A current photo of my entire Fallout prop collection. All made by me minus some official merchandise and 3D printed doodads. Most items are just common household items, craft foam, insulation foam board, Foam core poster board, sintra and trash. I try to spend as little as possible and it has taken 7 years to get to this point. Now if only I can finally get back home from this out of town job I have been on for over a month and start pumping out some new props.


ホラー! | By:りんこ (twitter)

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Mint Green… now available on all sizes of globes we make! It’s always been my favourite…….
36cm Livingstone Desk Globe

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Wa-PISH (occasional-door-maker)

Rethinking Vi’s gleeful volunteering for a stake-out should probably be first priority next time. Caitlyn was holding binoculars up as she perched on the top of a building when it happened.

“Vi?!” She whispered angrily, nearly dropping the binoculars and turning to the culprit, “this is not the time!”



decided to post some screencaps of my game project finally!?!! this is a REALLY early-on version of the game so its mainly of a test of how everything is gonna look rather than…. an actual demo…. so none of these graphics or anything are final thank god

its not really a horror game but more of like, a dark-themed adventure game?? its about a girl and her brother and the town they live in (GOD THAT SOUNDS SO BORING I PROMISE THERES MORE TO IT I JUST DONT WANT TO GIVE AWAY TOO MUCH EARLY ON) it also involves a ghost hotel, capitalist birds, and a girls quest to dismantle the furry hierarchy or something like that

have fun playing it in the year 2084