on god, there is something wrong with the rpc when an rp application is more labor intensive than applying for college or a work abroad program

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I've heard (youtube, blogs) so many people talk about how they got samples from sephora/mac/etc. and I wanna know how ?? (Btw I love your blog! You're so helpful)

Hi, thank you!

All you have to do is… walk into the store, and ask one of the people that work there, “Hey, I’m interested in trying a new ___________ (foundation, cleanser, etc)  Could you help me find a couple to try some samples of?”  Sephora will give you up to three customized samples of pretty much anything in the store, and I believe it’s the same number for MAC?  I’m not positive, but if you are genuinely interested in trying something, most stores, including counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc, will give you a sample to try if you ask nicely.  Don’t just walk in and be like, “Hey do you have any free samples?”  The people that work there are trained well and want to genuinely help you find something that will work for you, so don’t abuse the system.  When you shop online on, you also have the option to add free samples to your cart when you check out.

Another way to get free stuff from Sephora is to sign up for their Beauty Insider rewards system.  Chances are if you’ve ever shopped there before you’re already signed up.  Beauty Insider is a points system, and once you reach 100 points or more (just don’t try for the 1000+ points, lol) you can redeem for free deluxe minis of products.  Beauty Insider also gives you a free birthday gift, and if you get to higher levels you can get other random free gifts throughout the year!  Ulta has a similar rewards system, but their points go towards money off of a purchase.

Hope this helps you!  Happy shopping!  :)


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Convincing evidence of alien life has been found inside a meteorite that struck Sri Lanka. According to a study conducted by researchers at Cardiff’s School of Mathematics, the alien algae-like structures found in the meteorite fragments prove the existence of life beyond planet Earth.

Witnesses discovered a bright yellow fireball light up the skies over Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Disintegrating as it approached the Earth’s atmosphere, some say the meteorite turned green as it broke apart, raining down fragments into the villages and paddy fields below.

Local authorities managed to locate and collect nearly 630 samples of meteorite fragments for the Medical Research Institute of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health. The samples were finally passed over to the researchers at Cardiff University for thorough investigation.

After thorough study and analysis, an international team of scientists made a breakthrough discovery from images captured by an electron microscope: fossilized organisms, thick-walled, carbon-rich microfossils about 100 micrometers across, were fused in the rock matrix.

Researchers were careful to measure the chemical make-up of the samples. Low levels of nitrogen rule out any possibility of terrestrial contamination.

Another image revealed a well-preserved flagella organism 100 micrometers long and just 2 micrometers in diameter. Scientists determined the unique structure was designed to survive a low-gravity, low-pressure environment and rapid freeze-drying. These conditions only exist in outer space. 

These new findings certainly support the theory that life did not originally start on earth, and we are all alien!

zhengjiawen’s first giveaway

yoooo~ i’m so excited to be holding my first giveaway!! one lucky winner will receive all the following items.. rules are below ^^


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* ends september 7th october 7th (extended the giveaway bc i’m dumb and forgot to order some of the prizes.. forgive me)

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and that’s all~ good luck!


PIA for

Photography Nicole Franke
Fashion David Kele
Model Pia at Mirrrs Models and Miha Model Management
Hair & Make-Up Katja Maaßen
Clothes Sample CM, Starstyling, Gesine Försterling, Lena Voutta, Bianca Fleisch, Elisabeth Von Der Thannen, Friederike Haller, Zara and Martin Niklas Wieser

okay but sherlock barging into the bathroom as john is taking a bath and he helps himself to a piss and brushing his teeth and john is so unaffected by this new normal that he doesn’t flinch or panic or blow out his candles, he just has a conversation and reminds sherlock to lower the lid, and before sherlock leaves john just “you could join me, you know,” and before he knows it sherlock is getting in buck-ass naked and lounging back against john’s chest, and john smiles and hums and plays with sherlock’s hair and plays footsie under water with him

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Hi! :) I don't know if you've ever written anything like this (pls let me know if you have) but could you write something about the first time Haymitch realizes how much he really knows about Effie (silly details and stuff people normally wouldn't remember) and he starts to freak out cause he shouldn't know that much if she truly means nothing to him? Thank you! Love your writing! <3

Since this prompt is from @archervale I will take the opportunity to sing her praises and say go check her art right now (on devianart or tumblr) (but DON’T steal it) because she is awesome and I also owe her a toddler AU that will come soon I promise (missing only 2chapters).[X]

The Things We Know

It started as a normal day – as normal as it could be on this Victory Tour from hell anyway. They were sitting around the table in the dining car for breakfast, Haymitch was nursing a hangover, Effie was prattling nonstop about District Seven, the schedules and the behavior the children should adopt, Cinna and Portia were flirting very not discreetly over the jar of jam, Katniss was rolling her eyes every five minutes and Peeta was the only one paying their escort any attention. It was a morning like every other morning so far.

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