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The much anticipated “Aphotic Sequence”. This is a sigil method that I designed myself, and if you look in the tag “Aphotic Sequence” on my blog, you can see some of the sigils I’ve bad with it.

How to use:
Instead of crossing out vowels and double letters, write out your intent and use all the letters present.

The lines represent the letters. If you have a repeating letter, place a small circle at the end of the preexisting line. You don’t need to be exact with all the angles of you the lines.

Just use this picture as reference or, I would be happy to teach you how to make it. Feel free to ask me about it if you don’t understand and want to learn. Please, if you decide to use this method and post it, tag me, I’d love to see.

I’d love to see this post make its way through the community as an alternative for new and old member alike.

credit:@wolfofantimonyoccultism for helping me get everything laid out. You should check out their blog

Stage Manager Brain Like...


Ok, this is a 1960s studio rented by 2 architects.
Googles “1960s coffee maker”
Rad they exist and it’s not a stovetop thing
Adds “Coffee maker” to props list
Adds “Coffee Filters” to props list
Adds “Decaf Coffee” to props list
Adds “Coffee cups, Qty: 2″ to props list


Do we have running water onstage for the carafe?
We will also need to run power for the whole thing.
Makes note to bring up both questions in first production meeting.

Keeps reading
Coffee mentioned as being ready 4 pages later
Ok that’s not how a coffee maker works
Oh ok and they decide against the coffee because she needs to leave.
So maybe we just have him mime it and there’s premade coffee?
Ok I’ll have to set that at intermission
So I can make it on the industrial coffee maker downstairs in the green room at the top of intermission as soon I get down from the balcony/calling desk
Lightly writes “MAKE COFFEE” in calling script before “check in w/ house management” on the last page of Act 1




It’s never just a cup of coffee.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me getting an idea for my first fanvid:</b> this has never been done before omg I'm a fucking genius spielberg you loser see the marvelous thing I'm gonna make<p/><b>Me actually making the fanvid:</b> how does this EVEN work oh god the scene is not in time with the music also this is so boring and predictable i am done with this shit s l a y m e<p/></p><p/></p>

I ship this guy (from this post -Link-, from the game @konstandin-rpg

with this gal here (from @kago-to-torii)

I headcanon them as being a loving and supporting family.

They also have a son, who has a face like his father’s, and has lots of hands like his mom.

They also have a daughter who is sad and cries tears of blood, who has faces/masks growing from her body. She has low self-esteem. 


I ALSO GOT IT FROM DRAX, pal of kago to tririririririririr.

this game shall be called: kagotostandin. 

it’s just about an ordinary loving monster family. and the power of promises and friendship.

Now onto the kids. (Used the Mom and Dad as references!)


he squats



(he can make hands and other stuff from his goopy body) 


she so sad pls help her

she also says hello!!!!!!!!!!

her “friends” also say “hello”!!!!!!!!!!!!

file names:

Scraping an update together is a bit tough right now, since I’m mainly dealing with plotty and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, but look! I made a a revamp to the “health” bar from the demo so that it looks a little more polished, hopefully, and also sits at least a little bit further out of the way. Also little balloon animation for when you lose (Or gain) points.

I also went and got a multiple parallax script running and man, I like it waaay better:

This script makes my dinner and does my taxes and tucks my children into bed at night. I love it. I love you, multiple parallax. Where have you been all my game-making life.

Sorry for the shitty gif quality but my computer’s not wanting to cooperate, so it’s a bit stuttery. Anyhow! I’m also finished with (most) of the revisions to the first part of chapter 2, so there’s some progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.