Faberry Christmas Special

Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer by ElsBells

Faberry one-shot. Quinn has a goal this Christmas. A goal that she hopes to accomplish with the help of her baby, some snowmen, and a sled race. Rachel won’t know what hit her.

Home For Christmas by Emri

When the snow hits, Quinn Fabray is trapped in California away from her family but she is not one to give up. When she meets Santana at the airport will they be able to work together to get home in time for Christmas?

Sincerely, Winter by rachelquinn

Quinn Fabray and winter have always gone hand in hand.

Quinn’s Mistletoe by AeonUS

Quinn gets a magical gift from Santa. It leads her to a surprising discovery when she shares it with Rachel. Faberry.

Santa’s Little Helper by stix04

Rachel was just trying to be nice when she bought Quinn the massage kit for Christmas…she didn’t realize HOW nice a gift it truly was.

Kind Of by SweetandUnknown

“We’re kind of friends, huh?” / “Kind of.” — “So when Rachel shows up at your house with Christmas cookies (vegan, of course) and a long-winded explanation of the importance of spreading holiday cheer and why she enjoys the holiday season, you let yourself smile.” — one-shot, Faberry, post-‘Hold on to Sixteen’

Our Brilliantly Tangled Thanksgiving by ElsBells

Faberry. One-shot. Quinn and baby Beth are having some issues hanging Christmas lights on Thanksgiving, when Rachel stops by with a homemade pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fuzzy Red Reindeer by ElsBells

Faberry one-shot from Just off the Key of Reason. Quinn and Rachel’s first Christmas together. Involves gingerbread houses and drunken bears.

The Christmas Act by InvisiMeg

While working on A Christmas Carol together, Rachel and Quinn are given a choice: learn to get along better or be kicked out of the play.

All I Want For Christmas by sleepless-gleek

Written for Faberry Week Prompt: Christmas. Someone finds Rachels Christmas list and decides to fill it.

Pucker Berry by FerryBerry

S2. A party, mistletoe, and glue - not exactly the recipe Rachel needs to break her track record of bad Christmases, but it might get her something she never even knew she wanted.

Secret Santa by FerryBerry

S2. Mr. Schuester pulls out his top hat again for a round of Secret Santa, and Quinn is less than pleased to see who she’ll be giving twelve special gifts to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s, Rachel by featherwriting

Two parties, one week and three days, and struggling to find the right words to say. Content and rating may vary, contains language, suggestive themes, mind-altering substances, Puckleberry bromance, and some delicious Faberry with a dash of smut.

A Gleeful Christmas Carol by Loves Sock Monkeys

This story is a morality tale of a selfish self-centered diva, Rachel Berry, who having alienated everyone she loves undergoes a dramatic change of heart after an experience of redemption over the course of a Christmas Eve night. (Don’t expect it to last, this is Rachel Berry after all) Expect to see the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future as familiar faces. FABERRY AU

All I Want for Christmas by InvisiMeg

After being invited to Lima for the holidays, Rachel finds herself becoming intrigued by one of the other houseguests.

A Faberry Christmas by Don'tBeAfraid-MakeItBetter

Season one. Quinn is Prego and doesnt want to spend christmas at the Puckermens so she takes a certain glee mate up on thier offer. Faberry Fluff. Rated M for cussing.

Needles and Cheer by Vnud

Quinn’s got a surprising winter break job. Rachel Berry happens to stumble upon Quinn by accident, which sets in motion events that will change their lives forever. Faberry Week prompt. Rated M for the hell of it, fluff not smut.

Santa is the New Cupid by Celtic Quill

Written for Faberry Week, Day 4, “Caught.” When Rachel thinks Quinn has gotten Finn for her Secret Santa, she makes it her mission to catch her in the act.

underneath the mistletoe last night by AndAwayWeGo

“'Don’t tell me you have some sort of Santa fetish,” Quinn continues, looking horrified. “How am I just now hearing about this?'” Faberry. Sequel to “now i get my fortune told for free”. Post-Season six.

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in all honesty, this has been one of the best years for me and im so glad to have spent it with you guys on here!! below are some of my favourite blogs that i love with all my heart xx happy (almost) new year everyone! ♥

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happy holidays everyone ♥