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Pictures of awesome Cosplayers from Saturday

Tulio and Miguel from Road to El Dorado
Genji, Doomfist, and Sombra from Overwatch
Might Guy and Kakashi from Naruto
Deadpool, Deadshot, and Deathstroke from Marvel and DC comics
Link from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
And last but certainly not least Junkrat from Overwatch

Mornings when Greil was around were busy. Ike was trained hard, Soren busy working out the tactical and financial advisements, and Camio off to perform the more magically suited requests. 

Mornings during the wars were hard. Ike worried over his comrades and his desire for revenge at night and woke tired each day, Soren burned the midnight oil on plans and found himself groggy in the mornings, and Camio simply avoided sleeping after a while in favor of keeping pace with repairs for the tomes and his usual duties as well.

Mornings after the war were soft. Soren woke first, watching his loved ones sleep for a few minutes before getting up to make food. Camio woke second, and rested with Ike, knowing that if he attempted to get up, he would wake Ike up. Ike would wake to the sound of Soren and Camio greeting each other, the aroma of food in the air. Crawling out of bed felt easier than ever, with something to feel happy about.


Makai Ouji 30 Days Challange

Day 3 - Favourite Female Character

Maria Mollins

My favorite female Character is Maria, cause she’s so lovely, a bit naive and her deep feelings towards Camio are so so touching. I would wish for a really happy end for them both, because they really deserve it. I’m touched about the fact that she waits, hopes and get the chance to meet him again. She said she is jealous of Solomon because he’s reincarnate.. She would love to spend her life with her love of her life. I would hope that Camio makes the choise to take her into his household.