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me: i only listen to REAL music 

also me: 

Imagine Fitz’s band The Catalyst.

  • Fitz: lead vocals, guitar
  • Starling: backing vocals, harp, songwriter
  • Fool: violin, ukulele, various additional string instruments
  • Dutiful: drums
  • Kettricken: piano/keyboard

Chade manages the band and arranges tours, interviews, all that stuff while Burrich acts as the bodyguard and security with Hands. Elliania makes a special guest appearance in a few songs with her own cultures’ style but it makes Fitz uncomfortable.

Their début album, The Stone Garden, was a really emotional piece with a lot of inspiration from all over the Six Duchies and Mountain Kingdom. one of the more gentle songs, Nettle’s Lullaby, never fails to make Fitz and Fool tear up on stage but Fool always knows when to kick into a violin solo when it gets too much for Fitz.

At the after show parties, Starling tries to rub it into Fool’s face that ‘she got the loudest applause’ but Fool just rolls his eyes and does his own little jam for the band which make Fitz and Dutiful very happy since it’s always a parody song of something Starling wrote. Kettricken plays along, somehow always knowing the tune to whatever the Fool plays.

Patience is the No.1 fan of course and wears a t-shirt with “Mother of the Star” printed on it. Molly tries not to be associated with the band in any way because it embarrassed her when Fitz sang his love ballad and dragged her on stage that one time. 


E3 2015: Bombshell Gameplay Trailer

From the creators of 2013’s Rise of the Triad and legendary game maker 3D Realms comes Bombshell, an isometric action role-playing game for PC and consoles. Bomb disposal technician turned mercenary for hire, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison must strong-arm her way across 4 planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to rescue the president from an apocalyptic alien threat. With out-of-this-world enemies, a never-before-seen arsenal of devastating weaponry and a host of genre-crossing mechanics, Bombshell is set to blow you away.