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Beaver Cleavage and Mrs. Cleavage
[May 25th, 1999]

In early 1999, one half of The Headbangers (Thrasher) was unfortunately injured, which borned a new size of his tag team partner, Mosh. Vignettes began airing on WWF television which showed Mosh, now with less make-up and with some hair grown out, being treated like a child. His name was announced as being Beaver Cleavage, and the gimmick was this his mother, Mrs. Cleavage, was essentially a giant innuendo. It didn’t last long, with only one appearance on Raw before Chaz removed his hat and started wrestling under his birth name. For a short period, Chaz was known as a hot-tempered boyfriend to his real-life girlfriend Marianna (who portrayed Mrs. Cleavage), as she once came to the ring with a black eye. The story didn’t last very long and Marianna was taken off TV. Chaz went on to wrestle as a singles competitor for a while before forming Lo Down with D’Lo Brown.

In reality, Marianna was a body builder throughout the mid-90s, and was featured on numerous fitness magazine covers in 1997 including Muscle & Fitness. Unfortunately, in a cruel twist of irony, the former Mrs. Cleavage passed away in 2004 from breast cancer. She was 35.