maker: anna


ah yes, and here it is! my finished sketch series that i’d like to finally settle on calling:

Sassiest Angels In The Garrison: Armor Edition

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so you may be wondering! but scout! why do they just look like they made a sassy comment and they are all wearing armor! WELL ONE because yo that’s just p dang attractive to begin with AND TWO i really, REALLY like picturing happy garrisons. just picture them all having a big family meeting, all armored-up, just sort of cracking smart-ass jokes at each other. being snarky! being alive!

angels now are grumpy, misunderstood buttheads that don’t want to protect the blobs of meat and bones their dad made, especially when they start to realize that these things are just powerless versions of themselves!

but i guess i just wanted to show the shinier, more guardian-like visages of them

–after they’ve cracked some smart-ass remark.