makes all the friends watch k

Trans Peter Parker

so i saw homecoming again and

  • that bit where May says his “body is flowering” (there’s no way a parental figure says that to a 15 year old cis guy)
  • literally every time he makes an effort to make his voice deeper
  • when he walks into the bank and he’s trying to figure out how to pose (i literally fucking do this all the time okay tell me other trans people don’t do it too)
  • he’s short as heck
  • plaid button-ups are p good for hiding the lack of a flat chest
  • that Look on his face when he’s watching his friends in the pool

peter is trans af

the chocoboys as spook hunters

prompto - the equipment guy

  • the most excited to be there until shit actually happens
  • ghosts tho??? no thanks
  • he got into spook hunting because he liked all the cool equip but he also can’t go thru the footage he’s recorded alone, someone has to be w him

noctis - the medium

  • can see ghosts but is like. chill about it. 
  • still can’t really tell the difference between alive people and dead people
  • “idk it’s kind of crowded with six people in here don’t you think?” “noct… there’s only 3 of us” “oh… right” “NOCT?!?!?!!”
  • to an angry spirit: hey dude calm down what’s your damage

gladio - the security blanket

  • not sure if he believes in the spooks but he digs the excitement
  • mostly in it because he likes camping but also goes along bc he knows the others feel safer w him around
  • like prompto, ghosts tho?? no thanks. he can’t fight those.
  • actually gets kind of nervous when noctis or ignis provoke ghosts

ignis - P R O VO K ER

  • noctis: they said not to step in this circle or it’ll make the spirits mad // ignis, already stepping into the circle: whoops
  • despite having noctis as a friend, he low key doesn’t believe any of this and mostly goes along because he’s an adrenaline junkie
  • has all his bases covered tho, carries a bunch of charms and holy items
  • entering an abandoned house like: damn ghosts, you live like this???
Some things from Be More Chill Exit 82 8-10:45 PM

Michael wore a onesie in The Pants Somg

Brooke had baby pink Pumps

Everyone had LED shoes while they were SQUIPED

Jake says “Extra circular activities”

Everyone had makeup in Rich Set a Fire. And wigs. And sparkles.

Brooke had to scream because her mic cut out. Example: “And I’m not mad you dated my best friend and wouldn’t sleep with me” “HE DIDNT SLEEP WITH YOU?!”

Brooke dropped her phone in Rich Set A Fire and then screamed

Michael watched everyone scream and then drop down after Christine drank the Mountain Dew and then they were all still and he yelled “OH F U C K”

I couldn’t hear Michael making an entrance because everyone was cheering so hard

So much cosplay! So so so so much amazing cosplay!

The “party monster” was wearing a unicorn costume

There were two people whom I’m assuming were female who had matching shirts that said “Girlf riends”. @squip-ward and @twostepsfromtemerant you two are my idols.

Jeremy’s butt was…noticeable when he was wearing his very tight robot costume

I saw a hobby lobby and Payless shoes and a Kohls on the way back to NYC. I wanted to mention it.

Led lights on set were amazing. All the sets were amazing. During The Play they put down the stage’s curtain and Christine introduced the play in front of it. It was very meta.

The SQUIP did rapper squats when he was talking

Christine had cat socks!!

Jeremy had a pokeball and trex on his desk and then after intermission a pill bottle and football. :/

After two player game Laura Kroft, Mario, and Buzz Lightyear took the bean bags off stage. Amazing.

Brooke and Chloe switch shirts for Voices In My Head. ;)

While waiting for the musical to start they had a Tweet thing rigged where if you tweeted with the tag “#chill82” it would show up on a screen behind the set. There was a lot of “Clap if you’re not straight!” And “say Hoyah if you’re going to respect the cast and not sing along!”. It was very cute.

SQUIP got legs. He do.

The SQUIP’s jeans had Needless Zippers™.

Pi-ii-ii-ii-ii-nk berry has a violent pause before each ii

Rich kept his hips™. Thank you so much 82.

Rich and Christine fought over the baguette in the background of Halloween Party. It was…entertaining…

Jeremy’s dad entered right before Voices in my head with pants and everyone cheered. It was quite pure.

“A New Mission”

Request: Can you write one where Buckys gf has a 5 yr old daughter who’s very attached to him? She tells her class that her daddy’s an avenger and some of them tease her saying she’s lying. She’s in tears at the end of the day and tells her mom what happened. She tells Bucky so he picks her up the next day and she runs to his arms calling him daddy and he’s so happy to be a dad to this little girl The other kids are awestruck seeing him

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1347

A/N: dad bucky fucks me up. let me know what you think. requests are open and let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

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“Ava! C’mon, we can’t be late. School starts in half an hour! Say bye to Bucky and meet me at the car.” You shouted at your five-year-old. She loved Bucky Barnes, your boyfriend. She even started to call him “dad.”

Today was her first day of kindergarten. She was super excited. She wanted to make friends and she wanted to meet her nice teachers. You watched from the car as Bucky walked her to the front porch. He bent down to her pint-sized height, and gave her a big hug. He couldn’t take her to school because Steve needed him for training in the morning.

Ava made her way carefully down the stairs to your little car. She was big enough to get herself into the car seat. You missed the days where you had to help her. She was just getting so big and you knew today was going to be emotional for you. You wished Bucky could’ve been there with you. There wasn’t going to be anyone to pry you away from the school when Ava gets dropped off. Today was going to be hard for you.

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Dating Chris Evans

- He wikes it
- He would randomly throw you over his shoulder just because
- “It’s to show you how strong I am.”
- Ass slaps from both sides
- “We should adopt a puppy.. Or 67.”
- Singing old disco songs together in the mornings
- Sometimes when he’s too tired he just sleeps on you
- “Chris get off me!”
- Helping him shave
- Showers together
- Very passionate love making
- He loves to kiss your cheeks
- “Babe your cheeks are so adorable.”
- Being good friends with Scarlett, along with the cast of marvel.
- He whines a lot
- “Babyyyyy..”
- He grabs your left boob all the time while laughing
- Also while he’s not laughing
- Helping him get ready for his roles.
- Hilding hands a l l t h e t i m e
- Kinks
- K I N K S
- He uses 40’s slang quite often
-“my best girl/boy…”
- Watching his movies that he thinks are bad to piss him off
- “Movie is bad but you look good.”
- Date night every week even if its on skype

The Girl from Around the Block-Lip Gallagher Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some sensuality and language (Shameless imagine, don’t be surprised)

Originally posted by adventuresofjulia

  Lip didn’t have many strictly platonic friendships with other girls. In fact, he never considered he was capable of having a relationship with a female that didn’t involve them screwing into oblivion. But Y/N Y/L/N was different. For one thing, they’ve known each other since they were two years old, when Fiona and Hailey, Y/N’s older sister, arranged a play date for the two of them. They bonded over a love of Legos and had been friends ever since. He helped her with homework and she helped him get out of trouble when trying to persuade him from getting into it failed. He taught her how to smoke and she taught him how to play the piano. They were perfect for each other but neither of them would admit it.

  “Come on, Lip, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought of asking Y/N out?” Ian asked.

  They were smoking on their porch in the hot Chicago summer. Ian had the day off from work and Lip was still thinking up his latest scheme to make money fast.

   “Y/N’s like a sister to me, you know. You don’t f—k your sister,” Lip said. “We aren’t royalty or anything.”

   Ian laughed. “Well, I’m pretty sure Y/N’s thought of f—cking you, you can see it in her eyes.”

   “Shut up.” Lip smacked Ian in the chest, making the ginger laugh.

   “Oh, that hurt so bad. Can’t you hit harder, pussy?”

   And that led to them wrestling jokingly, making Debbie roll her eyes inside and Carl begin cheering them on. Once they stopped (ie: when Ian pinned Lip down in their front yard), Lip sighed.

   “For the record, I let you win.”

   “Yeah, whatever.” Ian’s smile disappeared and he looked serious. “So, you’d really never consider getting with Y/N?”

   Lip rolled his eyes and shoved Ian off of him. “If you’re so into her, why don’t you date her?”
  “Because I’m gay.”

   “Oh yeah, use that excuse.” Lip took another long drag of his cigarette as he stood. “Look, Y/N’s a cool girl and stuff but I can’t see us being serious. I mean, we used to take baths together and I had the pleasure of being the only person with her when she first got her period. There’s too much history.”

   As the words left his mouth, Lip knew he was lying to himself. He knew that he was madly in love with his best friend who somehow managed to be sweet but scrappy when it came to defending herself or any of the Gallaghers. Plus, there was the way she threw her head back when she laughed really hard, making her gorgeous y/h/c locks flow around her. Then, there was the way she’d scrunch up her nose whenever she was confused about a homework question. Plus, she was the one who first confronted him about Karen, telling him that he shouldn’t take her kind of bullsh-t anymore. Also, her y/e/c eyes would light up whenever she was staring out at Lake Michigan and she would jump whenever someone/something freaked her out.

   Ian glanced behind Lip. “Too much history, huh?”


   “Then you wouldn’t be too upset at the view behind you right now.”

   Lip turned around and what he saw nearly made him drop his cigarette. Across the street, standing on the corner, was none other than Y/N smiling widely as she kissed Will Brooks. 

    “What’s she doing with him?” Lip asked.

    “Well, Lip, it appears as though they’re making out. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had a crush on him since second semester,” Ian said.

   “How the f–k do you know all that?”

   “Because I’m the gay friend she tells all this to,” Ian said. “And I can’t blame her. Will is the star of the basketball team, has muscles for days, and is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome.”

   “He’s an idiot. He thought that a square should count as a rhombus in geometry,” Lip muttered.

   “Someone sounds jealous,” Ian sang.

   “Shut up,” he hissed.

   But the green monster was making his blood boil as he watched Y/N laugh at something Will said before hitting his arm playfully. Her smile was beautiful and genuine, if only she was smiling that way for Lip. She kissed Will one last time before circling around him and heading down the street. However, Will didn’t let her get by before swatting her butt and making her jump. Lip could’ve strangled him right then and there.

   “Lip, Ian, you are not going to believe what just happened!” Y/N said when she got up to them.

   “You got syphilis from that idiot?” Lip asked.

   Y/N frowned. “No, but Will did just take me out.”

   “Where?” Ian smiled widely and crossed his arms just to spite Lip.

   “He took me to lunch and then we walked along Navy Pier, just talking. Your advice worked, Ian!” Y/N squealed as she hugged him.

    “Wait, you gave her advice on this?” Lip asked.

    “It’s what the gay best friend does,” Ian said.

    Y/N turned to Lip and frowned. “Why are you getting so upset about this?”

    “Because you didn’t tell me about it.”

    “I didn’t think you’d care if I went out with Will. It’s nothing serious.”

    “But it might be. The Bulls are looking at Will to draft him. I hear he’s going to be Chicago’s Kobe Bryant.”

    “This is the Bulls were talking about, Ian,” Lip said. “Besides, Will get a new girl every week, you should probably just forget about him.”

   “For your information, Mr. Negative, we’re actually going out again tomorrow night. He got us Bulls tickets!”
   “Nosebleeds?” Lip asked.

   “Nope, near the floor, center court!” Y/N grinned. “I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that Will would ever notice me.”

    “How could he not? You’re gorgeous,” Ian said.

    “Just be careful, okay. I don’t like the guy.”

    “You don’t like many guys, Lip. Besides, you should be happy for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get you court-side seats to see the Bulls.”

   “No thanks, I’m good.” Lip threw his cigarette down and snuffed it out with his boot. “I’m gonna go take care of some business.”

    “What business?” Y/N asked as she began following him down the sidewalk.

    “My usual business with Kev,” Lip said.

    Y/N’s eyes widened. “Lip, you can’t do that. You’re already high up on the cop’s radar, right behind Carl.”

   “I’ve been doing this since we were fourteen, Y/N, I know what I’m doing.”

    “But you getting arrested could f—k up your chances with MIT or U of Chicago or any other fancy school,” Y/N argued.

   “Hey, why don’t you worry about what dress you’re gonna wear to see Will again and I’ll worry about my future, alright?” Lip snapped.

   Y/N flinched at his words. They had had arguments before, but he never got this mean with her. “What’s your problem, Lip? Are you on the rag?”

   “No, just leave me alone.”

   “Fine, come around the block when you decide to stop being such a jackass,” Y/N said.

   Though her words were sharp, she sounded hurt and it hurt Lip that he had hurt his best friend. As much as he wanted to admit why he was really angry with Y/N, he was too prideful and scared of her reaction to say anything.

   For two weeks, Y/N didn’t come by to see the Gallaghers nor did Lip try to go up around the block to see her. Fiona, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kev, and V did their best not to mention her name whenever Lip was around. But ever since their fight, Lip had begun drinking and smoking more. He was miserable. However, everything came to a head when Fiona confronted him one day.

   “Alright, Lip, go talk to her,” Fiona said.


   Lip was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while Fiona and Debbie were making breakfast.

   “You heard her, we’re sick of seeing you moping around all the time and drunk you is only so entertaining,” Debbie said.

   “I don’t want to talk to her. Besides, the only person she’s interested in talking to is Will.” Lip spat out the boy’s name.

   “That’s not true,” Ian said as he walked into the kitchen with Liam in his arms, “she talks to me all the time.”

   “If I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her, alright? Can we stop f—king talking about her?” Lip snapped.

   Fiona set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Lip and bent down to his level. “Lip, I know you’ve been in love with Y/N pretty much since the day you met and it must be killing you that you fought and that she’s with Will—”

   “Will Brooks? He’s a babe,” Debbie said.

   Fiona, Ian, and Lip collectively shot her a look that made her instantly regret her words.


   Fiona sighed. “But you need to man up and talk to her. I know this is gonna be hard comin’ from me but I know love when I see it.”

   Lip groaned. “She’s not gonna forgive me.”

  “She will, we’ve all had to,” Ian said.

  Lip playfully shoved him before taking a long swig of coffee. “I’ll be right back.”

  “That’s my boy,” V said as she entered the kitchen from the rear entrance.

   “Did you hear all of that?” Ian asked.

   “For the most part. Please go talk to that girl, I’m sick of seeing you look more pissed off than usual.”

   Lip laughed. “I will, see ya, V.”

   As he left the house, Lip began going over everything he could possibly say to make everything up to Y/N. 

   “Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and getting pissed about you and Will. I’m sure the NBA accepts idiots too—no, can’t say that, she’ll get pissed that I insulted him. Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and I’m really happy for you and Will. Maybe the Bulls will start winning if he joins. Yeah, that’s better.” Lip paused. “Y/N, you probably hate me, but we have to talk…”

   “I thought that only crazy people talked to themselves,” Mandy said as she strolled up to Lip.

   “Oh, hey, Mandy,” he said.

    She was wearing a tight black tank top and short denim cut offs. They had a short-lived fling but decided that they were better off as friends. Besides Ian and Lip, Mandy was Y/N’s closest friend.

   “I’m guessing that you’re off to talk to Y/N,” Mandy said.

   “Yeah, I said some real sh-tty stuff to her and she didn’t deserve it.” 

   “She never does,” Mandy said. “It’s just too bad about her and Will.”

   Lip frowned. “What happened?”

   “You didn’t hear? She found out that he’s been cheating on her ever since they got together. I offered to have my brothers beat him up for her, but she said it wasn’t worth it. I haven’t seen her around in a long time.”


    “Yeah, so whatever you have to say to her, don’t f-ck up.”

   “Thanks, Mandy.”

    As Lip walked away from Mandy, he was both elated and furious. He could beat Will’s face in for what he did to Y/N but at the same time, he was ecstatic that she was single again. Now he really had to perfect what he was gonna say.

   “Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened between us. You didn’t deserve it and I was just being a dick. I’m also sorry about what happened between you and Will. He deserves to get the sh-t beat out of him.” Lip sighed. “And…and I got so mad about the whole Will thing because, you’re like a sister to me and I didn’t want to lose my sister or my friend…the friend I’ve been in love with since we were two.”

   At this point, Lip was standing in front of the Y/L/N’s house. Mr. Y/L/N was most likely back at work in the loan office and Mrs. Y/L/N was off being a maid in the W Hotel. Whether or not Hailey was home was a bit of a toss up since she would skip class more than Lip did. The navy, two-story house seemed a lot bigger than it usually did and part of Lip wanted to turn around and run away.

   “Don’t be a pussy,” he muttered. 

   He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.

   Seconds later, a dog was barking and Hailey was yelling at it.

   “Geez!” she blew a piece of dark hair out of her eyes and narrowed them once she saw Lip. “Lip.”

   “Hi, Hailey.”

   The barking Rottweiler stopped when he saw Lip and began licking all over his face.

   “Hi, Buster,” Lip said as he scratched the dog. “I’ve missed you.”

   “Well, he’s missed you too, I don’t know if I can say the same for Y/N,” Hailey said.

   Lip sighed as he straightened up. “Look, I know I f-cked up majorly with Y/N and I’m sorry. I just want to apologize and if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that’s fine, I’ll understand. Is she okay?”

   Hailey’s e/c eyes softened slightly at Lip’s words but she kept a tense body language. “She’d be better off if that idiot hadn’t cheated on her weeks after she lost her best friend. But she’ll get through it, she’s tough.”

   “I know, is she here?”

   Hailey pursed her lips. “That Will guy might’ve hurt her but you really broke her heart, you know that, Gallagher?”


   “I could kill you for how much you made her cry and then Will on top of that—” Hailey breathed.

   “And I’ll do my best to never make her cry again. Believe me, the last thing I want is to hurt her.”

   Lip hoped his sincerity showed through since Hailey was one of the most stubborn people when it came to protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.

   “She went to the Symphony. They let her listen to the music from the entry way as long as she doesn’t disturb anyone.”

   “Thanks, Hailey, I really appreciate it.”

   The L couldn’t have operated any slower that day, which made Lip even more anxious. He began chain smoking, hoping it would help him think more, but it didn’t. It calmed him down a little, but he still had no idea what he was going to say to her. Fortunately, downtown wasn’t very crowded and it was easy for him to find his way to the Symphony. Sure enough, Y/N was sitting near one of the door, cross-legged, listening intently to the passionate music. She looked gorgeous though she was wearing a simple white summer dress that went off the shoulders. Her hair was twisted up into a pretty bun on top of her head and her back was facing Lip.

   He carefully walked up to her, his mind racing with words.

   “Mind if I join you?”
    Y/N gestured for him to sit without turning away from the door. Her eyes were puffy and he could tell that she had been crying.

    “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

    “Sh, it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9,” Y/N hissed.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” Lip managed to say quiet for five more seconds before saying, “no, you know what, f-ck the music, you can get this sh–t on YouTube or iTunes. We need to talk.”

   “Keep your voice down or we’ll get kicked out,” Y/N said quietly. 

   “Fine, but at least look at me when I talk?”
   Y/N hesitated before turning to Lip. “Talk.”

   Lip paused. Everything he had rehearsed seem to leave his mind. “You’re beautiful.”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Go away, Lip.”

   “No, I’m serious. Even though that a—hole made you cry and did all that to you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Always have been.”

   There was a long pause between them but Y/N looked stunned.

   “Is that all you have to say to me?”

    “No, I’m sorry about what happened between us. I shouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about you and that jerk.”

    “You were a real jackass,” Y/N muttered.

    “I know, and you didn’t deserve that. And I’m sorry about what happened—-no, you know what, f-ck that, I’m not sorry. He didn’t deserve to be with you because you are amazing and sweet and talented and tough and strong. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and neither do I.”

    Y/N looked stunned but suddenly looked dejected. “If I’m all those things, why did he cheat on me with Ashley Opperman, Jane Henkins, Mariah Little, Penny Gilbert, Vanessa Langley, and Iman Ashton?”

    “Because he’s an idiot who’s probably trying to get the clap if he got anywhere near Vanessa Langley,” Lip said.

    Y/N smiled. “I think she’s had ever STD under the sun besides AIDs.”

   Lip smiled. “I’m so sorry about everything that happened between us, Y/N. Is there any way you could forgive me?”
   Y/N jokingly tapped her finger against her chin. “If you teach me how make things explode using that fancy technical vocabulary, maybe.”

   “Of course.”

   “And you help me pass my ACT.”


   “And you come to my piano concerts.”

   “I already do.”

   “Sober, though.”

   “Then you’ll have to play something less boring.”


   They jokingly shook hands before Y/N wrapped her arms around Lip and basically fell into his lap. He immediately pulled her close, inhaling her sweet scent.

    “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

    “I love you.”

    They both froze. Lip couldn’t have said that any less smoothly if he tried. He couldn’t believe that he had blurted it out like that.

    Y/N pulled away slowly and looked at him with wide eyes. “Lip?”

    “I’ve loved you since we first met and I fell in love with you around the same time, I think. It drove me crazy seeing you with Will and I’m sorry I was so mean to you. If you don’t feel the same way then—”

    Lip was cut off as Y/N pressed her lips against his. He immediately pulled her closer as he kissed back. All those emotions they had for the past sixteen years came out in that exchange. They were so caught up they not only forgot where they were but also that they would need to pull away for air.

     “Eh hem.” An elderly security guard looked at them with distaste.

    “What’s your problem?” Lip asked.

    “Sorry, Ivan, we’ll be leaving now.”

    “No, that’s fine, Y/N, just try to ease up on all of that.” Ivan gestured to their current position.

   “You got it, Ivan.”

   He wandered away and Lip pulled Y/N into him again.

   “So, I’m guessing you like me too?”

   “No, I love you, I thought as smart as you are, you would’ve caught onto that when we were at least four,” Y/N teased.

   “Well, I’m smart enough to never let you go again.”


    And that was how after many years, Lip Gallagher ended up with the girl from around the block.

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8 sunbathing :)


Izuku is spread across the beach towel sunbathing, his bare chest glistening with sweat and sand, his arms pillowing his head as he snoozes. The rest of the class is scattered along the shore and boardwalk, soaking in the sun and the ocean, and happily going about their own activities.

“Dude, you’ve been staring for nearly an hour.”

“Shut up and die.”

Snickering, Kaminari takes the half eaten sandwich from Katsuki’s hand and scarfs it down when Katsuki barely reacts, eyes intent on where Izuku is napping a few yards away.

“Bakugou, you really need to man up,” Kirishima says from the other side of the picnic table where he’s distractedly eating his own lunch. 

Sero nods encouragingly beside him, his face serious and a little desperate, adding on, “It’s been three years. Just go talk to him or something? I hate to say it, but this is getting a little painful to watch.”

Kaminari flinches back, expecting explosions and yelling, along with the usual and unconvincing denials. But Katsuki only continues glaring at Izuku, before he finally stands with water bottle in hand and a quiet hiss of, “Fine.” 

“Go get him dude,” Kirishima whispers with two thumbs up, Kaminari and Sero gaping as Katsuki walks mechanically towards their sleeping classmate. The Class 1A girls pause their conversation to watch as well.

Katsuki looms over Izuku for a long moment.

“Is he… just going to stand there?” Kaminari whispers, alarmed as the minutes tick by.

Sero buries his head in his hands.

Finally, finally, Katsuki moves. Kaminari groans as he watches his friend hurl the bottle of water into Izuku’s gut, screeching over Izuku’s pained and surprised spluttering, “IF YOU’RE GOING TO SLEEP ON THE BEACH, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT IN THE SHADE AND STAY HYDRATED, YOU MORON.”

“K-Kacchan, what?!” Izuku coughs, clutching the bottle and his stomach as Katsuki stomps away. The girls all groan in unison, Ashido actually going so far to theatrically cry into Uraraka’s shoulder.

“Dude,” Sero says despairingly as Katsuki thunders by. “What the fuck.”

Katsuki pauses and his scowl twists into something a little more wide-eyed and disturbed. “I… panicked,” he says faintly.

“Oh my god,” Kaminari whispers as Katsuki kicks up sand in his retreat. “He’s absolutely hopeless. What are we going to do when Midoriya actually does start dating someone?”

“I don’t think you have worry too much,” Kirishima replies, grim and nodding his head to the side. Kaminari turns and catches an eye full of Izuku’s fond, exasperated smile, gingerly holding Katsuki’s water bottle like it’s a gift from god. The three friends watch as Izuku stands and trots slowly after Katsuki, a big dopey grin growing on his freckled face as he goes.

“Somehow, this is worse,” Kaminari says, and Sero sighs in commiseration.

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okay but stan and eddie is such an underrated friendship. could you do some hcs?

- they’d bond over their mutual hatred of richie’s jokes

- like they’d just look at each other whenever he said something dumb and just shake their heads

- they’d be the type of friends to have conversations to each other in their heads just by looking at each other

- if eddie hadn’t broken his arm he’d have gone to stan’s bar mitzvah too okay

- they trade comic books all the time and recommend new ones to each other when they go to derry’s only comic book store

- stan and eddie went to the park together so stan could bird watch in peace and eddie could do his homework

- stan was the only friend eddie’s mother liked because he was so polite and clean

- he’d have dinner with eddie and his mother sometimes and even though he didn’t like Mrs K, he’d be very talkative with her and ask her questions to make sure things didn’t get awkward

- ‘that jewish boy is nice, eddie’

- ‘ma, don’t call him that’

- stan stays over at eddie’s a lot more than the losers realise because they always have deep, meaningful conversations at 3am about everything and anything

- once eddie brought up his crush on richie and stan went red before admitting he liked bill

- the two literally stayed up until dawn gushing over their boys and they felt so happy they had someone to talk to about it

- they’d pass notes to each other in class

- stan would ask eddie for advice about boys because richie and eddie got together a few months before stan and bill and eddie is basically his yoda when it comes to boys

- ‘the guys we like are completely different, stanley, trust me i’m not the person to be asking advice from’

- but eddie always made stan feel better about himself and stan managed to make eddie feel comfortable no matter the situation, as long as they were together

Friends? (M)

Request- Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are not his noona (you are younger or same age, but please not a noona) and you are quite innocent and naive, plus you are a virgin, and Jk and you are best friends, but he has the biggest crush on you, ans he finally confesses to you, and he tells you how much he wanted you and thought of you, and you are all embarrassed, and blushing, and such, cuz you are super innocent, plus is you first time. 

Sorry this took so long. Thank you so much for requesting, and I hope you like it. Sorry if it sucks. 


This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Originally posted by jeonbase

Your day started off like any other, getting up and ready for class and going to them. Your best friend saved you a seat, Jeon Jungkook. He had been your best friend since you could remember, he was always there. You could talk to him about anything, he was the only person who saw you fro who you truly were and didn’t judge. He always encouraged you to let the world see you, as he thought you were amazing. 

Of course Jungkook didn’t tell you everything he thought about you. You thought you and Jungkook had no secrets, but you were wrong. Jungkook had a huge secret you didn’t know, he was in deeply, madly, life consuming in love with you. 

For the past two years he knew it, but hid it. Thinking you wouldn’t accept his feelings. He didn’t feel good enough for you, you were so pure and innocent. You weren’t all that experienced, well not at all. You kissed someone before, but it didn’t even consist so tongue. Jungkook thought you were the most pure being in the world, he didn’t want anyone to taint your purity. Well except for maybe him.. 

“Jungkook?” You sweet voice took Jungkook out of his daze. He looked at you and noticed people getting up and leaving. How long had he spaced out for? 

“Is it over?” He asked you with wide eyes, he had dazed out for the whole lecture. Your giigle took him back to reality. 

“Yeah, its over. Come on sleepy head, we need coffee. Namjoon’s party starts at nine and goes on til like eight am, and we have to actual stay past two this time.” You push his shoulder. You pack up you stood up and left the lecture hall with Jungkook. 

“Hey, I was tired. And is that any way to treat your elder. I don’t think so, little one.” Jungkook slings his arm around your shoulder, walking down the school hall to get a much needed energy boost. To any one passing you would like like a couple, most people did. You acted like a couple it just didn’t include, sex and the titles. You held hands all the time and cuddled and you loved it, because Jungkook was your first love. 

What a pickle you both were in, both in love with one another, but not knowing each others feelings. You never thought Jungkook would like you back. He always dated, well not dated fucked, sexy confident girls, that knew what they were doing. You did not. You wouldn’t be confessing to him, not wanting to ruin your friendship and because you were scared as shit. You were just going to ignore your feelings and stomp on them. 

You often got jealous of his flings, the way they kissed him, the way his hands were on them it broke your heart a little. You longed to just have him hold you like that, why wouldn’t he? 

The day came and went rather fast. In no time you were walking into Namjoon’s apartment, the party already in full swing. You looked around and spotted Jungkook, leaning against a counter in the kitchen. You made your way to him, but your stride was ceased when a tall blonde came into sight. She grab Jungkooks face and kissed him passionately. You turned and made your way back out of the house again. You needed air and to watch a full series of a sappy romantic K-drama to make you feel better. 

It was so cliche, all of it. Boy best friend who fucks around, girl loves him but is to scared to say anything. You didn’t want it to be cliche you wanted to not love him in that way. It wasn’t your fault he was so perfect and made you feel like a butterfly. 

You were half way through the second episode when Jungkook messaged you. You unwrapped yourself from your warm covers and opened the message. 

Jungkook- Where are you? The party isn’t the same without you :( 

You scoffed at his message. why couldn’t he just have fun with the blond girl and leave you to lay in despair in peace. You knew you would be talking to him tomorrow anyway, why did he not just enjoy himself. You didn’t like drinking anyway. 

Jungkook- Y/N? 

You had forgotten to reply to Jungkook, as you were to wrapped up in your drama to care. It was by the fourth episode there was banging at your door. You groan in annoyance, getting up to get the door. You’re startled to see Jungkook when you open the door. 

“Jungkook, why aren’t you at the party?” You asked, but Jungkook pushed passed you and entered your apartment. You close the door behind him and follow him into the living room, taking a seat beside him. 

“Why did you leave tonight?” His eyes met yours when he finished his sentence. His elbows resting on his knees. His question took you by surprise. 

“How did you know I was-” He cut you off. 

“Yoongi told me you left straight after you came in. Why did you leave?” You try to think of a believable explanation. 

“I wasn’t really feeling well, so I just came home.” You avoided his eyes, you were never a good liar. 

“That’s such bullshit. Y/N I think you’re forgetting I’ve known you my whole life, I know when you’re lying.” You can hear the annoyance in his voice, but why was he so mad? You missed one party so what, who gives a fuck. You were beginning to get annoyed as well. 

“Why do you care so much? It’s just a stupid fucking party, Namjoon has one every week. So what I missed one.” You stood up and walked across the room. Running your hands over your face in annoyance, just wanting this night to vanish. 

“Well it fucking matters to me if you’re not there. Okay, it’s not the same without you.” 

“Why would you need me? You have that blonde girl.” You spit out in anger, regretting it the moment you said it. 

“Because shes not you, no one will ever be as good as you.” Jungkook stands up taking long strides to you, you walk backwards to put distance between you, until your back is against a wall, he traps you with his arms on either side of your head. You move your head I order not to look at him, but he grabs your chin to make eye contact. 

“What I’m about to say you have to promise you won’t stop being my friend because of it, okay?” You nod, curious to know what he has to say. “I love you and not in the your my best friend way. I love you in the way I can’t get you out of my head ever, your giggle makes my day, your smile brightens my world. I love you. I want to kiss you all over all day long, I want everyone to know that I love you. I want for you to be mine and only mine. I want to love you the way you should be loved. You drive me insane and i love it. There was so many times I wanted to pin you up against a wall and make you feel so good. I love you.” 

His confession made you speechless, you just stared back into his eyes. Jeon Jungkook loves you.. 

“You love me? Don’t joke like that Jungkook, its not nice.” You scold. 

“Y/N, I’m not joking.” You huff, crossing your arms over your chest. Jungkook leans down and captures your lips with his. “Don’t be afraid, please.” He rests his forehead against yours. 

“Your telling me the truth?” 

“Yes. I know this is a lot, but just think about-” You cut his ramble off. 

“I love you too.” You don’t give him time to say anything else, you press your lips to his. You kiss for a few seconds before you pull away to giggle. 

“Why are you so fucking cute?” He groans. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. His strong arms hoist you up and carry you to your bedroom. He placed you on the bed, you lay back and he crawls on top of you. He kisses you passionately, his tongue slipping past your lips. You moan into the kiss, the new experience is amazing. You slide your hands down and slip them under his shirt from his to take it off. He pulls away from you. 

“Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop.” His voice is laced with concern, but his eyes are filled with lust. 

“I want this. I want my first time to be with you.” You smile, pulling his shirt over his head. You sit up and take off your own. His eyes are trained on the swell of your breasts. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He quickly latches his lips onto your neck kissing down your neck, collarbones and chest. He reaches behind you to unclasp your bra. He throws it behind him. Jungkook kisses each breast, he gropes both of them with his large hands, pinching your nipples in between his fingers. You moan loudly, in embarrassment you smack a hand over your mouth. 

“Don’t do that. I want to hear your beautiful moans, I dreamed of the day I would get to make you mine.” His words are melting your heart, arousing you. He kisses down your stomach, until he comes to the band of your pjama shorts. He looks up at you, silently asking for permission. 

“Please Jungkook.” He was just kissing you and he had you this needy. Jungkook hooks his fingers under your shorts and panties, pulling them down until they leave you completely bare in front of him. He stares at you in awe. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” He spreads your legs, getting comfortable in between your legs. He kisses your pelvic area, making a shiver run up and down your body. His eyes are trained on yours the whole time. He kisses your pussy lips, starting to kitten lick your slit. This is a whole new experience to you, it feels amazing to have Jungkook eating you out. You know why your girl friends were such hoes now. 

“Jungkook t-that feels so g-good.” You stutter out. You can feel him smirking against your pussy. He pumps a finger into your core, pumping it in and out, as he continues to suck, lick and nibble on your clit. He adds another finger, pumping you for a while before hes scissoring you. It feels so good. You feel a tingling in your lower stomach, the feeling grows and grows and so its taking over your whole body. Its consuming you, your body shakes in after shock. Jungkook laps up all your juices, before coming back to your lips. You can taste your self on him, it arouses you more. You wanted him inside you. 

“You taste amazing, baby girl.” 

“Jungkook, I need more.” You never thought you would be like this, but Jungkook just brings that out in you, obviously. 

“It will hurt at first, but then I will make you feel so, so good. Okay? Don’t be scared.” He cups your cheeks, placing a soft kiss on your lips. He gets off the bed, taking off the rest of his clothes. He was so flawless, his toned body was beautiful and tan. How was he so amazing, how did you stay away for so long? 

“Are you ready sweetheart?” He asks, after he puts on the condom, he joins you back on the bed. 

“Y-Yeah.” You nod, assuring him you were ready. Sure you were scared that it would hurt, but its Kookie, he would never hurt you. He grinds his dick up and down your slit, before slowly slipping in. Your eyes sting with tears, it was painful him stretching you out. 

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Jungkook’s head goes back in pleasure, having your tight hot pussy wrapped around his member. He looks down at your pained expression, he moves strands of hair off your face. He leans down and kisses the tip of your nose. “I love you.” 

All the pain faded away soon enough after. “I-I think you can move, Jungkook.” His hips start to roll into yours, it was so pleasing, the way he filled you up. “Oh my god, this feels amazing.” That seemed to egg Jungkook on, as his hands go on either side of your head, he was rolling his hips into you faster. You hands grip onto his back, your nails digging into his soft skin, as your second orgasm approaches. You were seeing stars and couldn’t help but clench around Jungkooks dick, as you came. You chanted his name, like a mantra. 

“Fuck.” Jungkook groans into your ear. You were so tight around him, he was filling the condom up with his seed. He rests his head against your shoulder for a movement, before he pulls out. He gets off the bed, taking the condom off and putting it in the bin. He grabs a towel and cleans your cum up. You lay there exhausted from what you both just did. You felt amazing. 

“That was amazing.” You finally say, earning a chuckle from Jungkook, who gets back on the bed with you. He pulls the blanket over your naked bodies and pulls you into his embrace. 

“Your amazing.” He kisses you softly, stroking your hair. He pulls back to look you in the eye, he has a smile on his face. “So.. will you be my girlfriend?” You giggle, leaning up to kiss his cheek. 

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You bury your head in his chest, not wanting him to see how red your cheeks were.  Jungkook places another kiss on your head and chuckles at how adorable his girl is. 

I hope this didn’t suck to much, and that you all enjoyed it! 

I love you all, good morning/evening/night x

-Admin Abe x

I just finished high school, so I thought I would share some little things that I’ve learned over the past four years and help you to know what to expect! I’ll tell you all about:

  • How to get a good GPA
  • How To take notes
  • Good study habits
  • What supplies you really need
  • How to handle the first day of school
  • How to make friends
  • Dealing with stress
  • Time management 
  • Getting your life together
  • The things nobody tells you 
  • + a ton more, so keep on reading!

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daisy fresh girl – jeongguk (2)

Originally posted by junqkookied

part one, part three

word count: 2k
genre: fluff

librarian jungkook x reader

you couldn’t really believe jungkook liked you, so you tried your best to avoid him for a while; but fate didn’t think you’d outpower it.

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Proper Introduction

Hello, I am the mod behind nemovonsilver. I go by Von. I am a self-taught artist. I mostly prefer to doodle ponies and silly cartoons. I am 5′4 foot but full of love. I currently weigh 110 but normally weigh between 105 and 110. Never any less or any more. 

I love both guys and girls, but prefer to identify myself as pansexual. Because in the end, the gender never really matters to me. As long as I love that person, then that’s what’s more important. I actually really love cuddling. But I am not too friendly with strangers IRL unless they give me a good vibe. I really do love to make friends and welcome all. Unless I get bad vibes from you. Then I will grow distant.

I am in a few fandoms that I am happy with; MLP, WWE, K-Pop, Vocaloid, and Steven Universe. I have a very active and bubbly personality. I am usually very happy. Unbelievably, I have very high tolerance. I use to get so annoyed so fast.

I really love to watch scary movies. I  also have a massive interest in the paranormal investigation shows. Not sure why. But it had always interested me since I was young. 

I am a very loving individual and always care so much for others. Even though it’s bad for me. I tend to get taken advantage of. But I just can’t help but want to make people happy. I just want for everyone to feel loved and important. Just ask my friends. I keep spoiling them, lol. I am also very stubborn, petty, perverted, and a real smart ass. I love to joke too. A lot.

I promote a lot of MLP OC art blogs because I think their art is great and want to share their blog with everyone else. I want them to get as much exposure as possible. To help boost their self-esteem. So that they’d want to keep drawing. I know what’s it’s like to start off as a new blog and what it feels like to think your art isn’t good enough.

I really love my best friend @staticthepegasus

My good friends @nessie-wolfmod, @phoeberias-den, @jay-muse,​ @ask-elora, @askthe-twistedking, and @thebonecollectorpony

And my loyal husband and wife @ask-frizzmane and @greaserparty

I hope that after taking the time out to read this, you all now have a better understanding of me.

♡ 170407 | From Lully to LOVEs

It has been such an emotional day for LOVEs, for NU’EST, and for all those close to them. I know a great deal of us have been crying, have been frustrated, heartbroken, and angry among a million other emotions that can feel crippling. A lot of us feel hopeless, too. I’m here to remind you all why there is hope, and why we can’t give up. 

Since the first episode aired, the boys have trended on twitter, they were #1 on Naver and Daum, and 여보세요 (Hello) was trending on Melon. K-netz who originally cursed the boys for going on Produce 101 have had a change of heart and say they now wish for them to be successful. Since before the first episode aired, Minhyun and Ren have been making many friends and laughing and having fun. Kwon Hyunbin has made himself a good friend to Minhyun. All the little trainees have been swarming Ren. 

I know it’s hard to watch our boys, who were the most anticipated boy group in 2012, have to compete against trainees and humble themselves in such a way. To have to stand before an ex-lable-mate and audition for a ranking, and then to have to see her cry because of guilt and heartbreak–because she knows what they’ve been through and how hard they’ve worked. Because she feels responsible as a co-founder of Pledis Entertainment. I know it’s hard to listen to some of the more ignorant trainees say it’s unfair of them to be there because they’ve already debuted. I know it’s hard to listen to our boys cry and say they wish they were like their juniors. All of this is heartbreaking and hard. 

But we cannot let our spirit be broken. We have to continue to love and support our boys and surround them with nothing but positive energy. We have to keep a high morale, do what we can where we can. We have to be more vocal now than we ever have before. NU’EST is treating this as their last chance to prove that they can be successful. I personally think they’re defining success by this show slightly differently than the others. I don’t think it’s as important to them to make it to the final line-up as it is to gain new fans, new skills, new connections. What’s most important to them is building that Korean fanbase that has dwindled down so much through the past five years. They love all their fans, but this is a tactic focused on a Korean audience, and we LOVEs also need to understand that that is the goal here with NU’EST on Produce 101. 

Be vigilant and do not respond to negativity. Do not spread negativity in this fandom, and take care of each other. We need to be there for one another and act as one cohesive unit. Help each other so we can help those boys who deserve the world. 

And I think more than anything, as a fandom, we need to let them know we love who they are rather than what they were. Do not let them think they are a one-hit-wonder. I personally find it more important to improve the views on their newer music videos than to maintain #1 viewed boy group debut. They already know FACE is good. Everyone already knows FACE is good. The problem is overcoming that success or even achieving it again. If you want to hold streaming parties, I highly recommend focusing on their 2016 releases. I think that would mean an awful lot more to those 5 boys than to continue to live off of FACE. 

Those boys are strong. They are mature and kind and wonderful and I have never known them to give up in the face of adversity, of trials and tribulations. Them appearing on Produce 101 is such proof of that; there are not many idols who would swallow their pride in an attempt to chase their dreams. Think about their determination and the fight they all have in them, and let that be your motivator and your inspiration. 

This fandom has more power than it thinks it does. Those boys have a lot of fire in them. We can do this, and I truly believe by the end of it all, we will all be stronger and wiser. 

Love, Lully

🏈 Dating Julian Castillo would include 🏈

▫ you’re the one that makes the first move, because he’s so bad at saying it???

▪ confessing your feelings after school

▫ you’re both just hanging out at the diner, with a cold milkskake in hand

▪ AND THEN BAM! it’s out, you said it

▫ (he totally blushes when he’s saying it back)


▫ he plans the best DATES ever


▫ (he’s that boyfriend that buys you flowers, it’s canon lol)

▪ always making sure you’re happy and asking you what you think about

▫ sitting next to him in all the classes you share

▪ [he loves to watch you when you’re talking to friends, because you’re so soft!!! And gorgeous]


▪ and hates when you or his friends get hurt somehow

▫ getting angry very easy, but regretting it afterwards


▫ (just being really close to you)

▪ K I S S I N G

▫ he loves to feel your soft lips on his own

▪ forehead kisses


▪ & in school

▫ going to all his games,,,,,

▪ you’re his biggest fan


▪ but you’ll give him space when your team loses

▫ (he’ll show up at your window at 1AM to talk about it)

▪ you’re dad doesn’t mind becuase Julian is a sweetheart

▫ [your home became really quick his second one]

▪ your dad loves to talk to Julian about sports, school and such

▫ & he loves to embarrass you too


▫ no weird love triangle nobody needs,,,,

▪ picking you up from home to walk to school

▫ wearing his pullovers when you’re cold

▪ (you’re not really but you love how they smell)


▪ they love you so much?????

▫ they invite you over all the time???

▪ “I think my family likes you more than me.” - “Really?? Never thought about it.”, you’re rolling your eyes so much


▪ nishan comes over a few times to help

▫ study dates are the best

▪ being really patient with him


▪ making him smile so often, wth?!

▫ “Stop it! My face hurts from all the smiling.” - “Never!”



▪ being best friends with hope,,,, she’s such an angel

▫ (listening to all the embarrassing stories)


▫ supporting you in your decisions

▪ coming to you with problems or when he’s down


▪ he would do anything to make you happy,,,

▫ talking about things, because you’re a healthy couple

▪ you’re that couple™ everybody looks up to, tbh


anonymous asked:

What about parenting AU with RFA + V + Saeran, pretty pleaseeeee? <333

ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

~Like, what they’re like with kiddos? U got it. I’m a huge sucker for them as parents tbh. Marshmallow fluff ahead

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s such a good dad!
  • Very sensitive to the babies needs
  • He will stay up late to hold and rock the baby while he plays LOLOL
  • Carries photos of his kid and a family photo and shows it to everyone
  • Like
  • If he’s at the grocery store he will whip it out nonchalantly
    • “Thanks for bagging my stuff so fast! Gotta get home to the wife and kid heh heh. See, that’s them there with me, aren’t they so cute?!!!!”
    • “………I know. You showed me that just yesterday, sir.”
  • When they get a little older they sit on his lap while he plays LOLOL and they cheer for him, they love it!
    • “Go get em, daddy!”
  • Expert ouchie kisser
  • He can not say no to them ever.
  • So he’s a “go ask your mom” type of dad lol
  • You guys wear matching family shirts when you go out
  • It’s less fun for the little ones as they get older but it makes their dad happy so they groan and put them on lolol
  • Yoosung is the only one they call for in the middle of the night when they’re scared
  • Daddy is the master monster slayer in LOLOL
  • So of course, he has to come in and scare away any in the closet or under the bed

◉ Jumin

  • If it’s a girl, they’re wearing so many frills and bows OMG
  • The kids can do no wrong in his eyes
  • Everything is cute to him
  • His favorite thing with the babies is putting them to sleep
  • Will sing them lullabies while rocking them its freaking precious!!!!!!!
  • His kids will be spoiled rotten of course
  • But also have manners
  • He steps back from work to be home more after he has kids
  • Family is something that Jumin’s always felt incredibly strong about
  • He is adamant that you all have quality time together
  • And his father even changes when he sees his first grandchild
  • Him and Jumin both have strong family values, and so he actually steps back from women to spend time with his grandchildren while he still has time
  • He no longer cares about going out on dates with young pretty girls, he just wants to be around his sons family-which makes Jumin sooooo happy !!!
  • You all take lots of family vacations together
  • When they get older he likes to bring them to C&R and teach them about the business, he lets them hang out in his office
  •  He opens up so many new products related to children after becoming a father and uses his kids as the models because he thinks they’re perfect!

◉ Zen

  • He is such a softie when it comes to his babies
  • If it’s a girl-LOOK OUT
  • He will be the dad who enjoys scaring the shit out of her boyfriends
    • “Just remember…if you touch one hair on her head…I was in a biker gang. And I’ve scouted plenty of places to hide bodies, punk.”
  • If he has a son, that’s the kid that comes home from preschool like
    • “I have 12 girlfriends!”
  • And Zen is so proud but teaches him how to be a proper gentleman
  • The kids help him practice and run lines
  • They put on performances for you in the living room
  • Constantly gloating about them and posting pictures online
  • His fans are oBSESSED with the kid pics tbh they love his kids so much
  • They’re always sending toys and stuff in the mail for them
  • He thinks it would be so cool if they wanted to pursue an acting career like him
  • But
  • He is constantly telling them that he will support them no.matter.what.
  • He doesn’t want them to feel the same way he did when he was young
  • And he’s always super aware of what their dreams are and he always has their backs 100%

◉ Jaehee

  • Super mom
  • She can be a bit of a control freak at times but it’s all out of love
  • Has a schedule for everything and when they get older there WILL be a chore chart
  • Love to cook and bake with the kids, it’s her favorite thing
  • They’re always doing something on the weekends
  • Whether its going to a movie, the park, museum etc but she feels it’s important to get out as a family and experience stuff
  • Master of lunch packing tbh
  • Her kids always have amazing lunches
  • She never wants them to be scraping by for food and has to make sure they are eating healthy for growing minds!
  • Tiny Zen fans OMG
  • They watch his dvds together and they all gush about him its so cute
  • Their fav thing is going to his performances!!
  • Zen lets them backstage afterwards and they just jump on him and hug him
  • They’re his favorite fans–ever.

◉ Saeyoung

  • We all know he’s the goofball dad, o k
  • His kids will have meme onesies
  • He builds tons of toys made especially for them
  • They’ve always got the coolest gadgets, all their friends are constantly begging to hang out at their house
  • You will randomly walk in and your house has been made into a giant obstacle course or fort
  • He’s always encouraging them to play and have fun
  • They help him prank Yoosung
  • a lot
  • Teaches them many languages and they make fun of Yoosung and he can’t understand it and they’re just laughing and laughing and Yoosung is crying
    • “Don’t drag them into this too, Saeyoung! Stop talking about meeeee!”
  • Yes, he likes to have fun and play with them
  • But that’s only a part of it
  • He’s actually pretty strict!!!
  • Obviously, within good reason. He just wants them to be the best people they can be, and he wants to be a good father who can both tell them right from wrong as well as play around and make them laugh a lot
  • You do.not. want to come home with bad grades or have the teacher say you were goofing off in class
  • He will ground you SO FAST.
  • Tries to stress that it’s okay to have fun but there’s a time and place, and your studies come first
  • Will not tolerate them mouthing off to you, not listening or having an attitude
    • “Hey. Your mother asked you to set the table. If you don’t do it right now I’m going to send a virus to your phone and computer both and you’ll be living like a pioneer until I say otherwise.”

◉ V

  • Tender papa!!
  • So many pics of the kiddos all over the place!!
  • His favorite thing is cuddling with them, honestly
  • And they love it too !
  • Master at piggy back rides
  • Also a fan of carrying them on his shoulders when you’re out and about
  • Wants to spend all of his time with them, and enjoys taking them to school and picking them up when they start getting older
  • Family dinners are full of laughter and smiles and he loves to hear all about everyone’s day
  • Not a dad who shies away from telling his kids how proud he is of them, and how much he loves them

◉ Saeran

  • Very protective of his kids
  • His favorite thing is sleeping with you all in the bed
  • Wouldn’t let Saeyoung hold the babies for the longest time lol
  • He is the dad that wears the kids in a baby bjorn whenever you guys go out
  • When they get older he is guilty of sneaking candy and ice cream for them and himself
    • “Shhh…our secret, ok?”
  • Very loving and caring
  • He’s the type of parent that his kids trust to come with any of their problems
  • Although they hate that they can’t sneak anything by him as they grow older
  • He’s been there, done that, and will not hesitate to hack into their stuff if he feels like something fishy is going on
  • His favorite thing in the world is reading to them before they go to bed
  • He tucks them in and reads whatever book they pick out
  • Or sometimes they ask for him to make one up, so he does
  • It’s so cute
  • On the weekends you guys always have picnics in the park
  • He wants them to always be able to run and play outside and enjoy the sun and laughter

anonymous asked:

do you have any hcs of the rotten four as ot4 as well as their own pairs/threes? like mal/evie, mal/jay, mal/carlos, evie/jay, evie/carlos, jay/carlos & ot3 - jay/mal/evie, jay/carlos/mal, jay/carlos/evie, carlos/evie/mal

I have many OT4 head canons!

I don’t really like OT3s between them, because I can’t see just one of them being left out and the other three of them having a loving, open relationship without that one person.

 - Jay stealing Evie’s hair products, like conditioners and hair ties, because they have the longest hair of the four

 - Mal kind of favoring Carlos because he is the most submissive, the only one to obey her without questions or hesitance

 - Evie, Carlos and Jay totally, over-the-top spoiling someone on their birthday. They will make the entire week about the birthday boy/girl, anything they want at anytime

 - Mal teaching Jay bits and pieces of magic, helping him control his abilities and maybe rewarding him with a make out

 - Carlos and Evie being fashion siblings and designing outfits together and teaching Mal and Jay how to accessorize

 - Evie and Mal take turns dying Carlos’ hair blue and purple

 - the boys have to push two beds together for giant cuddling sessions between the four of them

 - all stay up late for different reasons - Jay is playing video games, Carlos is building, Evie studies, Mal practices new spells - and the other three have to work together to get that one person to go to bed

 - Evie is in charge of how any of them style their hair. Sometimes Carlos gives opinions, but after years of being forced to do Cruella’s hair, he wants to have no part in it

 - Mal being extremely controlling and possessive, like I need to know where all of you are at any given time and what you’re doing and who you’re with because she takes their safety and well-being as her responsibility.

 - the other three have to randomly check in and send her pictures of themselves so Mal knows they’re not tied up in a basement somewhere

 - Evie and Carlos like to cook together, but nobody is allowed to bake except for Mal

 - whenever one of them is gone - Evie is at a science fair, Jay is away for tourney, etc - the other three send sexy photos and not-appropriate-for-Auradon videos just to tease that one person

 - Cruella was the worst parent, so Carlos has the worst nightmares and frights and everyone has their own way of comforting him. Evie is cuddling and kissing his hair, Mal is giving him instructions to follow because she knows Carlos needs a distraction, Jay rubs his back and talks to him about opposing tourney teams

 - all three of them love cheerleader!Carlos

 - Jay lowkey learns how to give manicures because Evie always bugs him to help her but she rewards him with kisses

 - fuck with her friends and Princess Blueberry will   f u c k y o u u p   the science lab has all kinds of acids and chemicals, you really wanna test if she’ll keep true to her promise of slipping something in your drink?

 - Jay and Mal are aggressive but Evie and Carlos are kind of passive, so J and M super get off on watching E and C make out and go at it because they’re so sweet and gentle about it all

 - but Carlos and Evie watch and stare whenever Jay and Mal go at it because they’re so hard and rough with each other and it’s breathtaking and hot

 - Mal likes to see how much she can fluster Carlos in public and it’s not fair because basketball shorts don’t really hide anything, seriously, stop it Mal, before someone notices! 

 - Only Evie and Jay make an attempt to stay in contact with their parents and they console each other after every heartless letter they get back about princes and gold

 - None of them are big into tv or movies, like it’s a waste of time, so when they’re hanging out, it’s studying or venting or running around

 - Mal likes to take gel pens are draw on all of them.

 - the four keep their relationship kind of quiet because they don’t want the whole school bothering them and acting as if they’re out of place (which, sometimes, the R4 feel like they still are)

 - as far as anyone is concerned, Malvie is a thing and Jaylos is a thing, but behind their doors, Jal and Javie/Jevie and Marlos and Carvie are all things.

 - Jamavielos?

 - Malosjavie?

 - alright, now I gotta go to work. The end.

All In the Golden Afternoon

(for @anakinkshamer)


Growing up together AU, friends to lovers, K+ rating


Superhero, supervillain, damsel in distress…it’s all game that a group of friends play together, as children.

Roxanne has been watching the other three kids for fifteen minutes, making notes in the notebook that she brought to the park with her. They’re playing some sort of superhero game, she’s pretty sure; the one in the white shirt has been running around, chasing the other two: a blue boy with an oversized head and a fish in a spindly robotic body.

She’d wanted to ask to play, too, but she’d known the answer she’d get: girls can’t play. Or even worse: you can’t play.

Other kids don’t like her very much, Roxanne knows. They get mad when she tells them they’ve got something wrong, tell her that she’s too bossy.

So she hadn’t asked to play with the three kids.

She’s playing anyway, though, sort of—she’s watched a lot of Superman; Lois Lane is the best. Roxanne is pretending to be a journalist, reporting on the superpowered battle. That way, it doesn’t matter if the other kids don’t pay attention to her. They won’t have to include her, this way. They don’t even need to know that she’s playing.

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boyfriend; park woojin

a/n: requested by anonies // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owners + stan park woojin for life !


  • our patootie would be very shy
  • the moment your name comes out of someone’s mouth
  • he’d feel himself getting all red
  • and he’d like hide his face so that no one can see
  • “____, told me that they liked someone, that someone is here right now.”
  • “what? they’re like my little sibling, i hope that person is a nice one”
  • “i hope so too.”
  • “who is it though?”
  • “it’s woojin.”
  • the moment woojin heard that
  • he had the feeling as if he had to faint
  • because it was too much for him and he really couldn’t believe it
  • “oh my god. our woojin is lucky”
  • “and how are you feeling?”
  • “i feel as if i am dreaming. you’re for real?”
  • “yeah i am.”
  • the next day, you’d get a call from woojin
  • asking you to come over by their dorm
  • bc he has to tell you something
  • since it’s sudden, woojin would be very nervous
  • like extreme
  • when you finally arrived
  • the other members wouldn’t even know about you coming
  • and like they’d be confused 
  • “wait, ___? why are you here?”
  • “oh, woojin told me to come over because he had to tell me something?”
  • “okay. come in. woojin is in his room.”
  • “thanks for letting me know.”
  • woojin would be so scared when you came into the bathroom without knocking
  • like
  • “____! oh, hey.”
  • “hey woojin. what did you wanted to tell me?”
  • “can you follow me to my room?”
  • “sure.”
  • the moment you two arrived in his room
  • that’s where he started his confession
  • “you know, we have been friends for a while and lately, i don’t know what is it but always when you’re around or someone mentions you. i get that feeling in my stomach… you know when you’re in love?”
  • “you love me.”
  • “i do, yeah. i want you to be mine.”
  • “yes! of course!”


  • our woojin is pretty entertained by pretty much everything
  • so i think he’d take you every where you want
  • “where do you want to go, today?”
  • “i wanna go to that amusement park”
  • “which one?”
  • “seoul land?”
  • “oh, i’ve been there. it’s really fun.”
  • since it’s almost halloween, the theme was that
  • woojin would be looking around as the two of you enter the park
  • “love, are you okay if we go in that haunted house?”
  • “sure.”
  • you two would be standing in the line as many fans surround him
  • and they’d be like
  • “woojin and ___ are a cute couple.”
  • “don’t bother them, they’re on a date. remember, we’re just fans.”
  • “yeah, actually.”
  • most fans would leave you two alone bc they love the two of you
  • and they respect yall
  • when you and woojin enter
  • you’d feel him hugging your arm tight
  • “___, love, i think i’m scared.”
  • “it’s okay, woojin. we’re in this together.”
  • “okay, i should be the one to protect you. what am i doing." 
  • "it’s okay. you look cute like that.”
  • i bet instead it was a scary trip to the way out
  • you two would be laughing the whole time bc
  • yall make stupid jokes and yeah
  • all of the dates with woojin would be like that
  • it’d always be fun no matter what


  • woojin kisses would be very quick
  • bc when it comes to showing affection 
  • he’d become all shy
  • especially when it comes in front of his friends and family
  • “hey, you know. at night i wanted to eat some ramen and guess what.”
  • “what?”
  • “i saw woojin and ___ kissing. it was pretty cute. so i watched, like i was watching a k-drama.”
  • “guanlin, did you stare at them until they were done kissing?”
  • “yeah, i kind of did.”
  • “you’re weird.”
  • after woojin finds out about it,  he’d become so embarrassed
  • “guanlin, you saw us last night?”
  • “i did, i wish i had someone like you.”
  • “okay but does everyone know?”
  • “i think they do?”
  • he would still sneakily kiss you tbh
  • “woojin did you just kiss my neck?”
  • “maybe…”
  • he’d be sitting next to you and i can already see him
  • looking at the opposite direction so that you can’t see him being all red


  • i think hugs with this cutie pie
  • you could get addicted
  • bc his hugs are so warm and it feels as if you’re hugging a teddy bear
  • “woojin, could you come over? i’m feeling cold and i need a hug.”
  • it wouldn’t matter to him where you are
  • he’d always be there to give you a hug
  • even when he’s oversea
  • “i’ll give you a hug through the screen, ___”
  • “wow. i can feel your hug.”
  • “of course.”
  • he’d even hug when you’re eating
  • like this guy he wouldn’t care as long as he has his arms around you
  • of course when he’s the one feeling down
  • woojin would want a hug from you
  • “____, it’s too much for me.”
  • “it’s okay, woojin. you’ve made it this far, don’t give up just because they’re saying those things to you. ”
  • “but they keep sending them.”
  • “woojin, listen. you can’t become weak because of them. we’re all here to support you. and to love you.”
  • he’d hug you afterwards and would tell you
  • how lucky he is to have a sweet s/o like you
  • even his fans would know how much he hugs you
  • and they’d found it really cute
  • bc you can see that he loves you a lot
  • and he doesn’t want to let go of you
  • “i love you ____ and i’ll hug you forever.”

missing each other:

  • he would miss you a lot
  • and you’d see it
  • bc he wouldn’t be the energetic & hard-working person everyone knows
  • woojin would be literally sitting on the ground
  • as he thinks about you
  • “i miss going on dates with. i miss ____”
  • ofc some staff would hear him
  • mumbling to himself and would ask a member to talk to him
  • “hey woojin.”
  • “oh, hey.”
  • “you’ve been down lately, is it because of ____?”
  • “yeah.”
  • “i understand that you miss them but do you think they’d be happy seeing you down like this? i’m sure ___ would like to see you being happy because you’re doing what you love, right?”
  • “yeah, ___ told me before leaving. that they’ll be fine but i just can’t. we’re so far away from them.”
  • “i’m sure, you’ll be fine. they’d be proud of you. you can do this, woojin." 
  • he’d be happier after that 
  • and call you 
  • but not lots since he knows you’re pretty busy as well
  • "you have eaten right?”
  • “i have, you?”
  • “i have too. i think it was pretty good.”
  • you and woojin would talk lots until one of you have to go bc time zones
  • “sleep well, dream of me woojin.”
  • “sleep well, i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • the day that the two of you are going to see again
  • he cried a lots even while sitting on the plane
  • but no noticed bc he’s good at hiding it
  • “____!!!”
  • “woojin!!”


  • mornings with our jinnie
  • would start off pretty good
  • like kenta, you’d hear loud music playing in the bathroom
  • and when you enter it
  • you’d found your boyfriend
  • preparing himself for the day
  • “SPECTRUM SPECTR- oh hey.”
  • “i don’t know any woojin park. i’m out.”
  • he’d chase you and when this guy gets you
  • woojin would pin you against the wall
  • and cutely smile at you before kissing you
  • ofc it happened in the dorm and jaehwan would be
  • sh00k
  • “what are you kids doing??”
  • “oh, hey. we didn’t saw you there.”
  • “be safe.”
  • “what does he mean?”
  • the two of you would shrug it off and get ready together
  • “babe, could you put this on my back.”
  • “oh sure.”
  • the morning would always start off happy
  • when the two of you are together of course
  • and i bet he’d even feed you while eating breakfast 
  • while no one’s watching bc he shy 
  • but he loves you a lot

All summer, I have been staying up past 12:00 am doing God knows what. From binge watching Friends on Netflix to scrolling through Tumblr, I was sleeping till 10:00 am or later.

There’s my problem, I’m staying up late and also sleeping in late. Why is this a problem, you may ask?

Because I have to get up at 5:30 am when school starts.

That’s right, FIVE F**KING THIRTY AM ^

This is because the bus comes at 6:30 am and it takes around an hour to get to school with all the stops. With how I’m sleeping now, I would only get 2-5 hours of sleep (at my age I need 8+), which basically means I’ll be dead the whole day unless I bring coffee with me to school which I don’t have time to make/buy coffee in the morning. 

I have put together this list of ways to make falling asleep and waking up early for school easier. Hopefully some of you find this helpful!

Sorry the intro was so long. Also, please bear with me, as this is my second time typing this because the first time I was almost done and it deleted. THE STRUGGLES.

Start now

 If you have not started school yet, start waking up early now. Each day, work your way to the time you need to wake up for school. For example, I’m starting by waking up at 9:00 am, and slowly working my way to 5:30 am. I would make sure you get to the time you need to wake up at a few days before school starts, though, so you can get on a schedule.

Don’t go on your phone before bed

It’s a distraction, and the bright screen won’t help. Try reading a book instead; it should unwind you after a long day, making it easier to fall asleep.

Invest in a diffuser and essential oils or scented lotion

There’s this thing called essential oils. What a diffuser does is you put water and a drop or two of essential oil into the diffuser and it diffuses the essential oil into the room. There is lavender essential oil, and lavender scent is useful for relaxing/calming you before bed, making it easier to fall asleep. Putting the lavender essential oil in the diffuser will make your room smell of lavender, thus making it easier to fall asleep.

If you don’t want t get a diffuser, I also love the sleep lotion from the aromatherapy line at Bath and Body Works. It also has lavender essential oil in it. I recommend the lavender chamomile one, but the lavender vanilla scent is just as nice.

Mini workout or yoga

I’ve been trying to do a mini work out before bed each night (I forget a lot but I’m begin inning to get more consistent). It helps me burn a bit of energy before bed, allowing me to fall asleep easier. Here’s the mini work out I do:

  • 10 squats
  • 40 second plank
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 15 leg lifts x2
  • 5 push ups

Another option is yoga. There are some yoga poses that relax you and help you fall asleep

Also when you wake up, doing a few jumping jacks or something should help you feel more awake.


The comfortable temperature to sleep in is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit or around 15-21 degrees Celsius.


Melatonin is a hormone produced by your body that manages your sleep and wake schedule. Eating foods at have good amounts of melatonin or that help make melatonin will help you fall asleep. Some foods include:

  • tart cherries
  • oats
  • bananas

There are also melatonin tablets people take to help them fall asleep. I personally did’t see any effect, but it might work for you. (heads up if your not a adult ask your parents first!!)

Set multiple alarms

One alarm does not work for me; I turn it off and go back to sleep. So since I use my phone for my alarm, I set 2-4 alarms before the actual time I want to wake up. That way by the time I turn off the last alarm, as the last alarm is the time I originally wanted to wake up, I’m up. 

For example, I have to wake up at 5:30 am when school starts. So along with my 5:30 alarm, I will set alarms for 5:15, 5:20, and 5:25. By the time I reach the 5:30 alarm that morning, I will not go back to sleep/ will be semi up becuase I had already woken up 3 times. It sounds crazy, but it works for me.

Also, if you use your phone for your alarm, choose the song your most into at the moment to be the alarm sound you wake up to. So instead of waking up to an annoying af rining/siren sound you’ll be waking up to your favorite song! I’ve been really loving the live action Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. If you also like the songs from the live action Beauty and the Beast, I would reccomend using the song Belle (not the repraise) for your alarm. It has this nice begining that’s very calm and peaceful which makes it a great song to wake up to.

Bedtime on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, in the clock app there is a section called bed time. It has you put in what time you need to wake up, how many hours of sleep you need, and how many days of the week you want the alarm set. It will then send you a reminder when you need to go to bed and have an alarm set for the time you need to wake up every day or for the days chosen. I’ve tried it and I think its a really cool feature.

Sit at the edge of your bed

This is a really weird tip, but I find that if I sent on the edge of my bed with my feet on the ground once I turn off my alarm, and I just sit there for a few seconds, it helps me wake up.

Go outside!

Once you wake up, going outside and exposing yourself to sunlight will help you feel more awake. Take a deep breath, enjoy that sunlight! Don’t do this if it’s all cloudy, mucky, and rainy, though. That would be a terrible way to start the day. 

If all else fails..

Didn’t get enough sleep? You can always fake it. Puffy under eyes? Try ice cubes, chilled spoons, or slices of cucumber. Grab your concealer for those dark circles. Throw a k-cup into your keurig or make a pot of coffee. Have a cup and take some in one of those cute travel coffee mugs to school. Tea works, too. Nobody will know that you didn’t get enough sleep because you accidentally watched a whole season of Friends

Whew, that was a lot of writing! 

Again, I hope some of you benefit from this. I would be very happy if you did.

^if you wake up earlier than 5:30 am and find what I said sort of offensive, i’m sorry! I am a total night owl that does not like/struggles waking up early, and 5:30 is an hour earlier than the time I woke up for middle school. also sry for swearing, I just really hate getting up early.

listen i know i call us all monsters at least once a week (bc we are) but on the real……. everyone who follows me is so so kind and supportive and i appreciate you all so much. every time i make a personal text post i get so many thoughtful messages from people and it means the world to me to know that i have friends all over the world bc of this dumb website. i’ve known some of you for almost EIGHT YEARS now, we’ve literally watched each other grow up and it makes me so emo 😭  i love you all and i love taylor for accidentally introducing me to all of u 

f**k that was so lame i’m gna go spit on the ground or something