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“That’s not your job, Mom.”
“I know, but if this wedding is less than perfect, it won’t be because I refused to do the work I saw to do.”
“I’m sure the guys will appreciate that.”
“I’m sure they won’t, but that doesn’t matter as long as I keep the moral high ground.”

All dressed up and ready to go! It won’t be a monster blowout like Kes and Ashy’s wedding was, but with a good mix of Hawkinses, Gavigans, and Greeks it ought to raise the roof.

Ashy gets her mother to help her into her dress and then occupies her with dirty jokes. Keep her too busy to needle Kes or Harlan and she’ll be all right. Dad’s on the guitar, so as long as she can hear his distinctive touch on the strings she’s not worried about him causing trouble.

“Good dog, Ball! You’ll be friendly to company, won’t you? I think this dog’s pregnant.”
“Hey, the more the merrier, right?”

Jamal had walked out of class, out of school, and made his way down the sidewalk before a familiar figure up ahead caught his attention. A smirk began pulling at his lips as he continued along the path, even when he should have turned to get to where he was actually supposed to be going. Instead, he followed after her before finally catching up. “Are you following me?” He asked Ash when he was finally caught up and walking beside her, knowing the reaction he would get. “'Cause I feel like you’re following me.”
Primarily obsessional obsessive compulsive disorder (Video: Definition of OCD)
Also commonly called purely obsessional OCD and Pure-O, here's a short video explaining the lesser-known form of OCD! Original video!

Hey, guys! I made a short follow-up to my previous video, “Definition of OCD”. I realized that I missed out an important factor: a lesser-known form called “Primarily obsessional obsessive compulsive disorder“.

Hope you like! Here’s the link to the original video:


My piano and vocals cover of Shinedown’s beautiful song, “How Did You Love” :D

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed it. :)

My videos on the Psych2Go YouTube channel!

I’m on Psych2Go as a video contributor, so here’s a collection of my videos! :D

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7) Definition of OCD

8) Primarily obsessional obsessive compulsive disorder
(Follow-up of “Definition of OCD”) 

9) 15 Styles of Distorted Thinking (Cognitive Distortions)