makes love to the screenshot folder

Shitty borrows Jack’s computer sometimes, that’s nothing new. What’s new is the untitled folder just sitting on his desktop. It can’t be porn. He set up Jack’s porn folder himself. So, he knows it isn’t porn. But who keeps an untitled folder on their desktop?

Jack. Jack Zimmermann keeps an untitled folder on his desktop. An untitled folder filled with pictures and iMessage screenshots of conversations with Bitty. The pictures are mostly of Bitty, though some group shots of SMH and some others are thrown in as well. He has pictures of Bitty baking in the Haus, of Bitty walking across campus completely oblivious to the camera pointed at him, of Bitty doubled over laughing on Jack’s couch. Very rarely does Bitty seem to be aware that he’s being photographed, and yet the lighting is perfect, a calm sort of happiness seems to be radiating off of him. None of them are dated, none of them are titled. Each photo holds a memory of a person in love.

For the first time, Shitty realizes this is exactly how Jack sees Bitty all the time. Like he’s the most precious thing in existence


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3

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WHERe do you Come up with your ideas from!?

I know my pictures are super strange. I know I am pretty out there.  I have no idea why I think of the things I do…  

But I have a pretty silly sense of humour. I just make things that either make me laugh, or make me confused.  

Honestly, I also don’t post a bunch of the things I start because i either hate it in the end, or I don’t think they are funny after all.

And I spend a lot of time in Google Image Search just deciding what I want to do, finding samples and content.  I also spend a ton of time with the screenshots just trying to find something to chop together.  

I just really like what I do, so I keep doing it. I think other people would get bored of my process. 

But so long as I make myself amused, I’m going to keep at it.

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basically Puppet Master tweeted this 

which made everyone go crazy !! Someone else tweeted back at them with this

Chair Air because new Air was seen sitting a lot during the last two concerts.

Shortly after, Puppet Master tweeted THIS…. AND..

well… HE FUKCING @ HIM!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

So then someone said that old Air basically did the same thing and only pretended to play which got PM understandably upset.

Old Air’s S O N is involved with Priest (his idea??), so obviously he’s going to be angry.

Then PM replied to someone who said that they missed the “old band” with this:

which made EVERYONE FLIP SHIT… bc it’s rumored that Alpha is actually PM!! That makes this rabbit hole super, super deep.. What did Papa do?? Is this a joke? WHATS HAPPENING???

Some people are theorizing that they’ve been hacked and others are saying it’s just a joke or part of the lore. We don’t really know anything, really!

Currently, I’m trying to screenshot everything they tweet (replies included) for my sweet #receipts folder. >:3c

Hope this?? Helps?????

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Top Five Kuroken Moments

Hi! Can you do a top 5 of Kenma x Kuroo? Thx!

Aw, my two kitties. They’re probably the strangest but at the same time most balanced pairing in all Haikyuu. It doesn’t matter that I personally ship Kuroo with someone else, they’re a beautiful and powerful team, they know each other so well, they respect each other’s boundaries but at the same time they’re not afraid to show a side that’s for the other’s eyes only. :’) I love them so much, fuck. 

1. “Don’t quit”. Ah, my heart. Neither of them is good with expressing their feelings, they both show it with actions, in their own unique way. Kuroo and Kenma have always been by each other’s side despite being from different years and Kuroo doesn’t care about anyone the way he cares about Kenma. But, most of all, he’ll never let him waste his incredible potential. 

Originally posted by zetsuubo

2. “Eat some veggies…you too Kenma, damn it!”. This is probably a super silly moment but I love it so much, it’s gross domesticity at its finest. 

Originally posted by silverbunnybun

3. When Kuroo thought about stealing Hinata just to make Kenma more excited about playing. Beautiful because the argument ended with that little “yes/no/yes/no” thing they do that kills me every fucking time. 

Originally posted by kourai

4. This mirroring moment.

5. “That unsteady shrimp you guys are talking about is the backbone of Nekoma. He’s our brain, and our heart.” aka talk shit about him and you are literally dead. I ADORE how Kuroo is protective and smug at the same time. 

Bonus: searching in my screenshot folder I found this and it’s too beautiful not to share

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

VHope Things
  • Personal space is just an imaginary construct
  • Hoseok making Taehyung completely and utterly flustered just by smiling at him too brightly (Jungkook witnesses this and tells Tae that he’s whipped beyond the point of return to which Tae responds by shoving Jungkook’s face away from his line of sight)
  • Taehyung dragging Hoseok to amusement parks (against Hoseok’s will, but the elder eventually relents because Taehyung has the most irresistible pout)
  • Hoseok giving Taehyung pointers during late night dance practices, with his torso pressed firmly against Taehyung’s back, Taehyung’s hands in his.  (Taehyung has mastered the art of not salivating over Hoseok’s dancing through intensive practicing and many failed attempts)
  • Hoseok not wanting to shower after dance practice because he’s too tired and Taehyung suggesting that they shower together to save time and energy (Jimin accidentally walked in on them once and contrary to popular belief all Taehyung was doing to Hoseok was massaging shampoo into his hair)
  • Taehyung always has a compliment up his sleeve for his hyung and is his biggest fanboy (he’s always rapping Hoseok’s parts in Cypher 3 and 1Verse)
  • Spontaneous kisses
  • Taehyung just throwing himself on top of Hobi whenever the elder is laying/sitting down (with more force than necessary because he secretly loves Hoseok’s startled face)
  • They both love the bear filter on the Snow app and Hoseok may or may not have a folder of screenshots of Tae’s stories
  • What’s an indoor voice?
  • Taehyung asking Hoseok to perform the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” choreo for him in private and Hoseok flicking his forehead in response
  • Hoseok making terrible jokes/puns and laughing as Taehyung’s patience runs thin (“Do you want my respect, hyung?”)
  • Taehyung forgetting how to speak when Hoseok’s face is too close to his and stammering out the rest of his sentence (every. single. time)
  • Taehyung quite literally rips Hoseok away from Jungkook when the two of them are together (not out of jealousy but sheer playfulness and because it irritates the hell out of Jungkook)
  • Hoseok only lets Taehyung see him upset and worried because the younger always knows how to make it better, always snuggles up next to Hoseok, burying his face into the crook of the elder’s neck and holding onto him tightly.
  • Taehyung pushing Hoseok’s hair away from his face just so can kiss the elder’s forehead
  • Aegyo overload
  • Taehyung can’t go to sleep without Hobi next to him 
  • Taehyung comes sprinting whenever Hoseok screams (“It’s just a spider, hyung.” “IT SAT ON ME!” “How are you the same age as Namjoon hyung?” “Yah!”)
  • Intensive cooing over all things cute (puppies, children, Jimin, you name it.)
  • Co-party planners alongside Jin
  • Taehyung’s ringtone is J-hope’s part in Cypher 4
  • The mood setters of Bangtan
  • Being extra for no reason (spontaneous dance competitions where Taehyung always ends up laughing his ass off on the floor because “holy shit, hyung, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD STRETCH YOUR LEGS THAT WIDELY”)
  • Mistletoe kisses (because Taehyung’s a really sappy romantic and Hoseok loves indulging him)
  • “J-hope hyung’s the best looking!”
  • Late night phone calls when Hoseok stays in the dance studio too late (“Hyung, stop practicing and come home; Jimin’s hogging all of the blankets and I can’t sleep.”)
  • Taehyung hiding behind Hoseok’s back whenever Yoongi makes him run for his life 
  • Lots and lots of hand holding
  • “Taehyungie, hwaiting!”
  • Too many peace and “v” signs in one picture
  • Taehyung laughing his ass off when Jhope can’t put his contacts on properly and Hobi smacking him in the torso
  • J-hope constantly telling Taehyung that he’s so proud of him and making sure that Taehyung stays healthy by reminding him to eat on time and to get enough sleep (especially when he has a drama related schedule).
  • Sauna Dates
  • Hoseok’s the one complimenting Taehyung the loudest when they all sit down to watch the premiere of Hwarang
  • “Wait, what’s Namjoon hyung talking about?” “I wish I knew.” 
  • They throw each other small surprise parties for the smallest things (Taehyung asks Jin to help him bake a cake so he can cut it with Hoseok when the Intro gets released)
  • Telepathic communication through facial expressions (that are extra for no reason)
  • Even though they aren’t the perfect couple and get into their fair share of fights, Taehyung and Hoseok always manage to make the atmosphere ten times brighter because both of them are so openly caring and affectionate towards one another

Heyo, Todd’s my name and DS screenshots are my G A M E. And this is gonna be kind of LONG, but it needs to be known.

Now I’ve seen a post about miiverse going around. And that’s all fine and dandy, yes. ACNL… FL… anything you can screenshot manually in, that’s an OK way to get your screenshots there.

But the quality is always really pixelly! Have you noticed?

What if I told you there was a way to do it with minimal pixels? AND without removing your SD card? OR shutting down your currently playing game??

Again: this is gonna be LONG, but it’s worth the read. At least I’D think so, for all you DS users. SO PLEASE, CLICK THE READ MORE!

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To all my fellow borderlines,

I know it’s hard. We think they don’t care. We panic at the slightest mishap. 

“Oh gosh, they didn’t reply. They hate me!” 

I’m working on that. I’ve tried something. And sometimes… it works. It doesn’t always, and sometimes it only helps a little. But it makes a difference. 

Whenever my favourite person says something like “I love you” or “I worry about you.” Any little thing that shows he cares… I take a screenshot and save it on a folder in my phone titled ‘reminders.’ 

This way, when he’s too busy to answer or that general paranoia creeps in, I flip through the folder. 

I want to suggest you all try this if you aren’t already. Save anything. Letters, voice mails, cards, texts. Save it all. 

Save the proof to fight with that part of your brain that thinks they don’t. 


i love the new jacksepticeye family pet, they are perfect and pure i love them. this drawing also took me way too long (dear finals and work, kindly calm down just a little lmao)

at first, i thought Trico would be smaller, but they’re huge!! i even accidentally made jackaroonie too big in this drawing lol (even if he is probably a lot taller than the little kid in the game).  i might even play this game at some point in future because of how pretty it is! and that’s saying something bc i don’t play video games ever lol (i think the last one i played on my own was Journey, and that was at least 2 years ago rip)  im absolutely loving your playthrough @therealjacksepticeye !! i can’t wait to see the rest of the game :D

there are some studies of Trico i did under the cut!!

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Distress Tolerance: The Self-Soothe Skill

 As I’ve previously explained, Distress Tolerance Skills are used when you cannot immediately fix or resolve the situation that is causing you extreme distress or when your distress is so extreme that you have reached a skills breakdown point, so you can only use very simple skills.  The goal of these very simple skills is to survive the crisis presented by the distress (aka tolerate the distress until the painful emotion passes), or reduce your distress to a point where you can eventually use other, slightly more complicated skills to resolve a situation. 

Remember, the end result of using Distress Tolerance Skills–and sometimes more than one skill is required to achieve this result–is to go from a state of extreme distress or skills breakdown to a state of moderate distress.

This post will cover the following sections:

  1. What Is The Self-Soothe Skill?
  2. When To Use The Self-Soothe Skill
  3. How To Use The Self-Soothe Skill (With Examples)
  4. How Does The Self-Soothe Skill Help You?
  5. Difficulties in Using the Self-Soothe Skill

1. What Is The Self-Soothe Skill?

Self-Soothe is a Distress Tolerance Skill that is aimed at improving your emotional well-being in times of extreme emotional distress by soothing your physical senses. The Self-Soothe Skill makes you feel good in concrete ways in a short period of time.  When you use this skill, you create small pleasurable experiences that make it easier to tolerate a period of intense emotional distress than can also result in feelings of intense physical discomfort.  These small pleasurable experiences target your five senses, creating sensory experiences that feel physically good and give you a reprieve from the emotional suffering you’re trying to endure.

This skill is meant to help you “weather the storm” of extreme emotional distress and feel better in the process.  It can also help you accumulate spoons both while in a crisis and if you use this skill as a form of emotional well-being maintenance.

This is what Tumblr traditionally refers to as “self-care” but this self-care is targeted specifically at your physical senses.  Ultimately Self-Soothing is a calming skill: when you do something to self-soothe, you want to feel physically good and emotionally calm or experience a sense of enjoyment.  The experience should be pleasant to both your physical senses and your mind.

Self-Soothe, as a skill, is fundamentally an exercise in being kind to yourself.

2. When To Use The Self-Soothe Skill:

This post presents four options for how to solve or approach problems.  The Self-Soothe Skill applies to Option 2, which is to Tolerate the Problem.  To quote that post, Tolerating The Problem “involves accepting that the problem is happening, and tolerating both the problem itself and your responses to the problem.” 

The Self-Soothe Skill is a skill that helps us get through particularly difficult moments without making the moment worse but instead making us feel better, even though we may not have the capacity to solve the problem that is causing the moment of distress.  Unfortunately some problems just have to be endured and some moments just need to be survived, and thus we have Distress Tolerance Skills to help us do those things. 

The Self-Soothe Skill is a particularly nice skill because it’s simple to do and it makes you feel good in the moment in a healthy way, rather than giving into urges that may make you feel good in the moment but have negative consequences. 

The Self-Soothe Skill is good to use when your emotional distress (aka your negative emotions) are causing a lot of unpleasant bodily sensations, such as your heart racing, your hands shaking, feeling sick to your stomach, feeling restless or agitated, etc, as well as when you feel emotionally bad about yourself, because these skills give you small pleasurable experiences in a short period of time or even immediately. 

Like all Distress Tolerance Skills, you can use them to Tolerate the Problem and leave it at that once the distress has passed. However, if the distress is ongoing because the problem is still present, you can choose to use other skills such as Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills and Emotion Regulation Skills to address the problem once you’ve “weathered the storm” of your emotions during the peak of the distress.  Again, to quote a previous post, “sometimes we need to take care of our emotional needs and decrease the intensity of our emotions before we can work at solving the problem or changing our feelings about the problem.”  In this specific case, we also need to take care of our physical needs as well, because by taking care of our physical needs, we decrease our emotional vulnerabilities. 

As mentioned above, you can also use the Self-Soothe Skill when you’re not in a crisis or experiencing a skills breakdown.  You can also use it as a form of emotional well-being maintenance, which means using this skill semi-habitually to improve your emotional state and reduce your vulnerability to negative or intense emotions.  It can help keep you calm and maintain a sense of self-worth because by practicing this skill, you’re reinforcing the idea that it’s worth it to take care of yourself–that you’re worth taking care of.

3. How to Use the Self-Soothe Skill:

The Skill is very simple to use.  You do something that is pleasurable to one (or more) of your five senses.  Look closely at something that is enjoyable to see.  Listen to something that is calming or interesting to hear.  Eat something that is pleasant to taste.  Inhale the scent of something that is soothing to smell.  Feel something that is stimulating to touch.  It’s that simple.  Compile a list of things you like to experience with each of your five senses, and keep that list readily accessible so you can find it in a crisis, because during a crisis we are prone to forgetting the things we enjoy, even simple pleasures like these.

Again, you self-soothe by doing something pleasurable, enjoyable, calming, or stimulating for one or more of your five senses: self-soothing with vision, with sound, with smell/scent, with taste, and with touch.  You can also self-soothe with your sense of pressure, your sense of motion, and your sense of temperature.  To cut down on length I’ve created a separate post of Ideas for Self-Soothing.

It’s best to prepare materials you can use to Self-Soothe beforehand

(i.e. before you’re in a crisis).  This means making playlists, collecting nice or funny images and gifs and videos into one or two tags on your tumblr that you can go through to Self-Soothe (my two tags for this are my “#calming” tag and my “#things to make you smile” tag, for example), or you can collect images and gifs and put them into a Pinterest board.  Collect screenshots of particularly sweet, kind, and loving messages or texts and keep those screenshots in a folder on your phone and on your computer.  For especially important messages, or handwritten letters or cards you may have been given, you’ll also want to collect those in a folder or pin/tape them up on your wall so you’ll always be able to find them and re-read them.  Make YouTube playlists of particularly engaging educational videos or of ambient noise videos, as well as keeping a folder on your computer of soothing or comforting or visually interesting movies and TV shows that you can watch to Self-Soothe.

For self-soothing with taste, it’s always good to have some treats on hand in a secret stash for moments when you need to Self-Soothe, because in a crisis you may not be fit to drive or walk to a convenience store or grocery store to pick anything up.  This works best for little, non-perishable things like gum and hard candy and sometimes chocolate bars. If you’re like me and like Self-Soothing with special, fancy drinks from Starbucks (or your coffee shop of choice), it’s good to keep a written copy of your order(s) in your wallet if they’re complicated ones that aren’t on the regular menu, or if your memory is unreliable when you’re in a lot of distress.

When all of this is prepared beforehand, it means you won’t be limited to what you have in any of your physical Self-Soothe Kits, and you won’t have to think as hard about what things you could do to use this skill because you’ve already done the work to prepare it all before you entered a crisis. 

For extra insurance, I like to keep a document on my computer/phone and a printed out and folded up version to put in my Self-Soothe Kit of my personalized list of Self-Soothing actions that work for me specifically. 

That way I don’t have to worry about remembering what works and what doesn’t, and if something on the list doesn’t work, I still have other options I can try.

You can also use the Self-Soothe Skill as a physical cue like Half-Smiling or Willing Hands to indicate to your brain to switch from Emotion Mind to Wise Mind.

The Self-Soothe Skill pairs well with the Mindfulness Skills, particularly Participate and One-Mindful, along with Observe and Describe.  The skills Participate and One-Mindful will help you stay focused on and engaged in the sensory experience, while Observe and Describe will help you pay attention to what the sensory experience is like and how it could be changing your internal experience (i.e. your emotional state, your thoughts, your feelings).  Essentially, using these four Mindfulness Skills (though you can use all six) will make your Self-Soothe Skill more effective at helping you tolerate the distress as well as reducing the distress more consistently.

4. How Does the Self-Soothe Skill Help You?:

The Self-Soothe Skill, by creating positive, pleasant physical sensations, takes your mind off of the emotional distress you’re experiencing.  It also helps reduce your vulnerability to that emotional distress and may help you resist the urges or impulses that often accompany those intense emotions by instead taking actions that have positive consequences instead of negative ones.

Also by Mindfully focusing on the singular experience of one of your senses that feels good to you–an experience that is pleasing and pleasant–you are inherently not focusing on the crisis or the thing that is causing you distress.  It can therefore be used as a form of effective distraction.

Because it lowers your level of overall emotional distress, it can enable you to enter a state of Wise Mind so that you can make sound decisions and take better care of yourself.

Self-Soothing actions can also change the way you feel, even if it’s just a slight change.  Self-Soothing actions are meant to help you:

  • feel safe if you’re feeling scared or anxious
  • feel calm if you’re feeling angry or anxious
  • feel worthy if you’re feeling ashamed or guilty
  • feel positive/happy/content if you’re feeling sad
  • feel content if you’re feeling restless or dissatisfied
  • feel like a priority and boost your self esteem if you’re feeling jealous, envious, undervalued or unappreciated
  • feel cared for and loved if you’re feeling lonely or neglected
  • feel in control if you’re feeling powerless or helpless or out-of-control

Long-term strategic use of the Self-Soothe Skill can also improve your self-esteem by demonstrating to yourself that you deserve to treat yourself kindly and allow yourself to Non-Judgmentally enjoy simple, pleasurable experiences.  Because of this–strategically using the Self-Soothe Skill when not in a crisis and dealing with distress but instead using it to reinforce to ourselves our inherent worth as a person–the Self-Soothe Skill can sometimes work like an Emotion Regulation Skill, in the sense that it can lower our vulnerabilities to intense and distressing emotions, especially those that have to do with low self-esteem and feelings of guilt and shame.

It’s not guaranteed to work that way, which is why I don’t advise that you try to make this skill work that way right from the beginning, because as I said, for the skill to effectively worth this way, it has to be used strategically, which means picking and choosing the right times to use it when not in extreme distress.  When first starting out, just use the Self-Soothe Skill to tolerate emotional distress that could be causing physical discomfort as a side effect, and cope with those negative emotional and physical feelings.  That’s the best way to start using the Self-Soothe Skill.

5. Difficulties in Using the Self-Soothe Skill:

Some people have a hard time using the Self-Soothe Skill because they don’t think they’re worthy of feeling good, emotionally or physically.  Especially in a crisis, their negative feelings about themselves might be magnified.  Also struggling with chronic conditions that impair self-esteem, like Clinical Depression, may also make a person prone to believing that they don’t deserve to feel good–especially that they don’t deserve to help themselves feel good.  This often means that when people who have low self-esteem and feel like they don’t deserve to feel good (physically or emotionally) try to use the Self-Soothe Skill, what can happen is they end up feeling intense guilt and shame.

If you feel unworthy of making yourself feel good when you’re having a bad day or are in a depressive episode or in a period of low self-esteem, practice some affirmations to remind yourself that you are worthy of feeling better and of enjoying simple pleasures.  Here are some example affirmations:

  • “I am a worthwhile person.”
  • “I do not deserve to continuously suffer.”
  • “I am allowed to enjoy things.”
  • “I am not a bad person and therefore I do not need to punish myself.”
  • “There is no need to punish myself or deny myself simple pleasures.”
  • “I deserve to feel good (physically and emotionally).”
  • “I can be skillful and lessen my suffering by practicing skills.”
  • “I am worth the effort it takes to use skills.”
  • Etc.

You can also try practicing some self-soothing actions when you’re feeling good about yourself so that you learn to associate those actions with feeling good, happy, or calm.

Of course, that can be taken to an extreme that is equally as unhelpful as not using this skill.  Another difficulty is that some people do self-soothing actions habitually, either as part of their routine or because they always feel a need to soothe themselves.  This reduces the effectiveness of these actions or experiences when you’re in an actual crisis, because these actions won’t feel “special” because they won’t be out-of-the-ordinary. 

Sometimes if you’re in a state of too much distress, are at a point of skills breakdown and you don’t know how to proceed, first you should use the STOP skill to give yourself a psychological “breather” to figure out how you are going to Self-Soothe yourself.  Sometimes, during periods of intense emotional suffering, we can forget what makes us feel good and sometimes we even forget the fact that we can feel good and have before.  This is why it’s good to write out a little plan of what Self-Soothing actions you can take in a crisis that you firmly know make you feel good, and have backup suggestions if the first things you try don’t work.  Having all this prepared before an extreme negative emotion hits you will make it easier for you to use the skill.

Another difficulty is that you may be in an environment where you don’t have access to anything to soothe yourself with.  This is where planning ahead comes in handy.  Having a portable Self-Soothe Kit (a post on how to make one will be coming soon) that you can carry with you in your backpack, your purse, your bag, or your briefcase would be particularly useful, as well as having a potentially larger kit to leave at home.  I previously suggested creating a list of self-soothing actions you can take for each of your senses and having that list readily accessible, but you can create a list for things to do especially when you are out in public and have limited access to soothing things.  Small, portable things like:

  • Aromatherapy oils, or walking into a bakery or the perfume and cosmetics section of a department store that will provide you with things to smell (perfume sections of department stores will always give you test strips of the scent).
  • A fidget toy that can be disguised as a keychain, or a spinner ring, or (if you know that you’re going to be having a long day out in public that could be distressing) wearing an article of clothing that is particularly soft or has an interesting texture
  • A pretty and detailed photo or print of some artwork that you can keep in your wallet, or maybe a folder of photos on your phone that are lovely to look at
  • A small sample of your favourite candy or a stick of gum in a particularly enjoyable flavour that you can keep in a coat pocket, or a food (usually a treat like candy) that you can purchase at a nearby convenience store, fast food joint, or take-out restaurant are all options for things that can be easily obtained
  • A particular special, soothing drink that you can purchase from your coffee shop of choice, and keep a written explanation of your order(s) in your wallet in case it’s complicated and not on the regular menu.

So there needs to be a mixture of planning ahead and a level of flexibility for seeking out ways to soothe yourself in a limited, public environment.

The Self-Soothe Skill is fundamentally about balance.  It’s about being indulgent for small periods of time, and only in times of need or when being strategically used to improve your self-esteem.  It works for both helping you tolerate the distress in the moment by giving you something positive to focus your attention on, and it also reduces your vulnerability to distress in the future.  You can even accumulate or restore spoons by practicing the Self-Soothe Skill!

Further Reading: Big List of Ideas for How to Practice the Self-Soothe Skill, Intro to Distress Tolerance (What is a Crisis, When To Use Crisis Survival Skills, Goals of Distress Tolerance), Options for Solving or Addressing Problems, Wise Mind, Emotion Mind, and Logic Mind, Intro to Mindfulness, Intro to Emotion Regulation, The Biosocial Theory of Emotional and Behavioural Dysregulation, Factors that Make Regulating Emotions Difficult, The STOP Skill, The TIP Skill, Half-Smiling and Willing Hands, Mindfulness “What” Skills, Mindfulness “How” Skills, How to Make a Self-Soothe Kit (Coming Soon)

TL;DR:  Self-Soothe is a Distress Tolerance Skill that is aimed at improving your emotional well-being in times of extreme emotional distress by soothing your physical senses. The Self-Soothe Skill makes you feel good in a short period of time by creating small pleasurable experiences that make it easier to tolerate a period of intense emotional distress that can also result in feelings of intense physical discomfort.  These small pleasurable experiences target your five senses, creating sensory experiences that feel physically good and give you a reprieve from the emotional suffering you’re trying to endure. 

This skill works best when paired with the Mindfulness Skills Participate and One-Mindful, and Observe and Describe, though often when using the Self-Soothe Skill you are already using these Mindfulness Skills unconsciously.  The Self-Soothe Skill is often what Tumblr calls “self-care” and is fundamentally an exercise in being kind to yourself, where you focus your attention on doing one nice, positive, pleasant thing for yourself that stimulates one of your physical senses. 

The effect of using the Self-Soothe Skill is twofold: 1) it helps you tolerate distress by giving you something pleasant to focus on, and 2) it reduces your vulnerability to intense negative emotions, particularly ones associated with poor self-esteem or a lack of self-worth by providing you with a sense of self-worth on a small scale.


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You seem to have so many screen shots of the book.. If not too hard to share, can you post more of the pages where Jamie and Claire make love? Feeling a bit naughty and nostalgic of season 1 intimate scenes that we don't get this season. I think I'm just gonna have to resort to reading your screen shots for now haha! Please and thanks in advanced! And to whoever that reads this once it's answered, kindly reblogged and post some JamieClaire hot hot hot gifs too! Share the steamy love! 🔥💥💫😍💕❣

I don’t keep folders of screenshots, I just kind of grab them as I need them and then delete them. I couldn’t think of any actual sex scenes off the top of my head that I haven’t posted yet (but I’m sure there are a bunch) so instead here’s one of my all time favorite passages out of any of the books.

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Where do you get your New England inspiration from?

Hi Anon! Oh gosh, I’ve been collecting pics of New England (mostly houses and little villages) since before Sims 3 came out, and most of it came from just googling “new england village” and the like. I’ve never actually been to New England, so I have a very romanticized view of it that comes from movies, art, and scenery pics. ;) 

I’ve also done a few virtual “tours” of towns like Bar Harbor and Kennebunkport (both in Maine) via Google Maps. If I see a building I like while in Street View, I take a screenshot and save it to my inspiration folder. Although I do those virtual tours sparingly because all of that zooming around in Google Maps can make me a little motion-sick. ;-p

When I first started researching the area, I found a lovely website called Visiting New England. It’s one of those sites that has so much info, you can get lost exploring for hours. It has photo essays galore and gave me ideas of places I could Google to get even more pictures. If you’re at all interested in New England (whether the rolling hills of the countryside or quaint coastal towns), I recommend it highly!

I hope that helps, Anon! Let me know if you want more detail or even just some posts of inspiration pics.

7000? D’aww Jeez Guys, Thanks

WHELP, WE JUST PASSED 7000 FOLLOWERS. To the -thousands- of you that decided to follow along in the past month or so: Uh… Hi. Wow. Uh. Yeah. Thanks.

To the hundreds of you that have submitted quotes: You’ve made us legitimately giggle and laugh our asses off at quotes we’ve published, and more we haven’t put out yet. Keep em’ coming, they’re amazing and you’re amazing.

To those of you who have stuck around, shown your friends,  reblogged things, or shown us some love in comments or likes: We’re completely blown away.
(Deron here: I’m the one that made the blog before forcing my friends to help with quotes and join my weirdness. I’ve legit teared up a bit at some of the nice things that have been said by people who have found the blog and I totes keep a folder on my computer with screenshots of every single nice comment, reblog, or chat message we’ve -ever- gotten. It gives me many warm fuzzy feels)

Is 7000 followers a huge famous internet blog? Nah
Is it enough for us to decide to make a massive company to rival Buzzfeed, Vlogbrothers, Roosterteeth, and all the other awesome companies we love following?
Fuck yeah it is.
Are we probably gonna fail and fall flat on our faces? 
Fucking. Bring. It. On.

More to come in the near future. Y’all are amazing, and we fuckin’ love every single one of you.