Genre: Filth. Pure Unholy Filth. (Warnings: Strap on; Double penetration; Anal; Degradation) 

Pairing: (Female) Reader X Chaeyoung (Rosé) X Jennie 

Word Count: 6k-ish

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anonymous asked:

1 with jimin!!

1. “You got a cute butt”

You sighed and plopped down on the bed next to your boyfriend after a long day at work, you didn’t even have enough energy to go all the way back to your apartment so here you were, at bts’ dorm.

“Long day, huh?” He asked with a chuckle when he heard you groan.

“I just want to cuddle and sleep and eat dinner,” you sighed “now.”

“Well, we already ordered dinner so that should be here soon. We can cuddle now and then we can go to sleep.” He offered with a smile “Sounds good?”

“Sounds perfect.” You nodded and got up to go to the bathroom. “I’m gonna change into pajamas.”

When you got back, fresh pjs on and a make up free face, he was laying on his stomach scrolling on his phone. You smiled at your cute boyfriend and went to cuddle him, well, his legs. You threw your arm and leg around his legs and placed you head on his butt, his cute laugh filling the room instantly.

“What are you doing?” He asked between laughs.

“You got a cute butt.” You said as if it was a normal answer. “Your cute butt needs my cuddles.”

“You guys are a weird couple.” Both of you looked towards the door, and there stood a confused Jungkook. “I came here to tell you that the food is here and I see this.” He sighed and shook his head, walking out of Jimin’s room.

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how did u learn to draw so good.. like im being serious what books, videos, tutorials, did u watch to be self taught (i'm assuming)

I literally just look at a photo and draw using it as a reference. I’m pretty good at seeing what shapes make up a face and judging the size of things. The more I do it the better I get at recreating the pictures in my own style while gaining a better understanding of anatomy and stuff. I never read any books or looked up tutorials or anything. I did try one once for the base design of a head but I didn’t like it. I just draw whenever I can. That’s why I’m still a beginner because I basically just draw and hope for the best lmao. It’s kinda like running a race without appropriate footwear – I’ll get to my goal some time just not as fast as I’d like to lol.

i still get upset about robin williams. he was very little to me; meant more to my brother, spoke the best lines in my favorite movies, was a stunning actor. but i, in my head, never paid much attention to things like fame, and loved him like a distant uncle, but distant indeed. i can’t watch those movies the same way. i think about what was chasing him, what was chasing me.

some people tell me they won’t be missed. their lives are not sparks but dull, the regular, the forgettable. that their absence would be a small celebration, that when they left the burden would evaporate and somebody else, somebody better, would spill in waves to fill the empty space. that the forgettable get forgot, that the unexceptional are only spared half of a thought.

but i love the man who let me turn left at a busy intersection even though he had right of way today and i’m still thinking about him. i’m still thinking about the teenage girl i taught four years ago who was spiraling, who came to me and whispered she wasn’t planning on an eighteenth year - who was out of my hands, who was “taken care of” who i tried my hardest for and who still disappeared like smoke in the air. i still think about the girl in my dance class who, when we were both seven, taught me the magic potion of fingers and throats, who kept a secret, who reached out to me just once later to say, “remember when we were young and i was unafraid” and i said yes, we threw barbie heads at the ceiling, and she said, “i’m calling from inpatient. i never forgot that you were my friend. thank you for that. that’s it. the end.”

and at night i tell myself the names of others or i pass their features over my eyes. i think about how our dreams can’t make up faces and how each night like a litany i bring back people to fill in seats, and how some of these people are dead, and how i wake up and barely know them and still miss them. and i tell myself that with all this love i have in a bucket that if i dropped into the sky and took off with myself and painted myself into the ground - i say i’m mediocre. i couldn’t bear it if someone else went off but if i did that’s just fine. the world needs less poets. the world needs less open mouths. the world needs less of me and more people who can function properly. 

and i know you’re reading this and most likely you’ve felt the same thing. that everybody has a life that’s precious unless it’s you, and your untalented unproductive unhelpful self, with heavy hands and a little too much rust in the places that should shine. so here’s the deal. i’ll make a promise and if you keep yours, i’ll keep mine.

if you won’t die, then i won’t die. and we two can live in distant orbits around each other, admiring each other like the other is robin williams, planets that never speak, only listen, two stars with our own complicated galaxies we feel swallowed by - but if you won’t die, then i won’t die.

and if you keep yours, i’ll keep mine. and we’ll remember each other. and we’ll fill up the sky.

drawn4life  asked:

How do you figure out lighting? I can never figure out shadows on a human face. It's way different than a ball or block. Any tips?

EXCELLENT QUESTION one that fucks me up too even tho i’ve been drawing for a million years. I don’t think i’ve mastered lighting on the face yet, so i don’t really have a lot of tips to offer but here’s what i got: 

I guess first and foremost you have to familiarize yourself with the planes that make up the face. I only laid out the main ones here. Once you figure out where the hard edges of the face occur, it’s quite easy to lay out the most basic shadows. 

Sometimes i don’t constrain to realistic planes (like around the nose and lips) but that’s mostly because it’s just my style. 

Because the cheek is flat (in relation to the front of the face) it catches a lot of light even in the most dramatic lighting. It’s one of my favorite places to light up HEH (even if it’s extremely subtle) 

I also have a few lovely guides to share ! Most of these are tutorials on how these artists accomplish their lighting techniques, but i thought they were extremely helpful. 

Simple Face lighting tutorial 

Constraints of facial features 

Color + lighting 

Dramatic/expressive lighting 

Also this Virtual Lighting Studio is extremely useful if you want to simulate a specific lighting on the face! (it lags a lot but honestly this is probably the best thing you can get)

Your Ascendant: Expression in Poetry

Felt like I should be writing today, partly because I was inspired and because it’s cathartic. Hope you all enjoy! 

Aries AC:   

a million and one sunsets cannot match the beauty of your smile // red lipstick smears on your coffee cup // and he says “care to come home with me?”

Taurus AC: 

sitting by the fireside with your oversized sweater, tired eyes // flawless without even having to try // please don’t break my heart tonight.

Gemini AC:

whispers turn into giggles, giggles into laughter // acting strange for strangers // drunk on the moonlight and maybe a beer.

Cancer AC:

you’re diving into the deep end, yet again // the craters in the crescent moon start to look like swimming pools // but dear, there are no ladders up in space.

Leo AC:

a conversation with the mirror turns into dancing in your lingerie // whiskey on the breath & a french manicure // that hair flip says: “don’t tempt me with a good time.” 

Virgo AC:

perfection leads to madness, but isn’t madness genius? // that’s what they call you, glasses and all // with a heart made of crystal that’s chipped from the world’s fist.

Libra AC:

lollipops and gumdrops, cough syrup in your cup // sickly sweet like strawberry taffy, drink it up // make a funny face and wish the next girl good luck.

Scorpio AC:

smoking outside of the city lines // the sky is red and you feel so alive // you don’t need a lighter, your penetrating gaze is the flame.

Sagittarius AC:

you’ll be the first to fly, so tell me what it’s like // riding on an elephant’s back, kissing another stranger goodnight // in the back of his car, another anatomy lesson.

Capricorn AC:

throw another pebble into the ocean and it splashes like a stone // you put on a brave face so nobody knows // won’t you stop eating yourself alive?

Aquarius AC:

your mind is like a never-ending movie, so don’t wait for those credits to roll // lucy told me that you two have met, you’re one in the same // her watercolor pictures wouldn’t let you catch your breath. 

Pisces AC:

step into the flowerchild’s garden or better yet, let’s step into her head // licorice dreams melt into cotton candy scenes // use a seashell as a cellphone & hear her voice.

-Admin L

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Can you write a fic where the IPRE abandon Faerûn and Angus fights against the Hunger from the inside?

“We’ve got two choices,” Barry says. Inside his hood, the faint light that makes up his face wavers with exhaustion. “Just two choices.”

His proclamation is met with silence. Angus looks hopefully to Taako, because if anyone can work out a solution to this, Taako can! But…his mentor is looking toward the sky, arms crossed and face carefully, carefully blank.

His heart sinks. He looks to Taako’s twin, Miss Lup, but she has nothing either, nothing except for an angry fire curling in her palms. To Lucretia, who meets his gaze and holds it for several seconds before her face crumples.

“Please don’t leave us,” Angus says, for the second time that day. He steps imploringly toward Davenport. It’s strange, to see the mettle of command in Davenport’s face, but with his memories of flight restored he does look every inch a legendary captain. “Please, sir. We can’t win this fight alone.”

“We don’t have a choice,” Davenport says, and he’s so tired. He sounds like he wants to be sympathetic, but just doesn’t have it in him. Angus has met people like him before. Witnesses to awful crimes. Husbands who have lost their partners; parents who have lost their child. “Your plane is just another one of hundreds, kid. I’m sorry.”

“No, it isn’t,” says Magnus. “It isn’t, we can’t just leave them here!”

“Then what do you propose we do?”

“Fight!” Magnus says, voice breaking. “We stay and we fight!”

“We stay and we fight, we die,” Davenport says evenly. He turns toward the ship. “I’m taking the Starblaster. All of you, to me - we’re getting out of here.”

“Davenport - ”

Now, Lucretia.”

She flinches. Barry looks at Lup, then at an eyeless Merle, and takes Lup’s hand. “You ready?” Despite her lack of face, Lup looks distraught, lich form flickering. “C’mon, Lup,” Barry says, and tugs her toward the gangplank. 

“Angus,” Lucretia says, and Angus tears his gaze away from the silver ship to look up at  her. “Angus, I - I wish there was something I could do, I thought - ”

“Me too,” says Angus, and smiles for her. “But it’s all right, Miss Lucretia! You’re all very smart. I’m sure you’ll figure something out soon.”

She looks torn. “I - we will, I know, but - gods, Angus, I’m so sorry. I never wanted it to end like this.”

“You had a very smart plan,” Angus tells her quietly. “I’m sorry it couldn’t work.”

Lucretia sniffles, a little bit. It’s odd; faced with his own impending demise, Angus feels nothing. She opens her mouth, like she has something else to say, but instead she kneels in front of him. “I can’t promise we’ll come back,” she says, voice shuddering, “but if we can, I swear, Angus, we will try to come find you.”

“That’s a lot of hay in one stack, Miss Lucretia,” Angus says, and gives her a hug. “But I’m a very bright needle. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way.”

She holds him for a long, long time. When she stands, he catches her dashing at her eyes before boarding the ship.

Then it’s just him, and a silent trio of men who he’s come to see as family.

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Peter gets bullied in school and they all say that he could never get a girlfriend, so Y/N who’s rather popular at school just kisses him in front of every one.

Words: ~ 1500

No spoilers!

A/N: This took me way too long to write… so sorry! Tell me what you think! :)


Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people. Not that I cared.

Normally I didn’t care about much going on in school, referring to the people. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I didn’t care at all about them apart from my friends.

It’s not that I didn’t like them. I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day. But honestly, I didn’t really listen when they told me about the last party or a concert they went to.

But there was one person that I cared about who wasn’t part of my friends even though I hoped I would have more contact with him. Body contact, too.

It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair…
Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would.

I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him.

He was so clever and his shy side was so cute that I just couldn’t handle it. I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about.

Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. Me and my friends stopped at my best friend’s locker and I occasionally let my gaze slip to Peter for a few seconds.

I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it. “What a looser you are!”, Flash exclaimed after Peter groaned loadly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Sorry to ruin your face but with these looks you won’t get a girlfriend, anyway.”, Flash claimed and his friends laughed at this comment before he pushed Peter again.
And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him.

But when Flash grabbed Peter’s backpack from his hands Peter looked up, his face filled with anger as Flash started throwing all of his stuff on the ground.
“Oh, what’s this?”, Flash exclaimed when he took a piece of paper from the ground. “DEAR Y/N, I wish i had the courage to tell you that I’d walk through fire just to see you smile…”, he started to read and I saw everyone’s eyes stare at me, making my face heat up.

I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him.

“But you do know”, he laughed, “You do know that someone like Y/N Y/L/N would never love you, right?” Oh, boy, how wrong you were…
I saw Peter’s head lowering again, his fingers brushing over his face before they ran through his hair.
Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point.

Someone like Y/N Y/L/N would definitely love Peter Parker.

My legs brought myself over to them, even though my friend’s arm grabbed me slightly. But I ignored it and shoved Flash ’s friends aside so that I could get to Peter.

“Peter, you told me you wouldn’t drag this old thing with you.”, I laughed, rolling my eyes and earning a very confused and very cute look from Peter.
“See? I told you that someone would think that you’re single.”

In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.
And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his.

Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

Peter’s face stated pure shock and he stared at me nervously before I smirked at him. “Bye, Peter, see you later.”, I smiled proudly, wandering off to my next class and ignoring everyone’s dazzled looks.

I let out a shaky breath I didn’t know I was holding. This had been life changing.

“Wait, Y/N, what the hell was that?”, my friend wanted to know, a strange look on her face.
“Spontaneous.”, I only answered, shrugging. “Yeah, I know. But what were you thinking?”, she asked and now there was a worried look that made me angry somehow. It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush. She couldn’t know this part.

“Nothing really. I just thought that Flash is a dick and Peter doesn’t deserve this.”, I simply said and only got a confused “Okay…” as an answer.

Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping.

I thought about the kiss, obviously.

Was it right? Apart from the fact that probably the whole school knew it by now, Peter knew too.

But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong. Somehow it made me feel strong.

And there was another positive aspect, as well. I had kissed my crush Peter Parker!

Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face.
“Can… uh… Can I join you?”, he chuckled, nodding his head towards the empty seat in front of me. “Sure.”, I nodded, a smile on my face which was maybe a bit too wide.

He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground.
“Rough day?”, I asked and he only nodded before he leaned forward slightly, his arms supporting his weight.

“Uhm, yeah.”, he replied before biting his lip, my eyes not being able to look at something else but him.
“Actually, it wasn’t that bad.”, he chuckled softly, his brown eyes meeting mine.

“Yeah?”, I grinned and he just nodded with a cute smile on his lips. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before my mind brought back the letter that Flash found in Peter’s backpack.
“Uhm, Peter…”, I started but paused briefly when his beautiful eyes stared at me, “I was wondering… I mean… would you… Would you really walk through fire to see me smile?”
He nodded instantly without a word, nervously fiddling with his fingers before my hands grabbed his. I couldn’t help but smile, my heart beat running in my chest.
“You know, you don’t need to do this. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me.”, I clarified, earning a grin from him and I returned it instinctively.

“Uh, I… um, I wanted to thank you for… you know.”, he began and I only shrugged, playing it cool,“No problem.”
“But the whole school thinks were a couple now.”
“Is that bad?”, I wanted to know, a flirty tone in my voice.

Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. “No, it’s not bad at all.” He clearly gained some confidence when I grinned at his answer. “I liked kissing you.”, he confessed, tilting his head. “No, that’s an understatement. I loved kissing you.”

“That’s good.”, I laughed before grabbed the collar of his shirt and nearly pulled him over the table to feel his soft lips on mine again.

He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met. He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted. My cheeks blushed due to all to blood that my heart pumped through my veins and I felt the excitement rushing through my whole body.
My fingers wandered up to the back of his neck, playing with some of his strands after Peter tilted his head to deepen the kiss, causing my mind to go mushy.

He pulled himself back slightly, a huge grin on his face when I ran my fingers through his hair. “You like me.”, he breathed out and I nodded before I pecked his lips briefly.

He leaned back again, giving me a charming smile. I had to bite my lip to hid that huge smile on my face which Peter saw anyway and I felt my heart skipping a beat.

This one question wether I wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend was definitely in his head but there was no need to voice it.

He knew that I was in love with him.

Part 2

The Marauders looking after you when you get sick would include…

- Them demanding for you to lay in one of their beds, because they aren’t allowed in the girls’ dorm

- James trying to cheer you up by making silly faces and telling you the worst jokes you’ve ever heard

- “What bone would a dog never eat?”
Looks at Sirius
“A tromBONE”

- Sirius being practically forced to slap him for this one (which actually made you laugh a bit)

- Remus bringing all the blankets and chocolate he can find

- Them forcing you to drink your tea

- Making a whole tea party out of it, after you refused to drink at first because your throat hurt

- Remus reading your favourite book to you when you can’t properly sleep

- Sirius and James falling asleep before you though

- Waking up the next morning to realize that all of you are sick now, since you probably infected them after all the time you spent together

- The boys complaining how their cold is much worse than yours (which it isn’t)

- Curling in a mountain of blankets together

- They boys drawing on each other’s faces while the others are asleep, which soon causes some kind of war between them

- Madam Pomfrey eventually picking up on your group being sick, and forcing you to finally come to the infirmary