make-up designory

Check out my Pure Beauty stash:

Charm 14-pc brush set - okay, obviously the black and pink casing forced me to buy this. Upon trying it, proved to be a great buy. Will be using these often. A steal for Php2,200 (USD48)

NYX fan brush - I went to Pure Beauty because I learned that they sold NYX products there. So happy to find a store that carries it!

MUD (Make Up Designory) cake eyeliner in brown- Pure Beauty is I think the store of MUD. This brand is the house brand of the store.

NYX felt tip pen liner in dark brown - loading up on brown liners for my wedding make up trial

NYX round lipstick in Paris - bought two of these, one for my mom and one for my make up kit

Pure Beauty is at the 2f of Serendra. 

I remember, not too long ago, never being able to see a future for myself. I truly believed I would never amount to anything and as dramatic as it sounds, I would live by “what’s the point.” I let depression consume me and I convinced myself I would never amount to anything, therefore I never committed myself to a game plan or an education or anything really.

So naturally the idea hit me that maybe I felt that way because I wasn’t doing anything. Derp de derp. Once again my own worst enemy.

I still battle with my mind. I have to really try to focus when that little negative voice starts kicking in, but for once, I have an actual, legitimate game plan. And I’m happy to say I’m actually pretty darn excited.

In about one year, I’ll have my Cosmetology license and I’ll have a job at a salon come this November. I’ll be getting some training under my belt with my mentor who is also my best friend (not much but some training) for some time and during all this time I’ll be saving up to move out to Burbank, California to attend 6 months of Make Up Designory. And who knows where that will take me?!

For once I have a long term goal that I’m genuinely excited for. Two years is a long time, but gives me plenty of time to prep, save and get everything together.

I just never imagined I would feel stable enough to pursue anything.

Portfolio updates and new projects

I have been stuck with minor changes and delays on all my scheduled plans, which not a major hassle has allowed me the time to update my portfolio and have plans in place to revamp and change a few small services around. 

Disappointment has kicked in the UK stockist I usually deal with has let me down  which I am sorely disappointed over, so I started doing some research and I will be ordering from America and having items shipped to where I am working. 

Which means my airbrush foundation, fx products and other items will come from outside sources. 

Strangely it works out cheaper and faster, given the track record of some of the people I deal with, I am still waiting for certain items, three weeks and counting.  

On the plus side I have found some amazing items that will make my travelling kit easier to handle. 

I have a little wish list of items that  I thought I would share: 

  • Duo fibre eyeshadow and blush brush (crown)
  • Mac 227, 239 and 224 brushes (just because I love them and have yet to find a duplicate that matches the quality)
  • coastal scents make up palettes
  • Le Maquillage Petite Palettes (fx)
  • Le Maquillage multi purpose Palette
  • Make up designory character palette 1 and 2
  • Accessorize eyehsadows and blushers (they look excellent and the colours are beautiful).
  • S/B airbrush make up (either temptu or TSZ)