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somebody: i think you should let it go, sherlock is just a tv show it’s not that big of a deal
me [pulls out powerpoint]: sir arthur conan doyle brought sherlock holmes back after a break of 8 years because his fans back then were so furious after he killed him off. people walked around with black armbands to mourn his death and a woman attacked doyle with an umbrella for “the sin of killing off his greatest character” i’M ALLOWED TO FEEL LIKE THIS IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS EVER SINCE THE VICTORIAN AGE I HOPE THE NEWS KEEP TALKING ABOUT US FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS I WILL WAIT 8 YEARS IF I HAVE TO IF THIS MESS WILL BE FIXED THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

literally tho i just came home after buying a pomeranian plushie b/c i had a gift card and i saw it the other day and fuck yeah i was gonna buy it

im naming it Baku Jr. after my Bakugou-accidentally-adopts-a-pomeranian-and-the-class-names-it-Baku Jr. au 



I NEED 5000

@infectionaryfr WTH I TRUSTED YOU WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Lol at least they’re not mire bosses right?

Eleven Little Roosters EP 2

The target is Aaron (France) or Blaine/Ashley (USA)

  • Red, white, and blue flag
  • Shares a land border with another country in the group

The killer is NOT Aaron (France), Adam (Russia), Gavin (UK), Blaine/Ashley (USA), Griffon/Geoff (Australia), Chris (Sweden) or Funhaus (Germany)

  • Big 5 (China, France, Russia, UK, USA) aren’t killers (? this clue was confusing, I may have misinterpreted)
  • Australia, Sweden, UK, and Russia don’t share a land border with any other country in the group
  • Germany is explicitly not a target/killer next week

This leaves the possible killers as Elyse and Burnie

  • If Elyse is the killer, then Blaine/Ashley are the targets
  • If Burnie is the killer, then Aaron is the target

The final clue will be available on the YouTube version of the episode tomorrow (probably via annotation) which will hopefully narrow it down between those two pairs

[fic] for every bird there is a stone (4/?)

Pairing: Gen (Shiro & everyone, basically)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence in future chapters
Summary: Shiro walks away from his confrontation with Haggar injured and shaken. After falling through the corrupted wormhole and finding himself stranded alongside Keith on a solitary planet, Shiro begins doubting his bond with the black lion and his place among the other paladins. As the team is reunited and his health continues to decline, Shiro is forced to confront parts of himself he thought were long buried, and everyone is left questioning just how far he’s willing to go in order to survive.

Four weeks before the Kerberos mission was scheduled to launch, Shiro cashed in the collection of personal days he’d acquired over his past year as a TA, packed a small duffle bag, and went home.

At Ao3


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333