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20 beautiful people challenge. here is my selfie. sorry couldn’t find a face shot i liked enough. but i like this pic a lot. :D

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i am for pro-life personally UNLESS it is life threatening to the mother, etc. Aborting the baby just because you don’t want it is not good reason. Health issues are understandable. seriously.

Honestly, I respect people who are pro-life. They have their beliefs and I have mine. What I have a problem with is people who presume to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body. I’m not asking you to like or condone or whatever else I’m doing. I’m asking you to respect my right to choose, because it’s my body and my life. Plain and simple. Nobody else should have control over my body but me. I’m not asking people to change their views, I’m asking them to respect my life and my choices and realize it's legitimately none of their business. 

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smallville :)

I was never an active member of the fandom and don’t remember everything now, but…

Favourite Person:  Tie between Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane
Least Favourite Person: I think, like many, there were moments in the show that I hated each of the characters. Let’s just leave it at that. heh.
Prettiest Person: All the female characters were pretty so, i’ll leave this blank.
Most Beautiful Person: Oliver Queen? 
Person I Want to Marry: Oliver Queen
Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: Chloe Sullivan
Favourite Pairing: Chloe/George/Stephen, Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois 
Unpopular Opinion: I love Chloe Sullivan? I think many in the fandom hated her for some reason. I can’t remember.