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Sometimes I think of what I have planned for Dawn…

*freaks out* *reads tags* oh thank goodness. One sister being miserable is already too much. I couldn’t handle both my darlings in pain

No no no no, I promise you, Dawn is safe from me! These are the best kind of tears, the “Oh my God, Dawn, you absolute darling, how I love you” tears. 

Honestly the trans representation @valtersns and @monstermonstre is bringing to the Skam fandom is just so so good and so important to me to the point where I’m in bed crying. It honestly means so much for me to see trans rep being brought up and to see my fellow non-binary siblings write so beautiful hcs. It shows representation matters despite the fact the representation might not be represented in the actual show but that doesn’t stop us from bringing it up anyways. So yeah these trans hcs is saving my life rn and I’m honestly so so grateful to be able to read them. So so grateful.

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i think that if you changed the names or even kept the names this could be published as a novel and win the bestseller and Pulitzer Prize because IWSY is seriously one of the most well written stories i have ever read

Excuse me why are you making me cry with this jkansgajnga MY WRITING IS NOT THAT GOOD lol I mean, I don’t think I’m terrible but there are a heck tonne of other writers who are on a whole other level *screams* thank you for making me smile AND cry you’re so lovely and I love you v much for saying that c:

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Send up to 5 #s and specify classic rock, or metal (or both) related answers.


1. Favourite male singer
2. Favourite female singer
3. Favourite guitarist
4. Favourite bassist
5. Favourite drummer
6. A musician you have a crush on
7. Concerts you’ve been to
8. A song you listen to when you’re sad
9. A song you listen to when you’re cheerful
10. A musician you’d like to meet
11. A collaboration or cover between artists you love
12. Favourite live dvd
13. Oldest band you listen to
14. Youngest band you listen to
15. The longest song you love
16. A song that always makes you cry
17. A band that introduced you to its genre
18. A band that both you and a parent like
19. A band that made you meet someone you love
20. An album you want to own
21. A band that helps you get through the day
22. A song you listen to when it snows
23. A song you listen to when it rains
24. A band that’s a guilty pleasure
25. The last album you listened to
26. Your favourite love song
27. The next concert you’re going to
28. Most dramatic song title
29. An artist that has inspired you
30. A band you would want to see live but can’t
31. If you could join a band onstage what would it be
35. Favourite piece of band clothing
36. A song to exercise to
37. Can you give me a playlist for (you choose)?
38. A song to use as an alarm clock
39. A nostalgic song
40. An album you can listen to all the way through
41. A band you want to make more music
42. Favourite album cover artist
43. A band thats the same age as you
44. A song to listen to in nature
45. An album that you can’t be interrupted while listening to
46. First five songs on shuffle
47. A song to listen to when your angry
48. A song you have to dance/headbang to
49. A band who’s language you wish you understood
50. A band you would like to take a photoshoot of or with

The best part of liking someone is when they nerd out about something to you, and you’re just like “Wow what a dork” but also like “wow what a cutie I love you”


“our audience is this big anonymous mass on the internet, so meeting each individual person and hearing their story and actually being able to connect with the people that have given us everything, i think, is really important.”