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Bayern in school

If Bayern players were in school, what’d it be like?? Possibly something like this…

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Robert would be the easy going genius - the guy who says he never really studies but somehow manages to ace just about every exam. 

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Thiago is a super fun guy, always the life of the party, but inside, it’s hard for him because his brother goes to another school :(

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Thomas, as we all know, is awesome…the class prankster and always makes everyone laugh

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Manu pretends to be Mr. Tough Guy, but to the people who really know him, its just a facade

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Sweet Joshie, he’s new to school here, but has found his place quite quickly. He’s being mentored by older students, like Tommy and Manu. Although sometimes we wonder whether that’s such a good thing. 

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Arjen has been around here so long, his kids are practically ready to enroll. 

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David has a lot of friends from other schools…but he’s around these parts for so long, we’re not too afraid of him leaving

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Mats kinda pretends to be a normal guy, we all know he’s really a rebel. And it keeps the whole school asking, what color will it be next?

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Renato is a new student too…even though he’s still kinda trying to find his place in this new school, he’s pretty cool and well-liked already.

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Juan is a exchange student from Spain, so sometimes he gets a little confused as to what exactly is happening in class (because of language), but it’s just so adorable…

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Philipp is a super nice guy, as well as class president. He’s usually a positive guy and boosts everyone’s morale, even in the midst of difficult exams, like the Champions Exams. 

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Xabi has been in this school for a long time, after being at several other schools when he was younger. He will graduate soon, so we’ll enjoy him being around while we can. 

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Franck is the student who never really grew up…but he’s a great student anyway. 

So shiny! So chrome!

The signs and their qualities based off of people I know
  • Aries: compassionate, selfless, can be shy and quiet at first but then can become your best friend
  • Taurus: stubborn, but has a huge heart. They come off as introverted but when you get to know them they are very social people.
  • Gemini: super outgoing, easy to make friends with. Sometimes they talk too much but they are also really good listeners. They're passionate about what they do.
  • Cancer: THE CUTEST SIGN. They look out for everyone. They're like the mama bears of your friend group. They're selfless and overall awesome people. Definitely emotional people.
  • Leo: Superrrrrr attractive like holy crap. Leo's are humble, but reallyyyyy good at what they do. They put 100% into everything. Make awesome friends. Everyone needs a Leo in their life tbh.
  • Virgo: the awkward one, but super awesome friends when you get to know them. They come off as shy but become more talkative when you get to know them. Definitely weirdos, but lovable weirdos.
  • Libra: literally the sweetest omg. They're also like the mama bears of their friend group. They're super lovable and easy to get along with. They are talkative, but are never annoying about it.
  • Scorpio: at first they come off as weird or scary but they are literally sweethearts. They can come off as stand-off-ish but if you get to know them well enough they are very out going and can be friends with anyone.
  • Capricorn: your first impression of them might be the same as Scorpio's, and you also may think they're emos, but literally Capricorns make the bestest friends ever. They're great listeners and the most selfless people you'll meet. But you have to get them to like you first, because they hate literally everyone.
  • Aquarius: they are one of the most selfless signs, and super easy to be friends with. They usually have a great sense of humor and can make your bad day way better. They are very unique people and have the best conversations.
  • Pisces: they're definitely likable when they're not annoying. They're super outgoing and can be very perverted people.