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Pendulum Dowsing: A Guide

Since there’s a lot of people interesting in pendulum readings and how they work, here’s a handy little guide!

What is pendulum dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is a process in which the reader asks the pendulum a question. Depending on which was the pendulum swings, you get a yes or no answer.

How do I start pendulum dowsing?

Well, first, you need a pendulum. It can be anything that you can hang from a string or chain. This is my pendulum.

Remember, do not hang your pendulum like this!

Hang it like this. It’ll swing properly like this.

It’s nice if the object has some sentimental value to you. Now, you need to calibrate it. Hold the object by it’s chain/string/whatever you tied it with over a flat surface. Make sure it’s completely still. I had trouble with this at first since I have really shaky hands, so rest your elbow on the flat surface if you feel the need to. Now, when the pendulum is at rest, ask it a yes or no question you know the answer to, like “Do I live in (insert state/country here)?” or “Am I a girl?”, something along those lines. Soon, the pendulum will start to move. Observe which way it swings in correspondence  to the answer to your question. For me, it swings side to side for yes, and forwards and backwards for no - but every pendulum is different!

NOTE: You do not need to bless or anoint your pendulum unless you feel compelled to do so. Since my pendulum is an amethyst, I let it sit in the moonlight on clear nights so it can charge. It doubles as a necklace, so it gets a lot of my energy as well.

Congratulations! Now you can start answering questions you may not know. Hopefully this wasn’t too confusing…

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera sucks)