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herbal remedies for pms symptoms:

  • peppermint helps with nausea (so does ginger), bloating, indigestion, gas
  • ginger and chamomile help with cramps
  • cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • flaxseed supports muscular skeletal health
  • white peony helps with an irregular cycle
  • echinacea is a good remedy for tender boobies
  • and evening primrose oil is supposed to help somehow but i havent tried it

xx Marissa

yes, sadly it is completely normal for sweat to collect between your boobs! (notice the dark spot on the bottom of my sports bra) if this happens to you, ensure your skin’s health by remembering to exfoliate this area super well in the shower!

xx Marissa


When I was at the mental hospital for a suicide threat, I had a roommate named Marissa. She was about twelve or thirteen. She loved to talk. Talked and talked non stop about her dogs and her home life and her anger issues. We had an hour or so of quiet time, and I would always sit and listen to her talk and tell me stories. When she wasn’t talking, she was singing Dig by Incubus. She was so excited to go home to listen to that song again. There would be nights where she couldn’t sleep, so she would quietly hum the chorus to herself. I would listen. In April I stayed three days and there’s rarely I day I go without thinking about my experience there. I’ve been thinking about Marissa, Jordan, Jessica, Issac, all the kids I was in the hospital with a lot since I was discharged. I missed them. I needed them. They may need me. We stuck together and me and Jessica grew very close in an extremely short time. These kids at the hospital have impacted me so much. We knew all of us were screwed up and damaged, and somehow that brought us together closer than I thought possible. But Marissa stood out to me. I miss her more than anyone. I want to see her and know how she’s doing. I never heard Dig before, and for so long i’ve associated it with her. Right now I’m listening to it for the first time and sobbing. As soon as the first notes came on, I burst out crying. Marissa, Marissa, I miss you… I hope you’re okay. I love you. You loved me. You helped me see through different eyes. I need you. More than you could ever imagine. 

abs really burned post workout! I’ll drink extra water and try to consume more nutrients to allow my muscles to properly hear from tonight’s intense exercises !! (:

xx marissa


its good to take progress pics but its also good to take pics that show your progress

** a progress pic is a picture taken at a certain time of day, in a specific place and lighting, after you poop - the time and place of the picture are recorded so you can plan your next progress pic (approx 10 days later)**

xx Marissa

You're All I Need - Tony Perry Imagine

Request: PERSONALLY REQUESTING THAT THE NEW GIRL MARISSA WRITES THIS PLS BC SHE SEEMS GREAT OKAY ALSO HER SUBMISSION THING WITH JAIME IS BAE Could I have like a little timeline of Erin and Tony’s life? Like when they met, first date, marriage, babies, all the good stuff pls ily

A/N: I ship Tony and Erin so much oh my god you have no idea. I hope you like it!

You can thank Motley Crue for the title 

- Marissa - 

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what to pack&keep in a gym bag
  • alcohol wipes to wipe down your phone/ipod and headphones after your workout
  • a hairbrush (they cost $2 at drugstores - I use mine on extra sweaty days after I rinse off at the gym before driving home to fully shower)
  • undies and a pair of socks (just in case)
  • flip flops! (don’t let your feet sit in your sweaty socks/sneakers all day, let them breath fresh air to avoid foot fungus or infection)
  • and empty water bottle
  • bandaids (just in case you get a blister)
  • lifting gloves (to avoid getting a blister)
  • extra hair ties or headbands (whatever you prefer) if you have long hair
  • deodorant and perfume (just in case you had to do something public before being able to shower)

xx Marissa

had to restock on some chia& flax seeds! 

chia seed benefits:

  • fiber
  • protein
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • calcium
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • antioxidants
  • digestive benefits
  • stronger teeth and bones
  • fights insulin resistance (collection of fat)
  • improves heart health
  • makes you feel more full, faster

benefits of flax seeds:

  • omega-3 fats
  • vitamin B1
  • copper
  • manganese
  • fiber
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • selenium
  • antioxidant 
  • anti-inflammatory benefits
  • cardiovascular benefits
  • prevents cancer
  • shiny hair and healthy nails

xx Marissa