makes him uncomfortable

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No No no the way I imagined it. Was someone randomly walking up to Eddie. And S C R E A M I N G 'Daddy' in his face

Lmao! Part of me wants someone to do this, but I also don’t want anyone making him uncomfortable 😂

“he just left in the middle of an argument” dump him
“he rolls his eyes when I start to cry” dump him
“we never agree on what movie to watch and we always go with his choice” dump him
“when he’s mad he’ll stand up straight and tower over me” dump him
“his friends make me uncomfortable” dump him
“he didn’t appreciate the gift I made him” dump him
“I don’t like that he drinks every day” dump him
“sometimes he ignores what I said during sex unless I say it again” dump him
“he told me he doesn’t like it when I wear my favorite sweater” dump him
“he threw something when he got mad once” dump him
“he won’t yell but sometimes he’ll just stop responding until I stop talking about it” dump him
“he doesn’t want me to go to my friend’s parties without him, but he never wants to go” dump him
“he pouts and says his last girlfriend did it for him” dump him
“he plays pranks on me that I don’t like” dump him
“he doesn’t think my jokes are very funny and makes fun of me for it” dump him
“he wants me to wear more make up” dump him
“he got angry that I cut my hair” dump him
“he still hasn’t met my parents” dump him
“he talks about me giving him kids, but we’ve never talked about our future” dump him
“he whines that condoms don’t feel as good” dump him
“I like having a boyfriend, but I have to put up with a lot for this one” dump him (:


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

Took a break from commissions and drew some mystic messenger fanart :^)

This drawing is based off of facts from @mysticmessengerfacts on instagram! <333

“Yoosung usually reads shojo manga”

“Seven owns a cat costume”

“Zen thought about dying his hair pink”

“Jumin prefers pinstriped suits, and says that diagonals make him uncomfortable”

“Jaehee thinks that caffeine makes up 80% of her blood”

im so sorry zen looks like trash ;_;

instagram: @toasterstrude1

this is actually important

hi its me, your local fun killer, saying things that shouldnt need to be said

please do not put ANY of these into the main #crankgameplays tag: 

-not safe for work content, yes, even if your blog is flagged. 

-anything referring to ethan as “daddy”, hes stated he doesn’t like that 

-shipping posts/art/fics/hcs involving ethan, those make him uncomfortable

-reader/ethan self-inserts fics or headcanons! he’s stated these make him uncomfortable! 

and remember that ‘search’ works differently from the tagging system! 

if you make a post saying ‘i don’t like coffee’ it will appear in the search even if you didnt put #coffee in the tags

to prevent your posts from appearing in search you would have to write the word coffee different from how its actually spelled: cof//fee, c0ffee, ect. or you can disable your blog from appearing in search in your blog settings

remember that ethans comfort is more important than you being inconvenienced for two seconds or you loosing out on a few notes. if you’re a fan of his, you need to respect his comfort and adhere to him not wanting to see this content. 

it’s not hard to keep this kind of content away from him, so please just dont be that guy

Holmes telling a client who is concerned about her safety with her new employer that she just has to send him a message, any time day or night, and he will come and help her. And a few pages later Holmes says that the isolation of country houses makes him uncomfortable, because he knows that it’s easier to commit domestic abuse and go undiscovered in those isolated homes.

This is what I’m talking about when I call him a social justice warrior and say that he cares most about marginalized people. If you think no one cares about you, Sherlock Holmes cares. And he will do what he can to prevent violence against you or to stop humiliation from befalling you.

Pick-Up and Chase

After she accidentally trips into Adrien and apologizes about “falling for him,” Marinette learns that he’s no match for cheesy pick-up lines–whether they were unintended or not. And while she finds it flattering that he turns into a flustered mess with only a few words, Marinette comes to regret making him uncomfortable. That is, until she learns he’s Chat Noir. At which point the phrase “just desserts” becomes a permanent fixture in her everyday plans.

A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

Part 10

Adrien had recently come to the conclusion that he was totally and utterly screwed.

The realization hadn’t hit him like a train or a truck, but sunk through him like the air slowly leaving a leaky balloon. Until he was sitting at dinner with his friends, silent and twisted in knots. He was both anxious and irritated, swirling his fork around his food and generally ignoring the discussion going on around him.

Ignoring it just as he was being ignored.

Though Marinette’s behavior toward him had been initially unexpected and continuously embarrassing, he’d long since come to accept that, well, he enjoyed the attention. Which meant that being suddenly ignored was beginning to grate on him. True, Marinette had said she’d do without pick-up lines for their time at the Ladybug and Chat Noir festival, but, well, he hadn’t thought she’d actually meant it.

He’d spent the first hour with his friends on his guard, hoping that, this time, he’d be able to reply with something witty when she’d addressed him, instead of blushing and stumbling all over himself. But, aside from when they’d left Alya’s house, she hadn’t so much as looked at him, let alone flirted with him.

No, he wasn’t entitled to her attention, he knew that, but it was rather deflating in a silly, childish sort of way. To the point where her lack of focus on him was putting his temperament in a foul state the longer the evening stretched on.

And, worst of all? She knew it. There were ways in which she’d turn away just as he was about to catch her eye, or how’d she’d leave him purposefully out of conversations, or how her body language was always turned away from him just as he turned to her. She was ignoring him so purposefully that all it did was draw in his attention more.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. No one could deny that Marinette was cute. Beautiful, even. And in that cat suit, she flew far past sexy. Which meant that, despite a quarter of the crowd sporting skintight suits, she drew attention. Every time a pair of wandering eyes trailed her way, Adrien felt the hair on the back of his neck bristle.

No, he wasn’t normally a jealous person. Well… okay, there had been that incident with Copycat, but he likened that to momentary bad judgement. Still, he wasn’t secure in his position with Marinette, which meant that every time she spoke nicely to a pair of wandering eyes and, in turn, acted like he wasn’t even there, he was driven a bit crazier.

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Jungkook dislikes being Called "oppa" by noona fans. Stop doing it.

Seriously, he brought up his discontentment about this way too many times for a while and it became worse these past few days. We can’t just look upon this anymore. Jungkook is done with this.Stop making him feel uncomfortable and put yourself in his shoes for two seconds. How awkward must it feel for him everytime a girl who’s at least 2-3 older than him calls him like that ?Honorifics happen for a reason and I wish ppl could use them when the right times calls for it. Don’t be using it for fun, “oppa” is a way to adress respect towards a close guy who’s OLDER than you.

I’m just saying this on behalf of my bias, cause he obviously will never state openly that he dislikes it cause he loves A.R.M.Y too much. He dropped hints, I think that everyone in this fandom is smart enough to understand his hints since we can come up with crazy theories each comeback. A.R.M.Y is a smart fandom and I’m not coming back on my words. So pls don’t disappoint this belief.

One last thing , GO VOTE FOR BTS !!!! 💗💗💗

Hey instead of calling Lin your dad/son/child/husband, which he has openly expressed make him extremely uncomfortable, why not pick a nice friendly word? Like comrade, friend, compatriot, citizen, amigo, buddy, friendo, mi pana (I like this one and he taught me it so that might be my tag for him now) or another neat word that might not make him uncomfortable like you could use “linnamon roll” or “actual ray of sunshine.”

Dating Dean Winchester would include...

• being called “sweetheart”
• him putting his arm around you when other guys stare at you
• making him pie
• private games of strip poker
• the best burgers you’ve ever tasted
• making love in the Impala
• arguing over who’s the funniest Stooge
• fighting over being reckless on a hunt
• taking him fishing on a pier at a private lake when he needs a break
• wearing only one of his plaid shirts to bed
• him trying to distract you while you’re doing research
• him holding your hand when Sam’s not looking
• him flirting with you to make Sam uncomfortable
• him making you sit in his lap while he cleans you up after a close call on a hunt
• dressing up as an anime character for his birthday
• him holding your hand while you get your anti-possession tattoo
• nights cuddled together watching DVD’s
• him taking care of you when you’re sick
• him side-seat driving the first time he lets you drive his car
• competitiveness in the shooting range (loser cleans the kitchen for a week)
• making sure he knows how much you love him
• feeling like you are the most precious thing on the planet

au where instead of just being able to see hollows and the soul jars, Jacob had the ability to see anything invisible

the first time he meets Emma and Millard he thinks Millard’s just a nudist and he makes him incredibly uncomfortable 

later Millard mentions his peculiarity and Jacob’s like “??? i can see you” and Millard just looks him in the eyes and asks if he’s entirely sure 

Jacob’s like “yeah man i thought… i thought you were just weird……..” 

Millard doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the week

Louis Tomlinson

Here is yet another Louis talking audio. Again, I just put together shorter clips of Louis talking and added piano music. Louis’ voice helps me calm down and deal with pain, so I thought this might help someone else too. Enjoy. <3

Louis talking 2015 | Louis MITAM Track-by-track | Louis talking 2 | Harry MITAM Track-by-track