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The Curse of Being a Fictional Icon - Kirblog 5/27/17

Before listening to this one, I recommend checking out a Kirblog I did last year called Artistic Limitations & Creatively “Giving Birth”

Felt like doing a quick topic for this weekend…and one that I’m curious for your feedback on in the comments, because this time I may do a follow-up based on what you all have to say! This Kirblog focuses a little bit on the trickiness faced by popular iconic characters from long-running franchises and why consumers tend to have such a strange love-hate relationship with them. When placed in the public eye to carry an entire franchise, over a vast period of time the icons tend to represent both what is “so annoying” yet at the same time, what’s “so good” about the IP in question. In addition, you have cases where the character is meant to be a blank-slate for the the viewer to project themselves on to…but whether or not this is effective is tricky in and of itself. I use a few examples in the discussion, backing up with examples I’ve seen of audience reaction over time. Lemme know your thoughts for the possible follow-up topic for next week!

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hey!!!!!! i drew ash entirely with a mouse and considering i havent drawn with a mouse in years im actually really proud!!!!!!! pleas look at my boy

i meant to draw all the boys but ash was the only one who came out right… further proof that its impossible to ruin him

definition-of-awkward  asked:

Any headcanons for Ash? How does her first day in the realm go? How do the other champions see her? Are there any particular people she clicks with/can't stand?

I was waiting eagerly for this ask.

- Ash has a little conflict with Fernando seeing how similar they are. She’s also slightly put off by his advances. He’s completely unaware that she has an interest in Tyra, but she doesn’t feel that her first day is a good time to tell him.

- Her arrival was greeted by everyone as usual with the exception of the social recluses like Kinessa and Androxus who don’t really participate in the welcomes until much later. Immediately she was hit on by Fernando (and maybe Sha Lin had a part in it too) but her eye was caught by Tyra.

- So far no one really has an opinion on her except Fernando who thinks she’s super hot, and Tyra who has taken a mild interest in her. Tyra loves her buff women and until now she hasn’t really met one.

- Ash is a little dismissive of magic users; she doesn’t believe in magic too much although the supports like Mal’Damba, Seris and Ying are quickly debunking any misconceptions about magic that she has.

- She met Lex before in a siege on Outpost a long time ago, but perhaps Lex has forgotten her because he doesn’t seem to recognise her, or is purposely ignoring the fact that she incapacitated him once.

- Her nickname and title “War Machine” stems both from how clunky her armour is that makes her look like a machine, and also the fact that in battle she feels nothing at all for the people she kills. She’s a cold, hard, trained killer with little to no emotion in battle. The last thing her enemies see before they die are usually her dead, emotionless eyes that make her seem more machine than human.


She is beauty, she is grace… and she’ll probably break your face.