Okay so what this is gonna feature is some PSDs, video and text tutorials, and some additional techniques. I’ve always wanted to make one of these so here it is and I hope y'all like it ^-^



Touching Up

Filter Effects

Text Effects

Other Cool Things


Hope you found these useful!

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Alright, season two of Haikyuu premiered today, and I was screaming in my bedroom at my screen, taking screencaps incessantly.

And then, I see Ushijima hate. In an episode mostly based around Karasuno. Just his appearance alone speared an ugly flurry of comments. 

I saw things like “Ushijima is ugly” “Ushijima is an asshole” “he called Seijou weak”

And I’m going to fix this right now. There are spoilers, so if you haven’t read up to Ch.176, you may want to ignore this.

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some oisuga headcanons
  • it’s apparently canon that suga makes bad puns in his head but what if he tells oikawa
  • oikawa: flashes peace sign in every photo
  • “oikawa do you make the peace sign because you’re TOOru hahaha get it 2-ru”
  • oikawa: stops flashing peace sign
  • in the early morning when oikawa watches volleyball matches he completely loses his brain-to-mouth filter so he tends to say more curse words than usual
  • suga sometimes keeps him company. he picks up the habit from oikawa
  • daichi: 
  • karasuno:
  • noya: *giddy laughter*
  • suga brings oikawa’s nephew takeru snacks like pocky and choco pie whenever he and oikawa pick him up from school
  • takeru lowkey adores suga
  • suga teases oikawa that takeru is his favorite
  • so oikawa sulks, and when he sulks, his nose scrunches
  • suga tiptoes to kiss the nose scrunch
  • suga tiptoes to kiss IN GENERAL
  • sometimes when tooru is in a really petulant mood he raises his chin up so suga can’t reach his lips, even on tiptoe
  • so suga goes for his neck!
  • oikawa flushes red. why does he do this to himself
  • oikawa being the only person allowed to call suga by his first name (literally because he forced his way in I mean kou-chan? probably canon if we let this happen)
  • height difference + CUDDLING

A little bit early for a proper timeline, but today is 6 months on Estrogen and I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing because I am SO FREAKING ecstatic!!

Top: 2 years pre everything, first day on anti-androgens, first day on Estrogen
Bottom: 6 months estrogen, no makeup, no filters

Day to day it’s so hard to appreciate the changes that have already happened. It’s easy to get bogged down with depression, let dysphoria make you hate yourself, and daily misgendering make you give up hope.

Honestly the last few months there have been more bad than good days. It has been hard on my family, I’ve been hard on myself, it has been hard to keep going.

But I look at that first photo, how far I’ve come from that person, how much I’ve discovered myself, how hard I’ve fought to be who I am today, and I can feel so much hope for the future. The only limits are the ones I’ve been placing on myself, and today self-invalidating Ellie just got punched in the face.

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“You’re Neko’s Shiro, and I’ve been your Neko for ages now!!”

Reallllyyy late post (or early!) but wanted to post a surprise for Kevin (who’s cosplayed Shiro a long time ago) while he’s out with his friends hehehe. <3

Sorry for such bad lighting, I got too excited after styling the wig. The filter I used is too dreamy but then I guess it suits her powers, right? Hahaha :3 This is a costest for my Neko cosplay from K! I watched all of it on Netflix, normally I don’t watch English dubs but for the convenience of watching it on the TV under the blanket…

Anyway, this will be my last make-up test in this room for a long time. This weekend is my move!

Hope you will wait for more of our cosplay ‘til then!! Kevin will be staying with me for a while so hopefully we’ll get a lot done together (fingers crossed we won’t get lazy/I won’t stay too focused on commissions…) 


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Just because a person claims that they are a good person doesn’t get them off the hook when they do bad things. In the end they should be held just as accountable for their behavior as anyone else would. Real people will always fess up to everything they’ve done wrong, make it up to people they unintentionally hurt in the past and not filter their behavior with excuses. If you are good person, you would  make a consistent effort to do the right thing no matter what it takes, no matter the cost.
—  Joanna Strafford

I converted Tali’s suit and drowned the textures a bit in an oil-paint filter/effect. UV mapping was kinda seamless for some reason. Although weight transfers and bone assignments kind of make the suit end up weird looking in certain places and the arms are pulled back a bit :P

Although Tali’s suit doesn’t look too bad overall :P


Not bad for not warming my back up properly before hand. I just wanted to bust this out really quick before work 👌🏻 note: my hair is not purple, the filter I put on the video makes it look that way 😂 also the pants are from @lululemon and the bra is from @kiavaclothing 👍🏻 #yoga #yogi #yogagirl #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #forearmstand #scorpion

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“At The Opera” - Digital Oil Painting

When the Doctor saw the dress the Tardis had picked out for Rose, he was glad he’d done more than just “change his jumper.” She looked absolutely stunning in her pearl-dotted cream satin gown, her gold hair in gorgeous curls. Though, by the look on her face, he didn’t look too bad in his full tuxedo either. He straightened up from the console and grinned. “Ready for your first opera?” He waved the wallet with the psychic paper. “We’ve got our own private box. Figured we should do it up right.” She glided toward him and threaded her arm around his, smiling up at him in the way she had, making his knees suspiciously wobbly. “Now I’m ready,” she said. His grin widened. “Fantastic.”

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

me, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: why do people make fansites for donghyuck if they’re just gonna desaturate and brighten the shit out of the pics?? i understand slight brightening especially for pics taken in bad lighting but they’re making him whiter than a sheet of paper??? and lately he’s been adding light filters to his selfies??? i get it’s cool that you dedicate a large amount of time to taking pictures of him but when you are editing so heavily that it could be affecting his self confidence, there is a problem

Attention BJD owners!

If you photograph your crew and put them on DevArt… there’s a good chance this so called “artist” has stolen your photo, run it through a filter and is currently claiming it as his own. And as if that’s not bad enough, he’s also got a Kickstarter project going to sell an artbook of “original” paintings, all made up of other people’s images.

He’s grabbed more than half my gallery.  He’s even using official photos from Iplehouse and is dumb enough to even pilfer a photo of Ezio of Assassin’s Creed.

Report him, send him messages, spread the word. Make him realize that no, he cannot get away with stealing someone else’s creations and hard work. 

And to make it worse, the dude’s 44. He should know better.

Link to his Facebook:
Link to his Facebook Fan Page:
Link to his DA:
Link to Kickstarter:

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A Hug Will Suffice.

A/N: I have had such a shit day so therefore I made Dan have a shit day. Although Dan had Phil to cuddle up to and my boyfriend was working so I think Dan wins.

Summary: Dan has a bad day. Phil makes it better. Pure fluff, angst ridden Dan. 

Warnings: Tiny bit of swearing.

Word Count: 2273

Enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. Sorry if this was rushed towards the end! It’s midnight okay?


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like lets b real the main reason most people go into online fandom is bc they r weird kids with obsessive tendencies and when ur in that position and may or may not hav developed this weirdness and love of escapism due 2 bein sad or grieving or friendless or abused the absolute last thing u need is to b sharing a community with adult kinksters who purport this “nobody is inthe wrong :) everybody likes what they like :) hating on anything is rude and makes u bad” philosophy like it really can fuck you up!!!! its so bad for you!!!! it was so bad for me and i was bein told it since i was like, an eleven year old invader zim fan on deviantart! so i hav absolutely no remorse seein this mentality die on tumblr dot com like let people complain about and b ruthless with filtering out bad shit jesus

In Good Times And In Bad

Genres: Fluff, Angst (mostly fluff)

Pairing: Makoharu

Summary: Makoto and Haru have had their share of good times and bad times. But they have each other to get through it, and that’s what matters.

Word count: 3,426 (wowie it’s long)

Warnings: Panic attack mention (also I changed some stuff about Haru’s parents leaving, just a heads up)

It’s Saturday morning and the sleepy town of Iwatobi is just beginning to wake up. The sounds of people going about their day begin to make their way through the air. Sunlight filters in through the window.

Haru sleeps through it. He’s never been much of a morning person. He’s something of a night owl, Makoto thinks fondly.

He reaches over and brushes the dark bangs out of Haru’s eyes, though it makes no difference since the latter is asleep. Haru stirs slightly and then falls back into that gentle lull of peaceful dreams.

Makoto feels himself smiling. Haru looks best like this. He’s untroubled, his semi-permanent scowl is nowhere to be seen on his face. His gentle breath moves in and out of his nose, almost silently.

He presses his lips to Haru’s forehead, then to both his eyelids, his cheeks, his chin. He feels hands threading through his hair and pulling him closer.

“Makoto,” Haru mumbles, voice laced thick with sleep.

“Good morning, Haru-chan,” Makoto breathes.

“Drop the -chan,” Haru furrows his eyebrows and the beginnings of a scowl begin to take place. Makoto laughs and kisses it away.

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Keep You Safe (Pt 1)

Longish Draco Malfoy Oneshot/Imagine (2 parts)

Request: Hello!! Can you do one were you are dating draco and he is crazy about you, like he loves hopelessly, but he brokes up with you because you are a “mud-blood” and because of voldemort, and it kinda goes from there, you chose the ending, make it long please! (Sorry for the bad english btw!) and add a lil bit of smut to it. ok sorry bye

Word count: 939

Pairing: (Y/N) x Draco

(Flashback in italics)

It was almost nine o'clock when you passed by the old clock on the common room mantle piece. There weren’t many people left now, most of the stragglers were now filtering upstairs to the dorm room. The fire had been extinguished and the room had lost its warmth and light, the golden and red Gryffindor banners displaying a darker tone. You smile slightly to yourself at the thought of what… or who awaited outside your common room door. Exiting through the portrait hole it was obvious that no one was in the halls at this time, the impending darkness had turned many student away. The halls now pressed an extra weight onto everyone’s shoulders and the paintings had even become more wary. Slipping carefully into the closest corridor you see him standing there. 

Him. He defied everything, every bone in his body to be with you, you the “Mudblood”, the “Gryffindor.” How could it ever be? Yet it was. He was leant with his back to the wall, almost blending into the darkness with his fully black suit, hands nimbly twisting with a ring around his finger. “Draco?” You call as not to startle him but instead of his usual happy response, he turned with a solemn look on his face, his grey eyes staring straight into yours as he took a deep sigh before turning on his heel and walking swiftly towards you. “What are we doing tonight, room of requirement? Kitchens-“ You are cut off from your excited rambling by his lips against yours, hand cupping your face. He is the one to pull away first, resting his forehead on yours. You frown in worry, his behaviour wasn’t normal. “You um” He coughed slightly to clear his throat, pulling away from you. “Draco?” You half heartedly laugh, genuinely worried at his behaviour now. “You know when I told you I love you with all my heart don’t you (Y/N)?” His brow creased with fear as you cocked an eyebrow, nodding cautiously. 

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Believe it or not, Mr. Hiddleston knows how to accessorise well for a party.

And he proved it once more by being his usual dorky self at the Crimson Peak wrap up party.

Just look at that cutie patootie with those maxi hipster glasses, and the antlers and the hats and stuff.

I don’t think I can handle so much adorableness… I just can’t.

And even though the photos (sorry for the bad quality btw) have a kinda sepia thingie filter, we can all make an educated guess and say that he’s wearing a blue or white shirt coupled with a navy blue or black jacket/blazer.


External image

Yep, I was right.


When the skin round the eyes has bad days (which is most days) I just paint the rest of my face, avoid using concealer, foundation etc. round the eyes, put on mascara and pretend that I’m wearing pink eye-shadow. It makes me feel so much better about it instead of just hating on my skin for not acting the way I want it to.

I’ve been told I will have to live with my skin problems for the rest of my life. We have to take care of ourselves and stop wishing our bodies were something they’re not. Use what we got.

And yeah, these pics are taken without filters (wouldn’t be any point writing this post otherwise :P)