——future plans———

1. So far EXO-K will not have any EXO-specific variety show plans. They will wait until EXO-M finished their promotion in China to record variety shows in Korea. SM is thinking of Hello Baby or things like 2NE1 TV.

2. EXO will have more collabs with SNSD. SNSD will take care of EXO. 

3. EXO’s full album will not be released until after Olympics. M will then return Korea and promote songs with K as well as record variety shows.

4. The I AM movie is just a test. Next SM is going to film sth like Highschool Musical.

5. SM don’t have any plans for new groups before 2014. But there may be solo singers. 

6. SM have already picked members of the new girl group. It’s going to have 12 members. EXO will take care of them. There will be 3 Chinese members in it. They will have collabs with EXO. Some members have good relationships with EXO.

7. There wil be CF collabs between EXO and SNSD. SM will create loveline. SM won’t even stop scandals. All they want is attention.

8. SM thinks B.A.P and JJ Project are the biggest competition for EXO.

9. Kris will be in Boa’s 7th album. ♥

Cr : Weibo & Baidu


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