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You blog is ALMOST as beautiful as the Irish belle who runs it! ♥ Pathetically jealous anonymous haters can suck my nonexistent dick.

thank you ever so much! :’) they keep sending messages, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. now every time i see that i’ve got a message i don’t get excited aha i assume that they’re back again, it’s bad times! aha you legend, thank you <3

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I recall you and I having some nice conversations in the past, and I actually gave the link for your Tumblr to my family. You're right, nobody can know exactly what Gilda would be thinking, but I can promise you that she would be incredibly disheartened by the fact that the people she loved are having to defend the people she loved against the people who never knew her. And we'll leave it at that.

I really have zero issue with you. I think it’s amazing that your mom was close with her (and maybe you knew her too, I’m not sure how old you are) 

My problem does not lie with you. In fact, it’s not even a problem at all. I didn’t sign up for an argument when I shared my opinion. But, I guess that’s the internet for you. 

It’s not like I get angry or hold it against a person when they post the quote. I think you are misunderstanding me. I already said that every bit of recognition she gets is well deserved and wonderful. I just wish it didn’t clog up the tag, is all. I’m sorry this escalated to what it has become. It was never meant to. I’d like to bury this because I am quite frankly sick of it.

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And it's not your place to decide whether or not one simple posting defines whether or not a person truly admires or appreciates someone... If you don't like seeing the quote a thousand times, that is your issue. Rather than making people feel awful for sharing something meaningful to them, deal with the fact that people post things FOR THEMSELVES, not for those they fear will view their page. Whether it was done mindlessly, or with a great deal of forethought is not your judgment call to make.

Yes, it is my issue.

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‘And that says, too, that they just recognize the quote, not the woman who wrote it.’ And how exactly do you think people come across idols in the first place? It's a song, a quote, something little that becomes something so much more for that person. You don't know anything about the people posting that quote, or any other spoken by Gilda for that matter. That was Michael's favourite quote, and he said it all the time after her passing. Does that mean he's unappreciative of his own sister?

Look, dude. I love that she touches people still today with her infinite wisdom. I love it! It’s what she deserves.  

And hey, I won’t speak for Mac, but for me it’s more of a tumblr etiquette issue, you know? Just reposting the same words over and over again can become a bit tiresome. Tracking that tag and being excited when there’s something new in there and just seeing the same quote again, it gets to be a little, “Alright, enough already.”

I really think that you are twisting my words here. How did we get to calling Michael unappreciative? It can be someone’s favorite quote of hers. “Delicious ambiguity” is probably my favorite pairing of words ever. And I’m not talking about her family here, I’m talking about random tumblr users that, you’re right, I know nothing about, but I do know that they didn’t take two seconds to reblog it instead of reposting it.

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“Gilda would not have been disappointed in your comment. She is not. That’s a ridiculous assumption.” It's not an assumption, it's a fact. My mother was her best friend and when she saw what ‘wonderwanda’ had said, it made her cry, because that is HER favourite quote of Gilda's. I believe it is really not your place to make that decision. Gilda would be nothing but ecstatic to know that the things she said had an affect on people, whether it was one damn quote or her whole body of work.

I’m sorry if anything that I said got under your skin or offended you or your mother. That’s not what I set out to do in replying to the original message.

That quote is one of my all time favorites of Gilda’s too. It’s beautiful, and it’s incredible. The first time I saw it, it spoke to me like no other words have ever before. Mac recognized that in her post, that she was an “eloquent genius”. 

Gilda loves all of us. However, I don’t feel like it’s anyone’s place but hers to decide whether or not she feels disappointed by something we’ve said. Why don’t we just leave it at that.