Creating the Name

Suga. A unique stage name. It gives others a sweet, soft image. But the person that I met totally contrasts this name.

First, as opposed to sweets, he prefers lighter food.Secondly, as opposed to bright songs, he prefers more somber songs.

“The stage name is given to me by Bang Shihyuk PD. He says the name includes many levels of meanings and think it’s best suited for my image." Although he has a stage name that is totally different from his image, he actually really likes it himself. "Because he gave me that name. Although ‘Suga’ has a very sweet meaning, I hope because of my existence that one day the word 'Suga’ will be defined.”

Quiet Little Prankster 

Suga described himself in lyrics as a “Daegu guy.” It’s his hometown and also a place where he spent a lot of time at so it’s not surprising that he misses that place. He came to Seoul by himself yet he doesn’t let himself forget his identity - he actually incorporates such thoughts into his lyrics.

“In Korea, they say Daegu men are men of few words and not too into expressing their own feelings." During the interview he chose specific wording for his answers but he was able to clearly express his thoughts.

Of course he also is like guys of the same age and also have a prankster side.

"I often go to the sauna with the members since we don’t often get recognized. We would play in the water and compete in who can stay in the sauna room the longest. We would even put on a mask in the sauna while chatting…”

Although he’s quiet, he also has a naughty side. There’s usually laughter when he’s with the other members. When the camera is filming him, he would show a V-sign as a reaction. Suga is a man with two charming sides, leaving others wanting to know more.

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