Un-uglify new tumblr controls

Tumblr’s new controls were obnoxious, disgusting and just a bad design choice in general, and I couldn’t stand it, so I wrote a script to make it actually look decent enough whilst still maintaining all the functionality. The only thing about it is that the dashboard button is gone, but that’s easily fixed with a separate link somewhere I guess.

It’s small, out of the way in the top right corner, has a transparent background and the buttons are all white with black text, but you can use filter:invert(100%) just like what we did with the old controls. [preview]

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The Nintendo Switch event is in two weeks. here are my predictions

-it will launch with Captain Rainbow HD, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie the Video Game 
-you can scream at it, but sometimes it will scream back
-The Nintendo Switch will beat up your grandma if she’s not careful 
-It will cost $532 at launch but if you pre-order you get a Nintendo Switch tapwater filter for your sink 
-Breath of the Wild will be pushed back to fall 2019 but we’ll get a new trailer for it 
-the first 400 Nintendo Switches purchased will contain a map to where the real life Waluigi resides but find him at your own risk
-Miiverse is no more, in it’s place is a new system called Switch BITCH where you can communicate through a headset that makes your voice sound like Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad during online play 
-you have one year, and only one year, to buy it before Reggie Fils-Aime comes to your house and threatens you

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I've had a thought in my mind lately. What if Anti is a big goof? He and Jack are friends and they like to work together with the glitches. Jack lets Anti take over so that he can make something himself for those. Robin adds filters, and makes Anti look like a bad person. (Which Anti likes a lot) When in reality; Anti is basically a huge dork who tries to be scary but ends up to act the opposite. Just to add; the #nofilter part in the Bloopers are Anti himself screwing stuff up behind camera.

i love this! so pure

Friendly PSA

Friendly reminder that if your: hateful against multishippers, hateful against shalladin, hateful against ships in general, feel the need to put others down to make yourself feel better, love to stir up discourse, are a shipping hypocrite, or just mean in general to people doing what they love


Here is some things you can do: block offensive accounts without making a rude comment, unfollow people that go against your beliefs, and keep your safe search/filters on

There is no reason for discourse

Don’t make anyone feel bad for indulging in something that they love

meanie as best friends pt3

valentine’s edition (a day late bc priorities)

  • both get u a box of chocolate
  • wonwoo gives u his first and brags to mingyu about it
  • mingyu brags at how his chocolates are better
  • you have to leave the room bc they argue too much
  • but they honestly end up eating half of what they gave you
  • ur forever the test subject of mingyu’s pick up lines
  • and valentine’s day is the day he will use them nonstop
  • wonwoo joins in with the fun but he’s really bad at puns
  • y’all celebrate “palentine’s” day bc y’all been friendzoned
  • pal… get it. bc pal. like “hey pal” hahahahah
  • anyway lots of karaoke
  • wonwoo sings all the sad songs
  • literally hogs the mike
  • mingyu will complain to make the mood happier
  • he ends up singing beyonce
  • literally knows the whole dance to crazy in love
  • barely survives love on top
  • sings if i were a boy and laughs bc “lulz i’m already a boy”
  • lots of selfies using the snapchat filters
  • rOM COMS
  • wonwoo high key a sucker for rom coms
  • begs to watch me before you and cries at the first scene bc “it hurts me too much”
  • mingyu tries to play it off cool but ends up crying
  • mingyu also makes dinner while wonwoo sets up the table
  • wonwoo the type to make you give him a hand massage and then a neck massage
  • mingyu the type to take a bite of a chocolate and puts it back half eaten if he doesnt like the taste
  • you literally have to force feed him to finish the damn bite
  • matching pajama sets for all y’all bc its a valentine’s day slumber party
  • so many heart to hearts
  • literal ugly sobbing because you guys can talk to each other about the struggles you all have
  • you end up being on youtube and getting inspired to start a vlog channel
  • “vlogs” via snapchat
  • y’all so extra on snapchat that your snap story ends up being 5 minutes long.
  • but once you’re all pooped and tired out, you know you can always count on these two to be with you if you ever feel alone.

more scenarios

Just because a person claims that they are a good person doesn’t get them off the hook when they do bad things. In the end they should be held just as accountable for their behavior as anyone else would. Real people will always fess up to everything they’ve done wrong, make it up to people they unintentionally hurt in the past and not filter their behavior with excuses. If you are good person, you would  make a consistent effort to do the right thing no matter what it takes, no matter the cost.
—  Joanna Strafford
✩ Signs Aesthetics based on Friends ✩
  • Aries: Road Trips, Dramatic Lighting, Potted Plants, Tea, Fountains, Selfie Filters, Dragons, Unused Sketchbooks, Dust in the Sunlight, Talking to Pets, Experimental Cooking
  • Taurus: Grid Patterns, Good Hugs, Fresh Pastries, Instant Photos, Fast Food, Old Cars, Silly Ties, Wide Brimmed Hats, Cinnamon Sticks, Making up Nicknames for Friends
  • Gemini: Messy Hair, Strange Art Projects, Early Morning Coffee, Home Movies, Trench Coats, Paint Stains, The Smell of Newspaper, Rough Stubble, Shitposting, Aviators
  • Cancer: Kanken Backpacks, Hair Clips, Converse Sneakers, Sharing Food, Cute Emojis, Jumping When Excited, Shrimp, HTML Coding, Pusheen, Minimalist Graphics
  • Leo: Thick Hair, Bright Red, Sassy Social Activism, Broadway Music, Bad Puns, Plane Tickets, Competitiveness, Alternative Music Taste, Speaking two Languages, Concerts
  • Virgo: Laughing Until Crying, Freckles, Notebook Doodles, Curly Hair, Folded Corners of a Book,Small Birds, Texting back Right Away, All Nighters, Butterflies in your Stomach
  • Libra: Long Hair, All Black Outfits, Loud Laughter, Guitar Music, Crooked Smiles, Long Fingers, Rage Quitting a Game, Censoring your Swears, Memorizing Random Facts
  • Scorpio: Platform Shoes, Jet Black Hair, Starry Night Sky, Silver Jewelry, Realistic Art, Starbucks Coffee, Monochrome Outfits, Netflix Marathons, Intimidating but Kind
  • Sagittarius: Deep Voices, Viral Videos, Helping Others, Pizza, Having over 100 Hours on a Game, Adult Swim Cartoons, Watching Movies with Friends, Graphic T-Shirts
  • Capricorn: Medical Scrubs, Sheet Music, Building a PC, Libraries, Flushed Cheeks, Bracelets, Rain on a Window, Vintage Music Covers, Infinite Patience
  • Aquarius: Leather Jackets, Dog and Cat Hair, Boxed Hair Dye, Laundry Piles, Blue Eye Shadow, Ripped Jeans, Starting Books and Never Finishing, Busy Schedules, Weird Stories
  • Pisces: Alpaca Plushes, Pastels, Animal Crossing, Traditional Art, 8-bit Music, Whimsical Patterns, Cute Ghosts, Gemstones, LUSH Products, Fancy Pixel Art
some oisuga headcanons
  • it’s apparently canon that suga makes bad puns in his head but what if he tells oikawa
  • oikawa: flashes peace sign in every photo
  • “oikawa do you make the peace sign because you’re TOOru hahaha get it 2-ru”
  • oikawa: stops flashing peace sign
  • in the early morning when oikawa watches volleyball matches he completely loses his brain-to-mouth filter so he tends to say more curse words than usual
  • suga sometimes keeps him company. he picks up the habit from oikawa
  • daichi: 
  • karasuno:
  • noya: *giddy laughter*
  • suga brings oikawa’s nephew takeru snacks like pocky and choco pie whenever he and oikawa pick him up from school
  • takeru lowkey adores suga
  • suga teases oikawa that takeru is his favorite
  • so oikawa sulks, and when he sulks, his nose scrunches
  • suga tiptoes to kiss the nose scrunch
  • suga tiptoes to kiss IN GENERAL
  • sometimes when tooru is in a really petulant mood he raises his chin up so suga can’t reach his lips, even on tiptoe
  • so suga goes for his neck!
  • oikawa flushes red. why does he do this to himself
  • oikawa being the only person allowed to call suga by his first name (literally because he forced his way in I mean kou-chan? probably canon if we let this happen)
  • height difference + CUDDLING


  • always has time for his friends
  • energetic and always doing something to make the most out of his day
  • determined as shit
  • nice and sweet……like a long lost mcelroy brother……………
  • very considerate of how others feel and does his best to help
  • makes me laugh every fuckin day
  • ….hot…………………..
  • has the best taste in cartoons
  • finds joy in the smallest things
  • made up the correct number of polygons
  • draws me cute art when im feelin down
  • once sent me a snap that was just a video of him with a filter on and a nightcore version of “be my bad boy” playing in the background
  • really fuckin loves his boyfriend like?? his dedication is amazing and im so happy for them??????
  • once consoled me for like an hour and a half when i was having a breakdown in a school stairwell (and it was like 3 am for him god bless)
  • my best friend i dont know what kind of life id live without him
  • literally my complete fucking opposite
  • has the most beautiful voice
  • doesnt mind it when i ramble on about things i love
  • never gave up on me
Rays of Hope [part 1????]

aaaaa so I made a thingie for @craziiwolf​‘s Kageyama Blindness au, mostly because I was hit with inspiration at 10:00 last night, but also because I really like this au- it’s just really unique in my opinion, and gives you a different perspective on the characters. Like I said,  I threw this together at 10 pm (that’s the best time for writing though, isn’t it?), so hopefully it’s not as bad as I think!! Anyways, enjoy <3

Chapters/ Parts: 1 [maybe??]

Word/ Page Count:  1672 words, 5 pages

Notes: they’ll be at the end (; if I put them here at the beginning everything would be given away, ahaha 

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Most smartphones usually engage the "beauty filter" which basically airbrushes you automatically when it detects a face in the frame, prob the botox effect is bc of that. You look at the de la Renta or Angelou event videos, she's the same as always.

The “botox effect”…? Listen, I just said this last night: y’all don’t have to defend her and make shit up (!) all the goddamn time. 🚨 PLASTIC SURGERY IS NOT A BAD THING 🚨 saying so is another way of shaming women for trying to survive in this shitty, patriarchal world. If you have the means and the funds to get it, I don’t blame you. Especially when the right-wingers and Bernie Bros are photoshopping the fuck out of your face on the daily, saying that you’re “dying”.   I’m not out here trying to shame my favorite lady for the fact that she’s gotten it!! Take some lessons from Chillary and head on over to Cedar Rapids, okay? 

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I fucking hate people. I think I might have PCOS. My partner does have it and I remembered them telling me that their doctor said "only certain birth control works with PCOS patients". Well I have the implant, so I decided to look it up and see if that a "PCOS compatible" birth control. Before I could get my answer (it is BTW) I had to filter through SO MANY people screaming "Don't get the implant!! It made me gain 30lbs!! I don't even have PCOS, I'm just here to tell you weight gain is bad:((("

That’s horrible. I’m so sorry. It’s really upsetting how many people seem to feel like gaining weight is the worst thing that can happen to a person. It makes it pretty clear how they feel about fat bodies, and it’s hard to hear as a fat person.

I personally am on the Depo shot. When I first started looking into the shot, my doctor made the point of telling me that it causes weight gain. She then said, “But honey, I’m going to tell you right now, if you gain like 20 pounds on this thing, it’s not the shot that’s the problem. Okay?” 

And then she like gave me this half glare, half winking expression. I knew what she was saying. “Don’t use this as an excuse to keep being fat” was basically what she was trying to tell me.

People really don’t understand how much that kind of thing hurts.

-Mod Bella

Need to collect some more things for my turbo upgrade. 

  1. Billet fuel rails
  2. Assortment of AN fittings and hoses for the fuel feed
  3. Tomei fuel pressure regulator
  4. 550cc injectors
  5. Nistune
  6. Wide band sensor
  7. Oil cooler set up with custom oil filter relocation
  8. Make an exhaust
  9. Maxima front entry intake
  10. and Intercooler and intercooler piping. 

Seems like a lot but it’s not so bad. Already bought a Garrett T3/T4 turbo with a 60-1 compressor and bigger turbine wheel . 

Will be a very nice 450whp capable setup. Maybe more with more boost. 

But first picking up a set of Advan Oni wheels next weekend and then then Z32 brakes. 

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What are your characters like when they're drunk?

Oh lord.

Most of them actually have a pretty good time!

Oliver’s personality and mood is pretty much just amplified on the occasion he can get his hands on one of those nasty toxic undead brews since that’s all that affects him. He’s more boisterous, has less of a filter, rambles a whole lot of mispronounced nonsense, and has a tendency to egg other people into making bad decisions.

Norberon loses his articulation and becomes very affectionate. He becomes extremely honest, for better or for worse, and his usually very extreme concept of personal space is frequently abandoned. Overall much more personable when he’s drunk, but kind of to the point that you don’t want to encourage it because you know he’ll be angry about it when he sobers up.

Chadley is a lightweight. It doesn’t take much for him to start finding everything funny and become a human noodle, slumped over tables and people-watching with a dumb grin. He falls asleep fast.

Kishen, being a derivative of Chadley, is also a lightweight. But unlike Chadley, he’s a manic-depressive drunk with a big emphasis on the depressive. He’ll have a good time until somebody reminds him of something upsetting, at which point he’ll promptly begin to express his woes and probably cry.


Okay, you guys. Here goes.
This right here is honestly the most frightening thing to me. Being body positive about myself is something that I have always struggled with.
So here I am. No make up. No filters. Just me.
And you know what? It’s really not as bad as I thought. Yeah, I’m working on seeing myself in a better light and always call out every flaw on myself, but how can I tell other women to love themselves as they are because they are beautiful if I don’t love myself??

Oh, and if you have any negative comments, you can feed them to a porcupine then shove them up your ass 😘

Ne vs Ni (my understanding)

Ni makes a building and its goal is to have the best building, and whatever that entails. It makes a building and stubbornly works on that building with total certainty, until a force (think of the Big Bad Wolf but he’s actually doing you a favor) does one of two things: it completely destroys your building causing you to rebuild from scratch (you probably feel pretty damn depressed and take a while to restart but) or it makes a sizable hole causing you to renovate. Either way, Ni gets a conclusion, a floorpan they are SURE about, until new ideas and perspectives filter in and are able to cause them to come up with a new blueprint altogether, one better than the last. A healthy Ni user will come up with the most modifications because they don’t stubbornly cling to one design. They recognize they need to grow.

Ne I imagine is like rapid fire, building tons of buildings at once, a complex of sorts for everyone to move into and enjoy. They lay groundwork for a building then get an idea for another and start a new building. So many blueprints get scrapped and so many flourish and so many buildings get destroyed, but Ne just keeps making more NEW buildings. They don’t have this single blueprint with a bunch of eraser shavings and crossed out bits like Ni; they have a pile of blueprints ready to explore creatively. Ni’s creative endeavors are much more singular and refined, but Ne just comes up with creative idea after creative idea and shares them and expands on them. They add to existing ideas, they create new ideas, and they might completely scrap a ton of them.

Ni gets a creative idea and they roll with it for a long time in their heads and work on a single blueprint before they begin building, and when they build they build one thing and continue to modify and refine as obstacles come. Even when ideas are overflowing, they’re all trackable and centered around a core framework.

Ne gets a creative idea and just spits out a ton of things that they can’t even keep up! This or this and this and this or that and this. They spring off a starting point and fly in all different directions, and developing ideas comes from trying them out first. The final blueprint is the goal just like Ni, but they’re more “test it all out to find the best” while Ni is “think it all out to find the best.”

Ni makes a conclusion and sticks with it, just refining it and occasionally starting over. Ne makes many conclusions and picks and chooses the best ones.

Singular vs plural; condense vs expand. Don’t confuse quality vs quantity, because both want the best quality, they just have different means of getting there.

"When life gives you lemons” witch bottle

For those that aren’t adamant on making super-protective and super-”go fuck yourself, attacker” witch bottles, but instead want to show their opponents the middle finger and use the incoming energy for your own needs, or simply want to be pacifistic but protected at the same time. 

Basically “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, in spell form.


  • a container, preferably glass - a bottle or a jar, doesn’t have to have cork/lid - to hold things
  • a piece of coffee filter - for “filtering”, plus coffee is a banishing reagent to make sure you’re protected from this leaking anything bad
  • a piece of sponge or something that can “soak up” things, like cotton wool or hydrogel - to soak up and hold down the bad energies instead of letting them flow through and affect you negatively
  • laurel leaves (bay leaves) - for protection and wishing, luck
  • a piece of a sturdy weed, preferably dried so it doesn’t mold, and I mean something that can’t be killed, the worst nightmare of a gardener you can get a hold of (I would go for Parthenocissus quinquefolia I guess, that thing raided my brother’s garden like hell, it’s friggin everywhere) - for “changing” and making bad into good, as plants use dirt to build themselves, in a way; it needs to be sturdy and resilient against pollution so that the negative energies won’t be a problem for your spell, and won’t destroy it over time
  • orange peels, preferably dried (can supply with other orange-themed ingredient, ike orange essential oil or incense) - for energy and positivity
  • vanilla, preferably vanilla sugar (mix vanilla and sugar, wait a couple weeks for it to infuse) - for happiness, peace and sweeting things up
  • glitter, preferably gold - to give it some “oomph” of prosperity and sunshine :D
  • optional: your personal taglock, ex. hair, nails etc., as you’d add to a normal witch bottle

You can decorate the bottle with some sigils for “transformation” or “change” or “Control”. 

Can swap orange for lemon easily, and if you aim at something else than general positivity, just swap orange and vanilla for something more in tune with your desired target energies (like if you want to change incomind energies into loving/caring energy, I’d say rose petals and rose quartz chips would be nice in there).


I’m not very good at making rituals and I make it up as I go, so just cast your circles and say your prayers/incantations, invoke your deities etc. etc. then throw all the ingredients in, however you like, you can make a pretty arrangement or just throw it in randomly. 

The intent in this spell needs not to be anything negative - you’re not casting a curse, you’re not casting in anger at your attackers. It’s not a protection spell per say, so you’re not trying to separate yourself from the attacks, either. Be accepting. You are open towards others, but will not let anything negative in. You will be welcoming, but will not let anyone harm you. You are in control, and this is your property. 

When done, place the container in a sunny spot, preferably in a window or other “entry point” of your property. I would suggest it goes outside of your wards to be the first thing the incoming energies meet (and if it fails or leaks or otherwise isn’t very efficient at its job, there are still wards protecting you), but that’s up to you and your paradigm of warding and spellcasting.

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Name: nawreen
Single or taken: no dating till marriage lyfe
Crushes: one, dont even get me started on this subject. ask anyone i seriously have not shut up in the last 2 months
Fav colour: maroon/orange/light pink
Married: i would like to be someday 
Want kids?: yes maybe two or three
Zodiac sign: gemini
Last drink: water
Glasses: yea im a blind bitch
Make up or no: usually no skin makeup like concealer or foundation, but always wearing eyeliner/mascara, do my eyebrows, and usually tint my lips and sometimes wear eyeshadow
Cats or dogs: both are good but i prefer cats
Evil or good: chaotic good
Fav sport: soccer i guess.. im bad at sports
Fav animal: mountain lions and bears
Weird?: nah just reckless/impulsive with very little filter so perceived as weird
Do you have any haters: i have beef with like half the people on this site and a good portion of ppl i know irl
Funny or nah: id like to think so.. i have a dry humour i guess
Apple or samsung: apple forever sorry chanyeol
Smart: yes

I got Rin one of those little Betta fish floating logs** and he seems to like it. 

Though that’s only when it’s still that is. The filter occasionally makes it spin and I can’t tell if that’s bothering him or not. But when it’s not moving, Rin’s already taken to sitting in it & swimming through it fairly regularly. So, success!

Though it did knock his new bubble nest around a bit (oops).

The only downfall to said log, is it takes up quite a bit of room in the tank. Not in a totally bad way, but in enough that I’m starting to realize a 2.5 gallon is a bit small & I’m realizing why it’s the minimum recommended tank size.

I can’t afford to replace his tank right now (especially not after getting a new heater, filter & tank deco…), but in a couple months it’ll probably be worth it to go up to a 5 gallon (I don’t have the space for anything larger than that).

Or maybe a 3 gallon that’s a square. Part of the problem is I have a corner tank & the triangle shape makes it seem a bit more crowded than it is. I’ll have to think about it when I can actually afford to replace it. Heh.

**Funny story. I bought the log, got home, and found out the box was empty. I had to go all the way back to the store and swap it out for one that actually had a log in it. It’s a floating log, so I didn’t question at all that the box was light. XD;


the lovely @bitsynoya tagged me in this thing where u show the following:

1. most recent song listened to: I keep meaning to rewatch BH6, but I want to do it legally bc the animation deserves it. Until it pops up on netflix or amazon prime, I’ll just relisten to my favourite song from the soundtrack

2. most recent selfie: OKAY SO I WAS PLAYING AROUND WITH THE NEW SNAPCHAT FILTERS AND SURE IT’S NICE BUT??? I’m so fucking pale you guys. I don’t look that bad irl. I want a new fb & twitter photo but not like this

3. lock screen: !!! a beautiful image of my fave boys from YOI. I love the colours in this, plus the tenderness and sense of victory. It makes me smile

i tag: whoever wants it! maybe @loveheartlover and @totallyinept? no pressure <3