maker: autumn


* all the sounds in this video are placeholder. also, music. get in touch, audio guys

i actually got really lucky with this sequence and just didn’t capitalize on it. if i had just made the choice to throw that smoke grenade earlier (which would have reduced the vanguards’ accuracy) i could have burned through all the sweet grass in my inventory for a couple turns worth of healing and blown them away with the 40 shotguns the game was dumping on me

anyway, shotguns and explosives are area of effect weapons that (as soon as i get around to it, tomorrow) interrupt enemy attacks by resetting (or at least backsliding) their move timers and serve as defensive / ‘fuck this battle and fuck all of you’ options that allow you to defend yourself while you use healing items, put buffs on yourself, or buy time to cook up one of Jack’s weapons

which right now admittedly aren’t looking so threatening but hey, that’s works in progress for ya

battle theme’s from ffIV. field theme’s from umihara kawase

this miiiiiight be the last post before i put up a demo so stay tuned