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Whew that’s a mouthful. So here is how the pattern testing is gonna work!

REPLY or REBLOG THIS post saying interested (and preferably -but def not required- have some sample pics of your past crochet available for me to check out).

That’s it.

That’s the whole process 👍

I’ll check out people’s blogs (both on here and the people who respond to the separate Instagram post), and by Wednesday-ish I will have reached out to all of the accepted pattern testers.

THANK YOU GUYS IN ADVANCE, and I look forward to hearing your criticism and seeing your lovely cases! 😆


Dune and Doon by the same artist, Doug Beekman. 

If you haven’t read National Lampoon’s Doon, I highly recommend it for any Dune fan. It’s a book where the spice is beer, the worms are pretzels, the Kwisatz Haderach is the Kumquat Häagen-Dazs, CHOAM is NOAMCHOMSKI, and the litany against fear is the litany against fun.

I must not have fun. Fun is the time-killer.

She Is My Woman (Bobby x Ari)

This is for my bitch at @khiphoponeshots. Happy birthday boo, it’s not much but I hope you like it!


Your relationship with Bobby came out of nowhere. No one had seen you two together, you never mentioned each other on interviews or anywhere, to the public you two were strangers. So when he posted a picture of you wearing his shirt and laying on his bed next to him, the world went nuts.

For the blogs it was like Christmas came early, for the fans it was like all hell broke loose and no sign of stopping. You and Bobby have been dating for a long time now. You met through Mino, you and Mino had done a song together and he felt like he must play match maker and hook you two up. He knew about you, the infamous Ari that was in the group called “Pink champagne”, your voice was very smooth and unique, you had more of an R&B vibe. So when he heard about you he agreed right away.

When he saw you walk in he felt like he was in a k-drama. Everything went to slow motion and you had all the bright lights angled just right on your face to make you look like an angel. You were one of the most nice, warm persons he had ever met, but with a pinch of fierceness, arrogance and a great amount of confidence. You were the perfect combination for him

- ————————————————————- -

When the news broke everyones eyes were on you. Everyone wanted to know everything, they were dying for another photo, a video, something that they can talk about. You gave them nothing, both of you went dead silent, whenever the interviewers asked you would dismiss it and none of you posted anything about the relationship on social media. It was like it never happened

- ————————————————————- -

Both of you knew what you were doing. You had already accept an offer from a channel to give one special episode about your relationship. It was exactly what they wanted, an inside scoop of your life and how thinks happened between you two.

- —————————————————————

“Recording already? Great”

You said looking straight at the camera. You had no make up on and you were walking in the YG building to meet your lovely boyfriend.

“This is probably the first time people see me without make up… Take it in guys”

You joked and made a silly face at the camera while waiting for the elevator doors to open. You bowed and greeted every person you came across to and then knocked on the door that he was in.

“Come in”

You opened it and revealed your man. He smiled at you and stood up from his chair to hug you and give you a quick peck that the camera could not get, since your back was facing it and blocking the juicy view.

“I am already regretting this?”


“I feel weird with a camera following me all day long, it’s like a stalker”

You talked about random stuff until one of the camera crew told you that they wanted to ask you two some questions

“How did you get together?”

“Little Minho put his finger in. I was collaborating with him on a song and he and Bobby are friends, so he played matchmaker.”

You replied. You and Bobby were already sitting next to each other and holding hands. You were 100% sure tjat the camera has zoomed in on your hands just once.

“What’s the best part of your significant other?”

You quickly turned to look at him, with a daring look on your face. Challenging him to reply face, sinc you already knew how awkward he gets when those type of questions come up.

“Ummm well… I hate you for putting me first on this. I think her best trait is how… Pretty much mentally perfect she is. Yes we have fought and pretty heavily, but I have felt how much she cares about me, how supportive she is. She will always hype me up, even if she doesn’t know how to help me, she will find a way to comfort me and make me feel loved and just try to make me forget of the bad things. She is there for me when I need her, to congratulate me on my success or to comfort me on my loss. I love her, she is my woman “

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To get accepted, I had to submit a piece of my writing. I thought, since it was a Monsta X scenario, what better place to put it than the Monsta X Scenario blog?? So I thought I’d publish here what got me accepted. So, here we go, have some fluffy Changkyun! I hope you enjoy it!

–Admin Ry

Title: Sweet Talking
Member: I.M
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,500

“You bought what?” You chide, much to Changkyun’s dismay. “Shh, Noona, you promised you wouldn’t get mad.” He tries to level the emotion as you calm yourself down. It was a pretty ridiculous thing to lose your cool over…But on the other hand, what on earth possessed him to do this

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Another au I’ll never write:

Horuss is an android mechanic. He saves androids about to be scrapped. 

  • Damara is an imported andriod who got lost and is chilling on Horuss’s couch. 
  • Rufioh is a showbot who’s neck broke during a show (Horuss is making him a robot horse body.)
  • Mituna has faulty wiring and a bad ai system
  • Meulin has no hearing and a faulty AI
  • Latula is a skater showbot who had an incident that messed up her nose and gave her wiring issues that tells her she’s done socially unacceptable things and spirals her into bot melt downs
  • Porrim is a maid bot who ran away to become a tattoo artist. Horuss is fixing her up to make her look different and give her the tools she needs. (She was meenah’s bot and Meenah actually helped her get away.)
  • Aranea is a secretary bot for Meenah that got broken.
  • Kurloz, an old war bot, lost his voice box and has some nasty viruses that keep getting into Meulin’s system somehow.
  • Cronus was a rich boy who got badly hurt in a fight and had enough money to get himself a robot body. He mostly just hangs around Horuss’s shop and pesters him now.

Other non Android characters:

  • Meenah is rich AF, old money and currently funding Horuss’s endeavors for fixing up her girls. 
  • Kankri is a is a very high and mighty person who insists androids aren’t ‘real people’. Total. Asshole. 


-Damara steals Rufioh’s head and just holds it and they talk in her language. (He traveled a lot and got a voice box that lets him speak a bunch of different languages.)

-Cronus keeps making insinuations about Porrim and she stabbed him with a knitting needle he ‘gifted’ her. 

-Horuss is currently living and working in a huge ass warehouse that Meenah gave him. He still doesn’t think it’s enough space bc of the trouble makers he has. 

-Horuss hooked Mituna up to a computer to get him to stop moving around and breaking stuff. 

-Kurloz may or may not be intentionally spreading his viruses on purpose. 

-Horuss punches Kankri in the face at least once. 

-Latula and Mituna get along really well. He helps her by telling her that she’s okay and didn’t screw up and helping provide an outside influence and she makes sure he doesn’t break too much shit. 

-Cronus has a crush on like everyone. Once he hit on Meulin and Kurloz locked him in a closet. 

“I understand the privilege of bringing a camera into a place that has endured a 30-year civil war." 

Two years ago, Getty Images Prestige #photographer and film maker Harry Hook traveled to South Sudan during a window of peace for the war-torn African nation. He set out to photograph the Mundari cattle camps, in which young men and women leave their villages and head to the banks of the Nile for months of the year to graze their cattle. “I understand the privilege of bringing a camera into a place that has endured a 30-year civil war and I was grateful to experience somewhere so rarely photographed. I enjoyed the combination of the #landscape’s beautiful light, combined with the overwhelming warmth and energy of the Mundari people.” 

Using a big Pentax 645 and a limited supply of #film, he needed to be extremely decisive with his shots. “With only 15 frames per role, I spent a lot of time waiting for the right #moments to capture and I reacted as instinctively as I could when they occurred. One night, I photographed a woman standing in the haze wearing an interesting mélange, a funky modern top, along with traditional clothing. It showed me that even this incredibly remote area was not entirely untouched by the modern world.”

This is the #dynamic at the center of much of Hook’s work. “I’m really interested in this fusion and the friction between modernity and traditional ways of life. I take #pictures of the people and the things I’m interested in. How #Africa’s changing, that’s what interests me.”

Image: A Mundari girl stands amongst the cattle herd in South Sudan, Africa, 2013 | 📷: Harry Hook | 496985651

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why is it that every fanfic out there treats Natasha the exact same way??? like I swear every Stony (or Stucky) fic I’ve read has her described in the exact same way as this cool and aloof cucumber who “looks like she’s always contemplating how to kill someone”

and like she’s always the first (sometimes only) person to know that Steve and Tony are into each other and she spends the entirety of the fic sighing heavily, rolling her eyes, and in general being super duper bored about everything right up until the very end where she acknowledges the happy couple with either a slight nod or a quirk of the lips. she’s basically there to call Steve and Tony idiots and lot and look scary

but where is the fic where Natasha is literally the only member of the team that doesn’t know that Steve and Tony are doing the sideways tango and also very much belong to the dating scene and are not just bros?? just imagine Natasha still trying to play match maker and hook Steve up with someone while Steve awkwardly tries to tell her he’s seeing someone already. and it goes over her head because it’s Tony and Steve and they’re like besties nothing more right?

until one day she walks into the kitchen and finds Steve and Tony furiously making out and she’s just so taken aback that she chokes and ends up staring at them for a while before she just throws her hands up in the air and scurries off, super disappointed that she wasn’t the one to pair them up in the first place

and later she’s whining about it to Clint who is all “yo, that’s old news…but Sam is still single so if you want to - ” and Natasha vaults over him and dashes out the door to find her next challenge




I was giffing a scene when I saw some green light shade appearing from Killian’s head. Same shade as Emma’s, same words spoken, same fear of losing each others… same pain, same MAGIC! I’ve been reading for quite some time winger-hawk ’s posts and they’re absolutely brilliant, among other theories there’s one about Killian having magic. There wasn’t proof, till now. He has light magic, just like Emma. They’re a match.

#Hook, your magic is starting to show.

#The Sorcerer is the ultimate match maker.

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Last Beverage: water
Last phone call: work
Last text message: ewkaylan
Last song you listened to: I’ll Be Home For Christmas sung by Seth MacFarlane
Last time you cried: 
day before thanksgiving

Dated someone twice: no

Been cheated on: no
Kissed someone and regretted it: no
Lost someone special: yes
Been depressed: no
Been drunk and threw up: no

• LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: blue (but I look good in red and green)

Made a new friend: yes.
Fallen out of love: no.
Laughed until you cried: yes. 
Met someone who changed you: yes.
Found out who your true friends are: hells yes
Found out someone was talking about you: yep
Anyone on your FB friends list?: yes

How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: 98%

First surgery: none
First piercing: none
First best friend: Hannah
First sport you joined: Basketball
First vacation: Summer Camp
First pair of trainers: Vans

Eating: Cheese It Grooves
Drinking: ice water
I’m about to: work on drafts
Waiting for: my paycheck

Want kids: ew no
Get married: maybe
Career: filmmaker/writer/actor

Lips or eyes: eyes.
Hugs or Kisses: I don’t really like either but I’d have to say kisses I guess
Shorter or Taller: taller

Older or younger: doesn’t matter
Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
Sensitive or Loud: Loud
Hook-up or relationship: at this point, hook up
Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker can’t stand hesitant

Kissed a stranger: no
Drank hard liquor: no
Lost glasses/contacts: no
Sex on first date: no
Broke someones heart: yes
Arrested: no
Turned someone down: yes
Cried when someone died: yes
Fallen for a friend: yes

Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: yes
Heaven: yes
Santa Claus: no
Kiss on the first date: depends on the date
Angels: yes

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