maker: kaity

Saturday Afternoon || Talan & Kaity

Talan had been thinking about a lot lately and he wasn’t sure why. But he didn’t really want to focus on that, he’d rather just forget about it all and be happy. The place to do that was the beach. Now that he had Kaity to surf with, he could have fun with someone else, rather than just by himself. So he set to meet her in the parking lot and spend the afternoon surfing. But first, they needed to stop for food because Talan was hungry. He walked to his car and waited for, waving when she finally arrived.

Dear future husband # 10

Dear future husband,
I am scared. Yes it’s true, I am scared. I may not show it but I am. I am scared that I will say something or do something that will hurt you. I am scared to tell you about my past because it is so fucked up, even I can’t handle it. What if I do tell you and you don’t want me anymore? I am over thinking again and that’s scares me to. I will try my best to be a good strong wife who shows no fear but you will have to hold me when I have a break down. Please? Just hold me and tell me how much I mean to you and whisper little nothing’s in my ear to calm me down.