Air is all around us and wherever there is air, there is air pressure. This means that everything (including us!) has pressure being applied on it.

Most objects (and us!) stay in their original shape because of internal pressure being exerted from within it. This creates an equilibrium system where internal pressure equals that of the external pressure. 

What’s awesome is that if you take away external pressure, internal pressure will do whatever it can to create an equilibrium!

In this gif, an explainer is using a vacuum to remove air (external pressure) from within the chamber. Shaving cream has many air bubbles in it, so the air in the shaving cream (internal pressure) pushes outward and expands to create an equilibrium! 

Maker Faire 2014 was held this past weekend at the NY Hall of Science. This activity was one of many that explainers discussed during the weekend! You can check out some pictures here!



The robot spider that shrieks as it walks

While this eight legged creature is still a prototype, UC Santa Barbara alum Matthew Garten hopes to debut the finished robot for this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire.  Currently the wooden joints in the legs let out a loud squeal that he’s hoping won’t be in the final version (but definitely give off a creepy vibe in his test video).

The technology he’s using is known as the Klann linkage and essentially was developed in the mid-1990s to replace a robot’s wheels by simulating an animal’s walk. 

Matthew, seeing himself as both an engineer and inventor, says that robots roam his home.  He’s worked on a wide range of projects from MEMS stem cell sorting to rocket-propelled grenade defense. Also you may have seen Matthew’s open source steampunk Arduino watch on Instructables a few years ago.

MakerFaire @ the NY Hall of Science!

So, as luck would have it, I was fairly sick on Friday and Saturday, which meant I missed the first day of MakerFaire. Very, very unfortunate =(

Thankfully, I was feeling better by Sunday and went off with some friends to check out the amazing DIY festivities at the NY Hall of Science.

Some of you may have seen some of my photos and posts from yesterday, but I’ve still got a bunch up my sleeves (since I couldn’t get my camera to work at the computer yesterday, so all I uploaded yesterday was from my friend’s smartphone!). So, hopefully today and tomorrow I’ll be posting some more photo highlights from the MakerFaire.

Also, if you weren’t there, you honestly missed out. This is my second MakerFaire at NYSCI and all I could think as it was ending was, “wow, can’t wait till next year!” (And definitely go for both days! There’s just so much to do and see and not nearly enough time, even with two days!)
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