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retrograde haze
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Crash Landing


The small Peridot crawled out of the wreckage of his ship, gazing around. He’d touched down on exactly the place he had been trying to avoid. E-Arth. The planet of the traitor gems.

Thankfully the Peridot wasn’t too aware of his surroundings. Otherwise he would have spoted the purple colored gem watching him from a distance. She saw his ship land…well, crash, from a distance and went to see what happened.
A Homeworld gem. it has been ages since she came across one…
Carefully she ducked behind a rock and tried to be as calm as possible. Vermarine will probably need this information.

Closed RP with makemusic-makelove

Sarina wasn’t sure what was going on, but she wasn’t sure where she was. She just woke up in a room that wasn’t hers. Had she partied too hard last night? Had she gone into heat and she didn’t remember? Whatever the case, she needed to figure out where she was and how to get home.

With a sigh, she pushed herself out of the bed, rubbing her forehead lightly. Peeking out the door, she realized she was very much not in her own home. “Hello?” She called timidly. “Is anyone there?”


Why Spotify?

If you follow me on any social media, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about Spotify lately. The truth is, I’m hooked on it. A few weeks ago, I started a playlist called “Bus Jams” - a constantly evolving playlist of what we listen to on the road. I love that fans tweet me suggestions for songs to check out. I love that in the course of a given night, we will listen to everything from Merle Haggard to Lupe Fiasco to The Wallflowers to Stevie Wonder.

Click here to listen to Bus Jams now.

Is Spotify perfect? No. But I don’t want to have that conversation right now. Instead, I want to talk about all the great music (and music fans) that I’ve discovered through Spotify since I became a paid subscriber last year.

You’re gonna hear a lot more from me about Spotify in 2015. I encourage you to sign up and give Spotify a chance. You can get 30 days of the paid version for free, kinda like Netflix. Find my profile, follow me, check out my playlists, and be a part of music discovery with me. I have lots of fun ideas that I’m gonna introduce throughout the year, and I want you to be a part of it! Here’s how you can join:

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