maker corps 2014


Progress update!

So today I was thinking about this really great episode of Dexter’s Laboratory where his sister Dee Dee would take anything of his that didn’t have his name on it. Dexter came up with a creative solution that made me want to  be okay with punching my belongings. Our 3D printer ran out of filament, so this project will have to take the back burner for about a week. Stay tuned for more 3D printing and waffle fun! 

- Megan

Hi there everyone, I’m Megan. I have been an explainer here at NYSCI for the last 2.5 years, and I’m really excited to try something different as a Maker Corps Member! I am looking forward to collaborating with our fellow makers here so we may all teach one another how to improve ourselves.

I don’t have any major professional accomplishments that I could talk about, but I know that statement will change once I complete this summer program with the Maker Education Initiative. Usually at work, I engage the museum’s visitors in hands-on learning using its exhibits or whichever learning tools are nearby. This time around, the learning medium is making, which is another really great way to spark some curiosity in a willing mind.

I spend a lot of my personal time online, browsing and gathering DIY projects to try during my free time. So far, I have some basic experience with papercrafts, drawing, photography, woodworking, and crocheting.

During my time as an MCM, I would like to explore coding/programming, jewelry-making, cosplay, prop-making, sewing, and other various needlecrafts… or whatever else I can get my hands on. I would also really like to work on my documentation skills, so if you want, I am giving you all permission to go to my personal blog and prod me about what I’m working on so far.

Also, here’s a link to my “make” tag, so you can see some of the other things I would like to make some time in the future.