maker: coni

Let's be honest...

Doni and Coni from Weekly Idol (and the other shows they’re on) and like those old uncles that wanna get in your business, and then tease you about everything, and make you regret every decision you ever made.

Skins, to me, was a family. I grew up on that show. I was fourteen when I started, everything that happened in that series I was living in real life. I was getting my heart broken for the first time, I was experimenting, I was having troubles at home with my family. So that, to me, was such an important bit of my life because it really shaped me into who I am now.


You have to be confident being on telly as you get Tweets from girls saying, “oh god, you look ugly in real life compared to on screen” or “your hair looks like shit today”. You get used and then you get to a point there you’re like, ‘fuck it, this is who I am’. I worry more about the image we give off to other people, I don’t want people to feel like they have to aspire to look like us.