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Ruins of Nisa, Turkmenistan

Nisa, a royal city of the Parthian Empire, was built by Mithridates I (r. 171 BC – 138 BC) and later called Mithradatkert meaning ‘the city built by’ or 'the fortress of’ Mithridates. Its ruins are located in present day Turkmenistan, near the border with Iran. Excavations have revealed mausoleums, shrines, a treasury, inscribed documents and art works such as ivory rhytons, statues and sculptures.

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ANYHOO! With these last few scans, that’s about it for art work scans. The scans I have next to post have more text on them. Perhaps some people out there will be up to translating stuff. XDa


English Trailer for NIS new up coming game “The Witch and the hundred knight” which finally gives us an idea of what this game is going to be like. Definitely on my to buy list. 

It is an obligation upon the husband to provide for his wife, even if she has a good salary, because his providing for her is in return for the pleasure which he gets from her - even though his income may be little, unless the woman is good-natured and is indulgent towards her husband regarding provision, then the matter is up to her.
—  Shaykh Uthaymeen [Fatwaa islamiyyah, Darussalam volume 5, pages 183/4]

Yesterday, NISA stuck up Pre-Order information for one of their newest acquired anime licenses from last year, Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera. They promptly took it down since it might have been revealed too early, but some quick shoppers took some screengrabs of this new limited edition. Now translated to Ghostly Prince Enma-Kun Burning Up, this $70 set features standard fare for NISA releases:

• Premium hardcover slipcase
• 2 Blu-ray, 2 DVD disc set
- Total of 12 episodes
- Approximately 25 mins/episode
- Features original Japanese voice acting
- English subtitles
• Bonus content: Clean openings and endings for each episode (except episode 3 ending)
• Premium box with bonus item: 36-page hardcover art book (approx. 11" x 7") that explores the show’s outrageous world and characters, with detailed bios, illustrations, concept art, roundtable discussions with cast and crew, and an all-new interview with the original author, Go Nagai himself!

What’s striking is the Bonus Item for early adopters, a “stress relieving cucumber.” As is the creator’s, Go Nagai, taste for over-the-top sex and violence, this little extra gift is fitting.

The page originally stated the release date to be on September 11th, 2012. The staff at NISA were probably waiting to officially reveal this at a press event or convention, so until then, interested parties will have to patiently postpone their pre-orders of the package until a proper presentation of the product and its profligate pickle presents itself, posthaste.