maker: nicole


This is my newest, favorite Gumball clip. I just had to post it. 

WOW over 3,000? Everyone must really love Gumball today. 

alex gaskarth really likes taking pictures with food

“thumbs up for all the chicken gotta take a snapshot of this never seen so much chicken fuckin’ chicken”

“gotta show off my white girl lunchtime table manners”

“look, mama! i can use my knife and fork! and i have a shirt that i bought from the girls’ department!”

here he is practicing to be a creepy dad encouraging his terrified infant to eat

he is clearly excited about this food and you can tell because of his eyebrows

even you-must-be-drunk!alex sports a food-boner

#neverforget the ultimate food-boner 

and it will live forever printed inside the case of one of your cds

bravo gaskarth

my dad asked what i wanted from taco bell and so i said, “crunchwrap supreme” as i always do, and his fiancee says, “like a beef crunchwrap or a chicken crunchwrap” and dad says, “she said crunchwrap supreme.” and so fiancee says, “i thought there were different kinds.” and my dad stops, looks around the room with the creepiest fucking look i’ve ever seen, looks into the fucking distance and goes, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE SUPREME” someone adopt me.