Feysand showers



Why haven’t we started requesting a shower scene in acowar? This needs to happen, Maas!

Feyre is worn down and saddened by her faking in the spring court; it hadn’t been a good day. So she locks herself in her bathing room and turns the shower on, hot as it would go. Her eyes close and her thoughts drift as she lets the scalding water rain down on her skin. Somehow, Rhys finds a way to winnow right to her as she’s rinsing her hair. His clothes are on. Feyre stifles a scream when she feels his hands on her and opens her eyes to look into his violet eyes. “I am made of questions..” she whispers, but he simply places a finger on her lips, the water beating down on them, steam surrounding them. He steps back a bit and takes her in, assuring she’s uninjured, untouched. This is the first time she’s seen him in two months. It felt like a lifetime. Sadness flickers in his eyes as they drink in her naked body, still drenched as the shower steams on. Feyre catches that sadness and immediately crushes her body into his, hugging him, breathing him in. His arms wrap tightly around her, his black clothes becoming soaked along with his hair, his face. He kisses her head and then pulls back, looking into her eyes. A smile spreads on his beautiful face as he leans in, his lips grazing her ear, “Hello, high lady of the night court.” And that’s it. She’s ripping his shirt over his head and then working towards his zipper on his pants until they are both bare together, the falling water drowning out their quiet sounds. His lips find hers as their hands are frantic on each other. In the back of her mind she knows this can’t last long, knows it will only make things harder when she must go to sleep in a bed without him next to her. But this is now, and he is here, and she will not take it for granted. Not one second of it. Rhys lifts her up, and her legs wrap around his waist as they devour each other.


aaaaaah first session back from my hiatus… feelin good. took me all the sets before this the figure out how to hang snatch. jus happy i figured it out. #68keys #fun #training #journey #roadtoao2016 #life #love #hangsnatch #snatch #basagym #solo #work #hustle #grind #weightlifting #happyplace #makeithappen

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I’ve got dreams, I think we’ve all got dreams? One day I’d love to have a long, extended journey aboard a luxury train. This train would have to have a sleeping compartment, a dining car and a seperate lounge car. Top choice would be The Orient Express from London to Istanbul, but the cost is a little inhibitive….. then again if I won Lotto :)

It’s the old fashioned luxury that calls to me.

Another contender for me being a passenger on their train would be this - The Belmond Royal Scotman.

It’s in Scotland which is a dream destination so I could kill two birds with one stone! There’s nothing wrong with having dreams, as John Lennon sang…

“You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one!”

Here’s to all the women who are told they need to change to fit into society’s narrow minded view of femininity.

Here’s to all the women who love make-up, and to the ones who don’t: you teach us everyday that what you decide to put on your face is your choice, and your choice alone.

Here’s to all the women who face discrimination because of their skin color - you are beautiful. anyone who can’t see that is missing out on admiring someone as amazing and lovely as you; it is their loss, not yours.

Here’s to all the women whose weight and body type isn’t acceptable to the people around them: ladies, you are gorgeous, and you don’t need to change who you are for anyone.

Here’s to all the women who are too tall or too short - you are beautiful and perfect - your beauty cannot be quantified by an arbitrary tool of measurement.

Here’s to all the women who love to wear traditional clothes, and to the women who prefer jeans over dresses, or vice versa: thank you for proving time and time again that you, and all women, are not defined by their appearance.

Here’s to all the women who never want to stop studying, and to those who who want to stop - everyday, you put forward the idea that you alone are capable of making decisions for your life.

Here’s to all the women who never want to marry, or have children, you go through constant ridicule and face consistent ignorance, but you alone can decide what you wish to do with your body, and no one else has the right to decide for you or make you feel bad because of your decisions.

Here’s to all the women who want children, and a family, and want to run a household: you alone make your decisions. You are not oppressed, you are strong and amazing, and you deserve all the love and admiration in the world.

Here’s to all the women who have been hurt, or scared, who have been told that they don’t deserve respect - they are wrong. Your strength and bravery is an example and an ideal for all women.

Here’s to all the women, all kinds of women: you are strong, and brave, and you are extraordinary.


Percey Palace circa 2008. 

I didn’t really take enough photographs of my time spent in Percey Palace. As it stands I don’t know how it got it’s name, or how long it had existed in this alternative domesticated state. The people who inhabited it were questions unto themselves, and experienced a great deal of self torment. I watched them reinitialize and process this pain and export it in a pure, raw form. They we’re at the time, very full people. As an 18 year old entering into torment myself, it was the closest I came to finding the ‘masses’ of my soul. 

As far as I am aware this building no longer exists.