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I always thought that the hipster tumblr quotes on photos were really funny so I decided to make fun of them with one of the most quoteable people, Miss Alyssa Edwards
[Part 2]  [ Hipster Jujubee quotes ]

PRINT SALE! (update)

For those who don’t know, and my buddy Sincerely Sam are doing an Online Print Sale to help raise money for our so Jasper because he needs surgery. 

 The Print Sale is going wonderfully, thank you all who have ordered some prints. Also thank you all who have donated to our go Fund Me page as well. 

We are pleased to say that thankfully we aren’t going to be closing early like we feared, because going through Etsy is making it so much easier to handle a print Sale. We are also happy to say that there shouldn’t be any delays on shipment! So everything will be sent out by the 21st at the latest! Yay! :D Just as planned!

But for those who don’t know, here’s the Link to the shop!

I only am selling 7 of my prints, but Sam is selling a ton of hers. Be sure to check out her stuff too! Everything is 15, and everything will be shipped out on the 21st at the latest! :D


Sam’s stuff will continue to stay up once the Print Sale ends. However MY stuff is limited time only, and will be taken down as soon as the Print sale is over, which is one the 18th. So if anyone is interested! Get them before they are gone! :D