Reebok tries its hand at celebrating the Chinese New Year once again with the “Year of the Monkey” Instapump Fury. For this release, Reebok represents the year of the Fire Monkey with a blazing red leather on the heel. The Monkey is also represented on the toe, with a random geometric pattern of lines makes up the face of a monkey. Geometric patterns make up the rest of the dark upper, while the signature Reebok Instapump finishes the tongue. This one can be picked up now online and in-store at our Moreland Ave. location.  

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Oh bless for the link. My gosh its even better seeing it the 2nd time around, and the 3rd,4th,5th,10th hahaha cant get enough. Maddie needs to do another dance on the show. That wasn't enough for me.

Haha, yes, it’s currently 4.40am for me and I need to get up early, but I can’t stop watching the dance on repeat! It’s amazing, I loved the concept, the choreo, the make up and their faces they were so intense and such great performers and the dancing was exquisite, those lifts tho, omg, I wish it could have been longer!! Maddie is capable of so much and tonight we got to see a glimpse of what she could have done in all those years on DM, but they couldn’t choreograph for her or anyone. I’m so glad she gets chances like this and can show off her real talent and potential because she really is a star, no matter what some people might say!

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I noticed your reply to someone about Zuii organic make up on insta, and how minimalist your make up is, but also how even it looks! I can't get Zuii in Nova Scotia from what I can tell, but just in general, what are your make up staples? I have a ton of make up and I'm planning on selling it all and ending my relationship with intense contouring, and going natural and neutral! But I know I'll need some main go to's and I was wondering what do you stick to using when you go "full face" make up?

I have an everyday makeup look and a “dolled up” makeup look. The everyday products I use are organic ones, but the more glam look involves the use of conventional beauty products :)

Everyday look:

Zuii Organic flora liquid foundation in the shade ‘olive light’

Zuii Organic powdered foundation

Zuii Organic flora blush in the shade ‘grapefruit’

Zuii Organic vegan flora mascara in the shade ‘earth’

Zuii Organic lip tint in the shade ‘rose’

Glam look:

Clinique superbalanced liquid foundation

MAC studio conceal and correct palette

BECCA shimmering skin highlighter

Estee Lauder sculpting blush

MAC lipstick, always in dark brown/earthy tones

NAKED eyeshadow palette

L’Oreal liquid eyeliner

Maybelline Falsies mascara


*sobs quietly* 

Okay I need to quickly get off my chest an appreciation for Dylan O’Brien. Anyone who follows me might have seen a while back that I had a mass Teen Wolf binge watch, which I pretty much only started watching because I’d just seen the Maze Runner and thought Dylan was pretty good in it, and just generally pretty also. So while in my own opinion I don’t think Teen Wolf is all that good (it has it’s moments don’t get  me wrong) I can’t help but completely love Stiles, which is really mostly because Dylan has this way of bringing the character to life in a way that looks totally effortless, and if anything is the mark of a good actor it’s being able to immerse you in the world of the story and make you believe in their character.

For me he’s almost like a young Jensen, and I mean that as in I’m growing to really appreciate Dylan’s acting the same way I did Jensen when I first saw him on screen. They just have this way of lighting up any scene they’re in, and handling anything that’s thrown at them with this innate ability to flow effortlessly between comedy, drama, tragedy, action etc.

One minute he’s performing highly physical comedy like a young Jim Carrey

And the next he’s breaking your heart with deeply emotive scenes

And don’t even get me started on the amazing and seamless dual performance as both Stiles and Void in season 3B that had me grinning and applauding stupidly at my TV screen.

And going beyond Teen Wolf he’s proved equal prowess in both high-fueled action scenes and the much smaller tense moments in The Maze Runner series, and also not forgetting the great comedic acting and timing in other things like The Internship.

What can I say I’m enamoured with the guy, and I know this all comes nothing new to all his other fans, but gimme a break I didn’t know he existed until a few weeks ago xD. In short I think he’s a brilliant actor, and as he jumps from strength to strength, I await eagerly to see what he does next.

*waits for Deepwater Horizon to come out*