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For my favoritest and loveliest Kendall

AU: where Kono is a surf teacher and everything is great and fun until one day Catherine wants to learn how to surf too and she’s sent to Kono through Chin who knows her through Steve (Chin is the worst cousin and he needs to stop sending hot ladies to Kono’s surf lessons because it’s not cool seriously, she needs to concentrate). Turns out? Cath is also a big fan of ladies. And then there are lots of kisses and also sex.

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Oh my god, wtf! I am really furious on your behalf. As a health professional, he should be trained to work with trans* people and not say crappy things that will make them feel bad. Ugh, that’s horrible and I’m sorry you had to deal with that. :/

Thank you, I appreciate it. I really didn’t expect him to react that way. Though he’s done things to make me assume he’s old-fashioned in his thinking, like put me on a specific medication with more side-effects even after I asked for the other one, because the other one had a chance of making it harder for me to get pregnant in the future. He just constantly insisted that I had to think about my future and how that would be a thing no matter how much I told him it wouldn’t.

He also just stared at me when he first walked in and then just said, “You’ve cut your hair again.” Like fucking excuse me for having control over my body.

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Now I am curious which superpower you'd want to have!

I want the power to heal! Like not just myself, but other people too. I mean there is cancer and AIDS and all these awful diseases and people lose so much because of it and families get torn apart and it makes me sad. D: So I would like to heal!

Actually it’s heal or bend the space-time continuum (Heroes is taking over my life sflasfasdjalsfjl;ajf), but the latter has more responsibilities attached to it and it’s way easier to ruin the history of the world so it’s better to be safe than sorry. :|

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(so this is from that url meme thingy that i posted a week ago but i am a horrible procrastinator and only ended up replying to this now /o\ sigh)

but oh kendall, where do i start? i know i said i would write you 30 pages about how much i love you but i won’t inflict that on my dear followers :D (which btw, if you aren’t following kendall you are missing out). but anyway. i love you. i truly, honestly, do. i’ve said this before but i am seriously so so glad we met and talked and became friends. if a day goes by where i don’t talk to you, it’s a bad day. my favorite thing is waking up and checking my inbox and seeing an email from you. you are so amazing and kind and sweet and thoughtful and good and talented and pretty and awesome and nice and intelligent and caring and just really fucking great. i’m grateful that you put up with me and my whining and my awful moods and my asshole self. i promise you we will get better at communicating. i wouldn’t want to lose you because of it. (i actually have tears in my eyes from typing this). i love you so so much. i love how so many times you write down exactly how i feel and all the things i don’t have to explain to you because you get it. i love how i can always come to you to squee or talk about anything. i love staying up all night to discuss steve and catherine’s everything with you. i love watching the episode with you so we can keymash at each other on chat. i know i suck at words and don’t tell you enough how much you mean to me but i hope this at least makes up for some of it. and even with my plethora of anxieties and other problems, you’re one of the few people i would actually love to meet and i’m so sad we don’t live closer because we should totally hang out so i can cuddle your cats and hug you a lot and we can drink your teas and cry about catherine rollins together ♥♥♥♥

ps. i love you