the highborn; sold by his mother, experimented on by the man he now calls father. 

the lowborn; left behind by his mother who’d rather drink herself into oblivion, raised by the dirt beneath his feet.

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I don't know if you did this before, but could I have Style Five's reaction to their s/o asking them to do their makeup + the aftermath? ✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚

Haru didn’t knew anything about makeup and the ways of applying it, but he did his best to make her as pretty as he could just by relying on his skills. It didn’t came out as the spring-season make-up that she was asking for, but she did ended up looking like an artwork made with love by a very skilled artist. At least, they were both happy with how it came out. 

Makoto was totally lost. He didn’t know which to apply first, and how to apply each kind of make-up on her face. He just went along with it and tried his very best to at least make her look decent. Once he’s done, he nervously hands her the pocket mirror because he knew that the makeup he did was awful– and it did. However, she just laughed at how she looked like instead of getting angry with him. 

Nagisa heard about the type of make-ups used by girls. Mascara, foundation, lipsticks– hell, he grew up with girls but he has no idea how to put them on, even when he was used as a doll by his sisters before. He just applied it however he wanted to, having fun and just playing along until she stops him. She looked bad, and she ended up smacking his head because he laughed hard at her.

Rei is all about beauty. He made some research beforehand, watching a lot of make-up tutorials online so he wouldn’t screw up in doing her make-up. When the day has finally come, he perfectly executed every step. He made sure that she’d look perfectly beautiful and she did. He felt proud upon seeing her happy with her make-up and hearing her praise him for doing a good job. 

Rin thought it sucked that his girlfriend had to ask him do her make-up. He remembered Gou making fun of him and asking him to help her with her own make-up. He has 0 idea on how to do it, but does it anyway just to give her a reason why she shouldn’t ask him. 

And she really did regret asking him, the same way he regrets messing her face up as he ended up getting his cheeks mercilessly pinched by her. 


Can we all just take a second and appreciate the way this girl slayedddddd she just did a full face with no brushes INCLUDING THE FREAKING EYE LINER???? Omg bruh

Perhaps the most tragic thing about this work is that the girl thinks her works are great and she is a decent make-up artist… But she needs to do some research about the history behind blackface… Because she did something she has no clue nor any life experience about.

It’s so offensive when white people do it because it was done a malicious way in the past, so why is that so hard for people to understand?

No race should ever be worn like a costume or a mask!