maker: sophie

Over the Years

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairings: Baby Rutherford/Baby Theirin, Sophie Rutherford/Bryce Theirin, Cullen/Inquisitor, Cullen/Tessa, Alistair/Warden, Alistair/Eryn

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sophie Rutherford is the daughter of the Inquisitor and the Commander of the Inquisition. She grew up learning everything from sword fighting and spell casting from her parents. Nothing they have taught her could have possibly prepared her for the Crown Prince of Ferelden, who had a bright smile and blue eyes to match.

(I love the idea of Cullen’s daughter and Alistair’s son falling in love so I finally wrote something)

Bryce hated it when important people visited.

It meant he had to wear a stiff, itchy coat and boots that were too nice to go outside and play in. Oh no, these boots had to stay inside or on the castle grounds so they wouldn’t be ruined.

The thing Bryce hated the most was seeing his parents act all different. They weren’t their laughing, smiling selves when important people were around. The smiles were fake and their words were forced.

Luckily, he was able to have his trusty mabari puppy, Midnight. Which was unusual, since she usually wasn’t allowed to be around important people.

Midnight was his best friend and he was so happy to see her on his 10th name day celebration.

Her black fur gleamed in the sunlight and he patted her head happily. Maybe today won’t be as bad because she was there.

The sound of the gates opening had him looking up and narrowing his eyes as four riders came galloping in. That was a really small number for important people. One was a woman with long, orange hair. His eyes widened when he realized who exactly was visiting. He couldn’t remember much about this lady, but she was super important, he remembered that.

And he remembered that she was very nice.

Bryce instantly knew this wasn’t going to be like the normal visit from important people. He glanced up at his parents and was surprised to see them smiling like they normally did. There was no pretending.

Another rider was behind the important lady and Bryce was curious when he saw a blond, tall man and a little girl. Wait, she looked around his age, did this mean they could play?

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