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Chrisawa - pet shop AU

u spoil me too much K <33

It’s almost too much for him to bear but Chris can’t tear his eyes away from the scene before him: puppies swarming a kneeling Sawamura as he tries to line the puppy pen with fresh newspaper (to boot, he swears these puppies must be reincarnations of Sawamura doppelgängers or something).

Sawamura calls out for him to do something because the puppies are too out of control, and when Sawamura gets to his feet, the puppies jump up and nip at him, barking enthusiastically, prompting Sawamura to whine even more for help.

“Sit,” Chris commands, and they do - Sawamura included.

For my favoritest and loveliest Kendall

AU: where Kono is a surf teacher and everything is great and fun until one day Catherine wants to learn how to surf too and she’s sent to Kono through Chin who knows her through Steve (Chin is the worst cousin and he needs to stop sending hot ladies to Kono’s surf lessons because it’s not cool seriously, she needs to concentrate). Turns out? Cath is also a big fan of ladies. And then there are lots of kisses and also sex.

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P for the fandom meme (Invent a random AU for any fandom)

P: Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

the modern au where the DA2 gang are a ~heist crew~. hawke is in charge but varric is her right hand man and the brains of the operation (and okay, things do go sour more often than not but not because of varric plans but because hawke is in charge). fenris is the muscle, isabela swings between distraction and regular rogue, merrill is the wheelman but she’s easily distracted although at the same time, if they want to blend in she’s really good, anders is anders, the hawke twins are better at grifting and flat out excellent at fencing goods, aveline spends a lot of time making that marge simpson grumbly noise whenever hawke is like “aveliiiiiiine…” but gets hooked into it time and again because hawke. sebastian is not invited.

(also varric and hawke are bangin’ aw yisss).

…aka they’re all very well dressed criminals who argue a lot and fenris still lives in a mansion with corpses because he’s gotta keep it real okay. 

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MomoKai and/or TakaFuji

Oooh okay I’m gonna have to go with MOMOKAI!

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

Neither of them, usually, because that shit is WAY too embarrassing, but Momo gets drunk and it happens sometimes and Kaidoh usually doesn’t punch him in the face.

  • Gets jealous the most

100% Momo, to the extent that he gets jealous over things that he has no reason to be jealous about, but Kaidoh secretly thinks it’s kind of cute.

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Kaidoh, but after the fifth or so time he just starts making Momo call a cab.

  • Takes care of on sick days

Momo is more willing to do it and more outwardly affectionate about it, but Kaidoh is technically better at it since he’s actually capable of doing things like making soup without burning it.

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Momo, on days he wants to start a fight for old time’s sake.

  • Gives unprompted massages

Kaidoh, unexpectedly, and when it happens Momo basically tries not to move or speak or breathe too much so he doesn’t break the spell. 

  • Drives/rides shotgun

Neither of them drives a car, but every now and then, if it’s late and they’re in a very unpopulated area, Kaidoh will grudgingly agree to ride on the back of Momo’s bike.

  • Brings the other lunch at work

Momo, and it makes Kaidoh get super embarrassed and blushy but he never tells him to stop.

  • Has the better parental relationship

They both get along with their families pretty well, but Kaidoh is more concerned about his parents’ approval than Momo.

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed

Momo, once, and then never again.

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Momo, but Kaidoh thinks it’s cute enough that he doesn’t always stop it right away.

  • Still cries watching Titanic

Both, but Kaidoh always pretends there’s something in his eye and goes to the bathroom.

  • Firmly believes in couples costumes

Kaidoh secretly likes the idea but will take that to the grave.

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Momo, and then Kaidoh feels guilty but makes it up to him in a way that may or may not have been premeditated on Momo’s part.

  • Makes the other eat breakfast

Kaidoh—or rather, he makes Momo eat something that’s not total crap for breakfast, which Momo whines loudly about but eventually gets used to.

  • Remembers anniversaries

Kaidoh, but he doesn’t like to make a big deal out of them.

  • Brings up having kids

Kaidoh, if by kids you mean kittens.

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Kuramochi/Miyuki/Sawamura - restaurant/waiter AU

eue yaaaas the ot3!! 

It’s all his goddamn coworkers’ fault: if Kuramochi had just reminded him that his shift started an hour earlier and if Miyuki (the bastard was late too for fuck’s sake) hadn’t convinced him that he could override the punch clock, he wouldn’t be dangerously close to losing his new job.

“Maybe we were a little too hard on the new guy,” Kuramochi mumbles, watching a frustrated Sawamura just barely manage to balance two trays in each hand, but Miyuki shakes his head, saying that the kid could take it, and Kuramochi warns him not to take it too far because the customers might start to complain (and honestly, he doesn’t want Sawamura to actually get fired, though Miyuki shrugs: “He can just quit”).

They quickly learn that Sawamura is the type to persevere, the type to try, try, try again, the type to adapt (he can avoid getting tripped by Kuramochi now); they become accustomed to the loud voice taking orders and the eager-to-please attitude, and everyone eventually agrees that he’s an integral member of the waitstaff, though Miyuki will take with him to the grave that throwing his arm around Sawamura has become reflex due to the fact that he likes the way he smells, and Kuramochi will never admit that he still noogies Sawamura because he thinks his hair is soft.

bonus sentence: Miyuki keeps insisting that there’s still a lot of room for improvement (“You keep forgetting to up-sell, idiot”) and Kuramochi will always hover over his shoulder when his friend, Wakana, comes to the restaurant, but Sawamura decides that his coworkers aren’t too bad, that he might just like working here after all.

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I like to think about kuramiyusawa living together in college. Eijun is hanging out with other friends, not answering texts, and it's getting late. Kuramochi keeps pausing his video game, looking over at Miyuki like, 'Why isn't he answering his phone?' and Miyuki is all '*shrugs* I'm sure he's fine.' And by the time Eijun gets home (with his broken phone) he finds both of them waiting up in the living room like worried parents. Bonus: Kuramochi gives him the 'I almost called the police!!' speech

LMAO eijun would be the kind of kid whos a bit flippant abt his phone asdfghjkl

and mochi is def the worried dad of the ot3 even tho he tries so hard to pretend otherwise

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author: Loz/lozenger8
Time to Leave the Capsule if You Dare
Teen and Up
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7345 words
Major character death, panic attacks, unresolved sexual and romantic tension.

When his spacecraft suffers catastrophic damage during a mission, Stiles searches for a way home, while Scott is left wondering if Stiles will make it back to earth alive.

fic post: 

AU where Cath and Kono are roommates at college. They quickly become good friends, partying together and encouraging their team at football games. But after one particularly good game and some alcohol, Catherine gathers her courage and kisses Kono, something she’s been dreaming about for a while. Kono kisses her back and they officially become girlfriends. And they make out all. the. time. (well unless they’re studying, obviously)

for my dearest tailoredshirt ♥ ilu

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12 for Chrisawa, please!

He’s read that phrase somewhere before - he’s not sure if it was from a book? a magazine? or perhaps a brochure? - just that he’s read it in passing.

‘Anak ng araw.’

He’s asked his dad about it before, maybe he’d recognize what the language was but he lucked out of that one. Chris has tried googling it, and what he got was a literal translation of it. Child of the sun.

He hums to himself, squinting when sunlight reflects off of Eijun’s helmet as he waves at him from the mound. Maybe Eijun’s not even looking at him; but he gives a small smile in return.

Eijun’s grin is wide, childish, innocent, but almost mischievous like this. His eyes are almost completely gone when he’s grinning from ear to ear, and Chris likes it that way.

The words bounce around in his head - anak ng araw when Eijun scrambles up to him, his hair sticking to his forehead and Chris is hit with the smell of dirt and sweat and sun.

He’s not sure if it’s what it really means, but Chris supposes his definition will do for now.

[Note: Anak-araw is the correct term actually, and it translates to albinism in Filipino. Anak NG araw, however translates into child of the sun, so there ahahaha]

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Imagine Cath and Steve taking their one-year-old daughter out to dinner with the team, and the baby keeps being passed around because she gets bored and squirmy. And finally she ends up in Chin's lap, and she's so mesmerized by his voice that she cries when Cath tries to take her away. So she stays in Chin's lap for the rest of the night, and Danny is next to him telling her stories, and she ends up falling asleep in Chin's arms. And Steve is like, when can you babysit, we'll pay you.

nooooooooooo sobs

my heart <3333333

tailoredshirt replied to your post “[[MOR] I had a good day. I got a much-needed haircut and then spent…”

I relate to most of this, except my feelings about my appearance are so tender and ingrained that I avoid feeling them at all cost and therefore rarely have the courage to share selfies, even privately to friends. It’s hard to make progress believing that it’s okay to look the way we do when assholes keep insisting that we should not be okay. But I think it must feel great to not care so I keep trying. if you ever need a reminder, hit me up. We don’t owe anyone anything.

I also think it must be great not to care. I know so many people who don’t care! Or who are good at telling those other people to fuck themselves and not internalizing all of it. I wish I could be more like that. I keep trying and failing at it. Just like I keep trying and failing at liking myself. One of these days one of those things is going to have to give, right? Maybe?

And this self-curious vanity is so strange. I know a lot of people don’t get it. I kind of hope they continue not to, really. Because I post a lot of pictures of my dumb face on the internet. I take even more that I don’t show anyone. And a lot of it is just that I am…not used to my face. The picture of me in my head doesn’t match the thing that happens in the mirror or in windows of shops I’m passing or in, god forbid, camera lenses. Looking at myself isn’t at all like looking at a comfortable constant. It’s sometimes incredibly jarring. I live in a constant state of jamais vu that sometimes extends to the things around me, but is mostly just self-centric.

I don’t know if it’s because I really just don’t have a concrete grasp on my physical self after so many years spent trying to erase it or if I’m looking for a younger, thinner, less tired me and only finding this current me. Though god knows that if I woke up fifty pounds lighter I wouldn’t love myself any more. This goes way deeper than most of that. 

Maybe I’m looking for that sort of spark other people say they think they find in me? All those people who, when the ex and I broke up, said things like ‘oh man, I’m so glad, you’re so full of life and he was so boring’. I never thought he was boring. Or any more boring than I myself am. Maybe just differently boring, but all people are boring sometimes, right? And sometimes my eyes are grey and sometimes they’re blue and sometimes they’re weird hazel in between colors, but they’re never sparky. 

So yes, I agree with you 150%. It IS hard to learn to love yourself when people keep coming by and spitefully knocking away all the progress you’ve made. And it’s frustrating because you can’t argue with them and you can’t make them stop being spiteful and mean for no reason. That jerk is just as broken as I am, just in different ways. But you’re right. We don’t owe them. We don’t owe them an apology or our pain or our fear. We don’t owe them the time it takes to read their vitriolic trash. This is a thing I could stand to internalize instead of nonsense that gets said about me on the internet. 

But hi, I think you’re wonderful and I’m glad you’re here. Maybe we can just remind each other of that every once in a while. Dear @tailoredshirt, you’re really great. Thank you for being you.  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Steve kissing her on the forehead when she's sad, or when she looks up at him and smiles and he feels nothing but affection for her. Steve kissing her on her throat to turn her on, brushing her hair away from her shoulder and dragging his lips down along her collarbone. Steve kissing her belly on his way down her body, right before he pushes her legs apart to go down on her. Steve cupping her face to kiss her on the mouth, and Cath turning into it, gently kissing the palm of his hand.


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KuraRyo for the ship meme

i cant believe there havent been any duplicates so far until now

send me a ship

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses -ryousuke, because it makes kuramochi all flustered
  • Gets jealous the most -i cant really see either of them getting jealous but maybe kuramochi??
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive -haha ryousuke
  • Takes care of on sick days -both
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day -hmm kuramochi
  • Gives unprompted massages -kuramochi
  • Drives/rides shotgun -kuramochi drives, ryousuke rides shotgun
  • Brings the other lunch at work -ryousuke
  • Has the better parental relationship -kuramochi probably
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed -i laugh every time i come to this question haha uhhh
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer -ryousuke would never be caught drunk dancing
  • Still cries watching Titanic -kuramochi neither
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes -oh god ryousuke would just to fuck with everyone
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas -neither/both
  • Makes the other eat breakfast -ryousuke
  • Remembers anniversaries -ryousuke
  • Brings up having kids -neither

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Name 5 lady friendship things you want to see on the show (i.e. Kono and Grace surfing lessons or something)

um i totally want kono and grace surfing lessons btw!!

  • cath and kono ANYTHING tbh, i’m that desperate. drinking beers, hanging out, surfing together, watching movies, driving around in the corvette, having each other’s back…
  • lori visiting hawaii and catching up with kono on things
  • a ladies night, with cath and kono and amber and sabrina and anyone who wants to join, just having fun together
  • another cath and grace scene, maybe grace needs help with something
  • mary comes back and we get some actual scenes with her and cath and kono

no but this was hard damn, it’s a struggle to find realistic things that could happen yet i know probably none of those will ever actually happen.

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Prince of Tennis for the fandom meme


give me a fandom and i’ll tell you

  • Favorite Male Character: oooh I love way too many characters from this series it’s awful so I’m not sure who I like most but probably Ryoma!
  • Favorite Female Character: Ryuuzaki
  • Least Favorite Character: HORIO HAHA
  • Favorite Ship: AtoRyo
  • Favorite Friendship: oh man uhhh Ryoma and Momo haha
  • Favorite Quote: probably mada mada dane because I’m trash
  • Worst Character Death (if any): the death of all the stupid high school aged boys who try to one-up Ryoma
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Ryoma’s and Atobe’s long match omg
  • Saddest Moment: ???
  • Favorite Location: the Echizen’s temple bahaha

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♥ + tailoredshirt

the question is what do i not like about my dearest kendall

  1. i like how hard you try, how much you give, how much courage you have and how you keep going day in day out. you are a remarkable person and it’s a privilege to be your friend. you do not get the attention you deserve, you are truly so great. and i don’t even understand half of what you have to go through but i know you are amazing and i love you tons <3333
  2. i like how much you love cats, it’s adorable. and now every cat makes me think of you. (same with succulents :D)
  3. i like that you put up with me and everything i am and what i do and don’t like and you know what i’m talking about
  4. i like that you’re so smart and well-spoken and you’re always around to help me get my thoughts on track, or if i need help or anything, you’re a terrific friend
  5. i like that we will meet one day ( i know we will!!) and you’ll introduce me to your kitty cats and we’ll cry together about tv shows and it’s gonna be fantastic :’)

Send me a ♥ + a URL and I’ll list 5 things I like about them.