Pierre Monetta

In Monaco, Alain Ducasse Gives His Favorite Restaurant a Massive Makeover

The restaurant where chef Alain Ducasse won three Michelin stars for the first time, Le Louis XV, reopens with a new look, a new menu and a new name.

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Interior of the Swift & Thrift Mini Mart

I decided to use the same colours for the produce bins that were used originally and make the mart around those colours to keep it uniform, and I’m glad I did :3

Also, I found it unnecessary that such a small mini market had both men/women restrooms, so I made a small edit and left a tiny unisex restroom (which I consider would be for staff only or such), and in the place where the other restroom would have been I placed a tiny office/storage room ^^




My “makeover” of 189 Geary Avenue, Belladonna Cove

This lot was originally absolutely empty, only a concrete floor over the whole lot. So, there wasn’t much to makeover per say. However I did want the lot to at least work as decoration or something useful rather than an empty space, so I decided to build something

I snatched the design of an Académie Le Tour dorm, poked the layout a bit, and came up with a cheap hotel of sorts. The hotel has twelve rooms as I actually did design the layout, but the whole building is unfurnished as I actually don’t plan on using it/sending sims to it (it’s still categorized as residential, as the original was). I can still come back to it if I ever need it though :)

I also added a basketball court to the side of the hotel after holleyberry suggested I used the lot for it. I just liked the idea so much I didn’t want to ditch it, even if the whole lot wasn’t used for that reason in the end *nervous laughter*