Last night, I went on another post-it mission. It’s been a while since my last one. Chelsea came fully equipped with post-its and I attacked with the sharpies. With the brain of two positive and caring people, we compiled a good amount of sweet post-its. Went outside around 3am and stuck them on all the cars we could. The objective is to start a strangers day off with a smile when they leave in the morning.

Originally, I wanted to stay awake until 5am to witness the reaction of the strangers who would receive these lovely notes. However, I fell asleep only to wake up with hopes that somebody (if not all of them) had started their day off good because of us.

My roommates don’t even know who it is, and I don’t want to tell them (Luckily none of them read my Tumblr). I want everyone to know that somebody out there cares, even strangers like us. I guess what hit home was when my roommate told me she cried when she read it on her window because she’s been having a rough few days and the post it said something she really needed to hear at the time.

I cherish those moments, that is why I decided to it. The more people I can get involved to spread the love, the better. You never know the impact you can have on someones day by just letting them know you want to see them smile, even if it has to be anonymous.

I’ve decided, I will do this at least once a week in different cities wherever I am.

By the way… her post it said:

You are a blessing.

This one to the turkish guy i met at leicester square. Firstly it was really nice to meet you like seriously thankyou talking to strangers for me is a big no-no but it was fun to talk to you. Secondly i am really very sorry for giving you the wrong direction. Should have checked before nodding my head haha. And lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you have a great birthday. Stay happy and healthy.

Its kinda weird that this guy was a stranger didn’t knew he existed until yesterday but he isn’t stranger anymore as i know few things about him now. We will never meet again and i dont think you have a tumblr so you probably won’t know about this post lol but thankyou again. Have fun summer schooling.

-the girl who gave you wrong direction to leicester square
p.s. Beards are cool. They make you look alot more attractive and manly haha