, slowly moving his hands under my shirt, cupping my breast. I moaned into the kiss, letting his tongue slip in and roam my mouth. He lifted me off his thigh, breaking the kiss, making me stand on the bed.

“ Take your clothes off. ” He groaned out.

I slid my shorts off my legs, keeping his shirt on.

“ You said you like when I wear your clothes. I think I should keep this on. ” I said playing with the hem of the shirt.

He let out a deep husky groan and grabbed my thighs, signaling me to lower myself. I moved closer to him, still standing. He placed his head near my womanhood. His hand crept up my thigh and a finger slide in between my slick folds, causing a soft moan to escape my lips.

“ Fuck you’re already so wet for me Noona. ”

“ Only for you Jungkook. ” I moaned out after he rubbed my clit painfully slow.

He removed his finger, pulling away from my needy core, making me almost cry out from the lack of contact.

“ Lay down for me noona. ”

I quickly obeyed his command and laid down on my back, spreading my legs wide for him.

“ God. You look so fucking hot in my shirt. And your pretty pussy is so wet for me. ”

Before he played with me, he removed his shirt and pants, leaving him in just his boxers that didn’t help hide he hardening member.

His fingers roamed around everywhere on my lower body except the one spot I needed him.

“ Jungkook. ” I groaned out.

“ Tell me what you want noona. ” His voice low and raspy, his fingers still gliding over my lower body.

“ Jungkook don’t make me beg. ” I whined out.

“ Beg for me noona. Tell me what you want. ”

“ You, ” I whined out, “ Please Jungkook, I want you inside of me. ”

His lips curved into a smile, “ Of course noona.”

He slid two fingers into my core, causing me
to gasp out. His pace started slow and steady, I bucked my hips up hoping to increase the pleasure, but he placed his hand down on my hip, keeping me in place. I could already tell what he was doing and what he wanted me to do. At this point, I was getting frustrated.

“ Faster. ” I moaned out.

“ Not yet. ” He murmured out.

“ Jungkook, please. I need more, go faster. ” I moaned out again.

He placed a soft kiss on my inner thigh and began pumping faster inside of me. My hands found his hair, dragging him closer to my core wanting him to use his mouth too.

“ So needy. ” He cockily spoke.

“ Shut up and just do it, please. ” I said as politely as I could.

He blew onto my throbbing core before placing a soft kiss on my clit, making
me buck my hips in response, the knot in my stomach tightening. His lips then wrapped themselves around my sensitive spot and began sucking. Jungkook’s finger were working their magic inside me, hitting my g-spot every time.

Before I could warn Jungkook, the knot in my stomach released itself, causing me
to have an earth-shaking orgasm. My hands continued to pull on his hair, trying to ride out my climax.

“ Noona, you taste so fucking good. ” He said placing a chaste kiss on my lips, making me taste myself. “ You came for me so quickly noona, that’s no fun. Do I drive you that insane?” He continued to hover over me, his eyes scanning every part of my body.

“ Noona, I know I said you look great in my clothes but I love your naked body even more.”

I locked my eyes onto his, still out of recovering from my high, I spoke to him. “ So why don’t we take this off then? ”

His signature smirk plastered on his face, he cockily replied. “ I’ll be more than happy to take it off.”

He pulled the shirt over my head and threw it somewhere on the floor. He lowered his head down to my now exposed breast and took one into his mouth. The way his mouth worked around my breast almost made me ready to cum for him again. Not forgetting to please my other breast, he began massaging it. He enclosed my sensitive nipple in between his index and thumb, rolling it around and tugging the nub.

“ Jungkook that feels so good. ” I breathlessly let out.

He removed his mouth from the breast he was working his magical mouth on and switched to pleasure the other one. I let another soft moan, throwing my head back in pleasure.

“ Jungkook please give me more. I need more.” I begged.

His mouth removed itself from my breast on more time making me whine out again from the lack of sensation.

“ Tell me what you want, baby. I’ll give you anything and everything. ” His voice was heavy with lust. He pulled down the only item of clothing he had on down to his feet and kicked it away, leaving him completely naked.

“ You. ” I begged again, bucking my hips up so that they would reach his member. “ I want you to fuck me with your hard cock. Please.”

Jungkook rubbed my inner thighs before placing his hand on his clothed member. He let out a small his from the contact.

“ You want this baby? ” He said palming himself through his boxers, letting out a soft grunt.

I eagerly nodded my head, “ please baby, I want it.”  He removed his boxers, causing his hard on to spring to life. I could practically feel the drool coming out of my mouth. He moved closer to me, rubbing himself through my wet folds.

I bucked my hips, “ Please Jungkook. I need you inside me. ”

He let out a deep chuckle, “ Beg for me again, Noona.”

I was about to beg again, but Jungkook slammed his hard member into me. The sudden impact causing me to not make any noises. Just my open mouth, all sounds stuck in my throat.

“ Fuck you’re so tight for me Yoo Mi. ”

He continued to slam himself hard into me, only making my moans louder than before.

“ Jungkook faster, go f-faster. ”

He did the opposite of what I asked and slowed his speed down.

“ Baby, relax. I’ll take real good care of you. ”

He removed his member from inside of me and flipped me over so that I was now on my stomach.

“ Get on your hands and knees. ” I hastily obeyed and was on my hands and knees.

“ You were so clumsy today baby. I keep telling you to be careful. ” His semi rough hand was rubbing my butt. “ You almost fell in the pool.” Before he said anything else, his hand slapped my ass. Loving the pain and it slowly turning me on, I let out an involuntary moan.

“ Then you spilled the soda everywhere because you almost fell out of the chair. ” Another smack was given to me, this time even harder.

“ You also almost got us caught while holding my hand by my hyungs. ” This slap was harder than the first two and a weak whimper left my mouth.

This pain that he was inflicting on me felt so good and I couldn’t help but become aroused by this. I’m pretty sure you could see my juices dropping from womanhood down my thighs.

Jungkook started to gently soothe my stinging butt, placing a few kisses on the cheek he spanked.

“You like when I spank you Noona? You barley reacted when I spanked your pretty ass.”

I vigorously nodded my head, “ Yes, I love when you spank me Jungkook. ” I spoke, my voice sounding small and fragile.

His fingers were now drawing lazy circles around my red butt, “ What do you want me to do to you baby? Should I fuck you from behind and spank you each time you moan? Or should I let you ride my hard cock while I play with those beautiful tits of yours?”

I started to grow a little impatient with his teasing and talking, so I pushed him down onto the bed and started hovering over him.

“ I just want to fuck you Jungkook. ” I practically cried out to him. A small chuckle left his mouth.

“ Then fuck me. ” His voice sounded oh so cocky, “ I want you to fuck yourself on my cock. I want to see you to cum all over me. ”

I didn’t hesitate and lowered my throbbing entrance over his member. I then slowly slid myself up and down his member, using my juices to lube him up. He sucked in a hard breath, hissing at the friction.

“ Go ahead baby girl. Ride me. ”

His voice alone could make me cum, so I quickly lowered myself on him, his member filling me up completely. I sat him for a minute trying to adjust to his size from this position.

Once I was comfortable, I slowly starting rocking my hips back and forth at a slow pace and then slowly speeding up. I tossed my head back, loving the way I moved myself on him. Jungkook’s mouth would slip out and occasional, ’ you’re so tight baby’, or a ’ fuck, you look so good riding me.’

Moving myself faster, I could feel my climax coming way too quickly for my own liking. Embarrassed to cum so early again, I stopped riding him. His head shot forward, his eyes looking at me.

“ Did I say you could stop? ”

“ Baby I was going to cum. I don’t wanna cum yet.” I whined out.

His hand found my ass again, filling the room with the sound of his hand to my backside. “ I didn’t say you could stop. Now I’m going to fuck you til you cum on me twice.”

Before I could protest, he shifted himself to the headboard, lifting his upper body so that he was sitting up against the pillows at an angle. He moved his hands to my waist and then he mercilessly started to slam himself inside of me. With each thrust, my mouth could do nothing but call out Jungkook’s name. As he was slamming himself inside of me, he wrapped his mouth around my nipple, sucking and slightly bitting the sensitive bud.
I threw my head back from the over load of pleasure.

“ J-Jun-Jungkook I-I’m goi-ing to cum, don’t s-stop. ” I cried out.

His thrust only increased faster, his mouth still maliciously attacking my nipple.  He removed a hand from my waist and placed it on my other breast. He kneed my breast before taking my erect nipple between his fingers and pinching and twisting it. The increased pleasure only made my orgasm come closer.

“ P-Please-ahh- don’t stop. I-I’m about to cum.”

Between his hard cock inside of me, his balls thrusting up and smacking my ass, his pretty mouth around my nipple, and a hand playing with my other nipple, I knew I would only last another minute.

“ Fuck, baby girl. Cum all over me. ”

I could feel my body starting to unravel on top of him. My eyesight went black and all I could see were stars. My body had love way Jungkook indulged himself in me. His touch alone was like being cloud 9.

After riding out my high, Jungkook didn’t stop slamming himself into me. The once gratifying feeling was now starting to become pain.

“ Jungkook please stop. ” I whined out, “ It hurts.”

My pleas to stop seemed to be unheard because Jungkook only slammed himself harder and faster inside of me. His thrust were still pretty stable and I could tell he still wasn’t close to cumming yet.

The pain wasn’t subsiding and I could feel a third climax coming close. My mouth was now wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulder, bitting down to hold back any noises that would come out.

“ Fuck, baby I’m so close to cumming. ” He grunted out.

His thrust we sloppy and uneven and his breathing was hard and labored. Jungkook continued to assault my core. Before he could release himself, my third excruciating orgasm hit. I couldn’t help but scream at the intensity of the wave of pain that ripped through my body.

“ Fuck noona,” Jungkook growled out.

Jungkook finally hit his climax, releasing himself inside of me. I found enough strength to lift myself off of Jungkook, not giving him a chance to ride out his high.

Rolling over, I laid myself on the empty spot next to him. Jungkook got off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. I could faintly hear the sink running, but I couldn’t tell because of my state.

“ Noona, let me clean you up. ” He whispered in my ear. I let out a small hum letting him know it’s okay to clean me off.

“ Noona, I’m sorry I didn’t stop. ” He whispered out.

I shot my eyes open and slightly lifted my head to watch Jungkook clean me off, “ It’s okay this time Jungkook, but if I ask you to stop next time, please stop. ”

He let out a small okay and slowly cleaned me up, “ Did I hurt you when I spanked you? ”

I let out a small laugh, “ If stung a little but I really liked it.”  

His innocent doe eyes found mind, “ Really? ”

I shook my head, “ I just like when you touch me Jungkook. Whether you’re holding my hand or spanking me, I like it a lot. ”

He threw the rag in the corner of my room, he slowly started to hover over me, “ So should I hold you when we fall asleep? ”

I could see his face was tinged with a slight shade of pink. “ I guess that would be okay. ” I playfully spoke out.

Jungkook rolled over to my side, positioning himself as the big spoon. “ Hurry up and lay in my arms Noona.”

I let out a small giggle but slowly moved my pained body towards him. He quickly wrapped his arm around my waist and secured his position.

“ Let’s get some sleep Kookie.” I murmured out into his arm, placing a soft kiss on one of his veins.

He gave me an okay and kissed the back of my head. Snuggling himself even closer.

“ Noona, did I make you come three times tonight ?”  

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oh man, after watching Taylor's new video... I think I might actually? Like her for it? It was... good? The lyrics for the song still make me cringe a little but... oh man, I'm conflicted.

joseph kahn’s doing tbh. he has directed many good videos. and i honestly dont wanna watch it. i’m too excited with what happened in Game of Thrones tonight and watching a snakelor video would taint it