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“The concept for the Ultrascope arose when I realized that the tools and technologies to pull it off—cloud computing; high-speed phone networks; low-cost, high performance chips and CCDs; 3D printing; and the Maker Movement—had all matured around the same time, enabling a new era in citizen science. This couldn’t have been done 24 months ago, but now it’s all here.” - Inventor James Parr on OnQ

Days 119 - 127

Hello friends!!!

Thank you for your patience :)  I FINALLY have Maker Faire pictures for you!!  I just spent the last…. forever - getting the pics on the computer & a little editing.

I am going to start with ALL Earthship Seattle booth pics, then move onto the rest of the faire.

Above is Florian on the left, he recently returned from 6 week Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds & on the left is Lee, shoveling some dirt in to a tire.

We all took turns pounding the 200 pounds of dirt in to the tire!

Jamie in an “action shot” ;)

Yours truly pounding dirt!

Florian & Jamie setting up the water filtration system demo.

Our finished, pounded tire!  :D

Bright and early Saturday morning, I think 7:45am, we were having some breakfast ;)

Lydia on the right, has built an earthship in Guatemala with 60 other peeps :)

Our little solar panel light Lee built us :D  (you can see the little soar panel on the top of the jar)

Super stuffed trash bottel.  Over 150 plastic grocery store bags in there :)

Our functioning display of the water filtration system.  I had SO much fun doing this display for little kids!!  & I’ve super memorized how it works to explain to other people!! :D

Dirt wall, when the sun shines through the glass - its beautiful!

We were so busy that day, I didn’t take any more pics of us.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Got to talk to A LOT of people about earthships.  :D

Ok, now you get to EXPERIENCE the rest of Seattle Maker Faire.  I took pics at EVERY booth.  Have fun!  :D

p.s. I have no idea what some of the things are in the pics ;)

No idea what that is (above).

This little guy has a remote control in his hand & he is controlling the robot on the floor.  Almost ran me over, haha ;)

Of course Google was at Maker Faire

Oh yeah, virtual reality video game!  I missed taking a pic of what they see.  It was pretty cool!

Sweet Space Needle :D

This robot was rolling around ALL DAY, chasing & spraying little kids with water.  I couldn't figure out who was controlling it…

Remember making these as a kid???

Look, the Bellagio fountains made it to Maker Faire this year, haha, j/k!

Ok, I have no idea what was going on at the booth in the pic above, but it was right next to our booth.  I think games….

This couple were so cool looking I had to get a pic! 

Alright, thats it for now.  Hope you enjoy your weekend, the weather is amazing!!! :D

I told them I couldn’t continue to do what I’ve been doing with them at Maker Faire, because they had accepted a grant from Darpa. They’re a fantastic organization that have done so many amazing things for me and for many other people, and will continue to do so. But I just think it’s incredibly unfortunate that they’re accepting money from DARPA. They don’t need that money. There’s enough money from people that have incredibly fantastic motivations for helping them.
—  Mitch Altman