maker: collab


In memory of our dear friend Moony, AKA @diehard–dreamer who recently passed away. 

Moony designed a couple of Owlboy fan characters; Luna (based on herself) and Tarscim (based on @cyberneticpinkeye ). And then encouraged me to create my own. 

Together we came up with a bunch of ideas for their backgrounds and adventures, but Moony couldn’t stay with us long enough to bring them to completion. These are some of her unfinished drawings colored by me. 

Moony was a beautiful human being who brought a lot of fun times and encouragement to whoever met her. She was also an outstanding artist with amazing ideas of her own. Rest in peace, Moony. We miss you so much. 

Decided to color this gorgeous sketch of my baby @snowsflurries did after they gave me the go ahead! ^^


I hope you like it! >v<

Adorable sketch © @snowsflurries

Rachel + Coloring/Lineart © Myself

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler © Yana Toboso


Once upon a time, a couple months ago. @dizzyalyx and I decided to join forces once again and do a collaboration. This time around we decided to create original designs for the collab. The one on the left I drew and Alyx colored while the one on the right Alyx drew and I colored.

This was a ton of fun! I always enjoy doing collabs. If anyone is ever in the mood for collabs like this just message me and we’ll talk things out!

Group photo with the lovely @lovenikkidressupqueen

Your dress was so pretty that nothing I had compared! I tried by best though, and mostly ran with the purple theme! I know how much you love the little devils, so I made sure they all fit into the collab perfectly!

I really loved how this turned out! So much so that I changed my competition outfit to it this (after optimised myself I wouldn’t change it 😅)

I loved doing a collab with @lunian, because it was a very interesting challenge for me to paint a drawing with a line of someone, and the result was INCREDIBLE.
I had already talked to her, and I must tell everyone that I really love her line. I think exotic and totally unique. The world needs to know Lunian better!!

Look at her part HERE It was simply fabulous *O*