maker: my stuff


i had to

also i’m not doing all of the other costumes because fuck that


It’s finally up!

Here it is, the music video I made for @elusivist‘s beautiful cover of History Maker by Dean Fujioka!

I hope you all enjoy, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! ♥


the 100 + genderbent / with hunter parrish as ‘clark’ griffin, chloe bennet as bellamy blake, ezra miller as 'octavian’ blake, crystal reed as finn collins, tyler posey as raven reyes, analeigh tipton as jasper jordan, arden cho as monty green, antonia thomas as lincoln, nikolaj coster-waldau as 'abel’ griffin, lena headey as kane, viola davis as jaha, and aja naomi king as wells 

( thank you to shortjew bc she’s the best thing for helping me with this )