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Leverage, 24, Modern Family, Dexter, Arrested Development~

Arrested Development I LOOOOVE (I don’t know how I left it off of my TV show list) Dexter, I watched the 1st series of and kinda lost interest. 24 I will give a try - it’s one of those shows I’m always surprised that I haven’t actually watched. Modern Family, I’ve seen quite a few episodes of I might try and watch the whole series.

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Suits and White Collar on USA Network *_*

White Collar, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about starting it, definetly giving that one a try. I didn’t manage to finish the pilot of Suits - maybe I should give it another go.

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Leverage! And The Hour.

I’m going to start Leverage tonight. I might give the Hour a try but I’m really not a period drama sorta girl.