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“Less quips, more lips.” – the great philosopher @bfketh

“Isabel this is Kirstein…or Jaeger. I can’t remember,” Levi waved him off.

“Wait what?” Eren asked, looking crestfallen. “You don’t remember our names?”

“There’s a lot of caddies, high turnover,” Levi shrugged, taking another sip to hide his grin.

“I’m—“ Eren started to introduce himself to Isabel.

“Hello, I smell fries!” Jean said, interrupting. “My name is Eren Jaeger. I have a three inch dick. Whenever you hear the words Eren and Jaeger I want you to immediately associate it with tiny dick.”

The Beauty of Pidge x Lance
  • Height Difference 
  • Surfer and Smart Girl Aesthetic 
  • Lance teaching Pidge how to surf 
  • Pidge teaching Lance more about technology and space 
  • Protective Lance in Dangerous Situations 
  • Movie dates & star gazing 
  • Territorial Pidge when other women hit on him  
  • Hilarious married couple arguments (For Example: “I TOLD you to bring the blanket!” “I thought you had it!”) 
  • Pidge snuggling herself perfectly in Lance’s arms 
  • Lance pinning Pidge up against the wall seductively 
  • Their Fingers through each others hair 
  • Comforting hugs 
  • Their reward for each other: a kiss on the cheek 
  • BDSM kink (fucking sue me) 
  • Passionate makeout sessions on the beach 
  • Lance asking Pidge’s father for permission to date her 
  • Neck kissing 
  • Introducing each other to the family 
  • Lance sharing his shirts with Pidge 
  • Pidge sharing her headphones and technology with Lance 
  • Lip nibbling 
  • “Good kitty” 

I swear to god this ship will be the death of me and I’ve fallen so far into shipping hell that there’s no turning back. 

just think about how amazing it would be to be calum’s gf and go with him and the others on this trip to bali like at the airport you’d practically sit on each other’s laps as you excitedly discussed plans for the trip with ashton and bryana, and then once you actually get there calum would constantly be pulling you into hidden corners and little hideaways to make out with you without anyone cracking jokes or wolf whistling, and you’d go on couples trips with bryana and ash and josephine and alex, and then in the evenings calum would take you down to the beach to makeout in the sand during sunset and at night he’d cuddle up close against you and whisper “this place is almost as beautiful as you babe, i’m so happy i get to share this with you”