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Tell us more about the Rail Road Mafia. Anything goes.

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The Railroad Mafia are a group of Piltovian gentlemen associated with the Piltover Deilvery Industry. Through different methods and deals with Bilgewater pirates, they smuggle a wide variety of goods into the Capital, with their main means of transportation being the railroad. It can be anything: Alchohol, guns, monster materials and meat, sometimes even an actual person. So long as there’s good money involved.

However, the more dangerous part of ‘being in the Mafia’ isn’t really there for any of the people involved. There’s no actual risk of getting killed in this line of business and the Sheriff probably isn’t even aware of their existence since they’re so small as an organisation. Their biggest crime is tax evasion.

Most of the weaponry they smuggle is flintlock and pales in comparison to hextech rifles, so they are better off selling them as collectibles to fans of the design. Same goes for the booze. Of course the Bilgewater folk export it. The Railroad Mafia simply sells a larger quantity and at a more reasonable price. They just make sure to do it under the authority’s nose.

Simply put, the leader figures of the Railroad Mafia are businessmen before everything else, and what real businessmen think about is making the most out of what they have. All for the sake of money.

The Saint Street Folk are quite aware of the Mafia’s existence. Over there, they’re ordinary people, like the rest of them. The name ‘Railroad Mafia’ came from the Saint Street Folk, actually. (The organisation doesn’t call itself that.) There is even an inside joke about Mister Nepomutheno and his assistant being the boss of him. There’s no need to ‘gain respect’ or anything ‘mobster-related’.

                      [{ The Railroad Mafia, picture taken in 14 CLE }]


Some notable figures in the picture are:

  • Mister Nepomutheno Salvatore (Middle row, 3rd man to the right): Currently residing in Saint Street. Owns the Railroad Maitainance Facility (RMF). He is responsible for the safe extraction of the products from the port and their careful delivery to the Capital.
  • Christopher Saltswarden (Middle Row, 2nd man to the left): One of the best at what he does, really, and that’s little bit of everything. He’s got connections everywhere in both Bilgewater and Piltover. To this day, he has set up some of the best deals with the Mafia’s trading ‘partners’.
  • Rodger Caste (Lowest Row, 2nd man to the left): Lives in Central. Big game hunter, loves weapons. Regularly meets with friends on Thursdays, they sip foreign alchohol and he presents the newest gun. He’s a large asset when it comes to promoting the products to rich enthusiasts.
  • Frank Moore (Lowest Row, 3rd man to the left): Used to be the head of the Mafia. Extraodinary organisational skills and a real gentleman. He could coordinate the entire business single-handed and still make it to family dinner in time. Unfortunately, he passed away a week after the picture was taken due to illness. Mister Nepomutheno now owns his Saint Street office.
  • Santisima Rodriguez (Middle Row, 2nd man to the right): The man who ran the price numbers. He was also the one who handled the shipping costs and the timeline deliveries. A master of numbers. He worked as Mister Nepomutheno’s assistant, has retired since then, and his son has taken over the post.

Some secondary figures:

  • Jason Yuun (Middle Row, 1st man to the right)
  • Jonas & Bob Whitaker (Highest Row, men to the far right) and
  • Matthew Hughes (Highest Row, man in the middle), all help carry the products to Saint Street.

(The distance between the port and Saint Street is covered on foot, the RMF is currently working on expanding the railroad for easier tranferring)

The rest of the people in the picture are different businessmen tht are part of the Railroad Mafia (such as Cody Horseback, Lowest Row, 1st man to the left), along with their assistants.


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