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Fitness Modeling, Competing, Stretch Marks and Not giving a Flying "you know what".

So recently while I was getting dressed one morning, I noticed that I have some serious stretch marks. I’ve always had them, ever since eighth grade when I went from being a shapeless tooth pick pre-teen to what felt like a full blown hour glass shaped woman over night. They used to bother me, I even cried over them a few times. I’ve had family, friends and even doctors comment on how much I had for my age. Guess what? Stretch marks are just that, a mark to show that you’re changing, evolving, growing up. I’ve learned to embrace them over time (regardless of what size or weight I am). Even at my lowest weight of under one hundred pounds, I still had them plastered all over my hips, thighs, and chest. As a fitness model, competitor I couldn’t escape them. No spray tan, make up, whatever was going to hide them. 

I get a lot of people messaging me about stretch marks and how they’re so embarrassing to them and how they upset them. So this post is for you guys! They’re completely normal, and unavoidable, so learn to love them. I see posts all over the internet about “embracing your tiger stripes”, so if it helps to think of it that way… then do it! I wanted to post this picture to show you that I, even at a photo shoot with a famous photographer still have them!! 

So ladies and gents, the next time you look down at your stretch marks- instead of getting upset about it, smile. Those marks are a physical reminder of your growth and change… becoming a better you.

*special disclaimer: I didn’t post the full body photo, not because it was inappropriate because it’s not. I didn’t post the full shot because I’m in transition from the end of my college career and the real world work force, and I don’t want anything to compromise that my future. Once I know where I’ll end up… I’ll probably post the full photo- considering it’s beautiful and one of my favorites. But I did post the second photo to prove it was me lol.

So, I took on my first official 3 personal training clients.

They’re all amazing, and they’re actually ironically all my older brothers friends. One is going to compete.. maybe two. And the third one has her own fitness goals. I am so inspired by them and I’m so excited to be working with them one on one. They’re all absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to show you their progress!

I’m only taking on three right now. If you’re interested in online personal training/ or in person if you’re in Boston only with nutrition plans let me know (along with your goals). 

I’ve learned that for me, it’s hard to charge people for doing something that you love to do anyways.

I am literally so proud of my girls! I have the best team ever!

For those of you who don’t know. I am a personal trainer and competition coach! I have a small group of 4 lovely ladies who are kick some serious ass with their programs! 

There’s nothing I love more than getting texts telling me how good they feel already, or how they’re figuring things out and killing it in the gym! 

I decided to keep it a small group for now because I want to give them my complete attention.

** If you are interested in competing or just want online personal training. Please email me at: 

I do mostly online personal training. But if you’re in the Boston/Connecticut area I can do in-person as well.

I’ll be taking on new clients after the new year. So let me know! :)