If you wanna find love, you know where the city is

When asked about the meaning behind the track “The City”, Matty Healy of The 1975 said it was about finding love and finding yourself, and all the crazy moments of being a teenager ,and growing in to your own person. New York City is like that. Its not just one thing, it’s a million things. Its light and color and people and movement, and love. The city is somewhere you can thrive and be yourself. No one knows you, you can be whoever you want, but most importantly, you can be yourself. Coming from a small town I can honestly say that I can’t be myself. Everyone knows everyone, you don’t have secrets and you can’t hide from anything. Your love life? Forget about it. Its not yours, it’s everyone’s. Got family drama? Whole town has already heard about it. I’m someone who appreciates beauty, beauty is in everything. The way someone moves, the graffiti on the wall, the way light reflects or leaves shadows on the sidewalk. Beauty is life. The city is a place where there is an abundance of that. There are so many choices in the city, so many ways to make mistakes, so many ways to find yourself. I think that these choices will lead to adventures and lessons. These mistakes will help you find yourself. I hope that one day the city will help me find myself.