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The BEST Under-eye Conealer EVER

No kidding, this is the one and only no-fail solution to dark circles under your eyes. Technically, it’s a blue corrector, which means that it specifically targets blue pigment on your skin. If that’s not the proper way to explain it, please don’t kill me. Most people are familiar with green colored correctors, which target redness, I believe. There are also purple ones. Until I take a make-up class, all I know is that this thing really works. 

Here it is! Make Up Designory Blue Corrector #3 (the number corresponds to my skin shade). I first found out about this when a make up artist used it on me for a shoot just over a year ago. I don’t have terrible eye bags or anything, but it was really an amazing difference right after she applied this. She said that it works on really bad cases as well, and that I wasn’t the first one to ask about the product. At the time, MUD products weren’t available at local stores, so I ordered one through her. I have been in love with this product ever since. Seriously. My first pan of the stuff finally started to run out (after a year of daily use, impressive!) so I went out and got a new one.

The MUD Corrector is now available at Pure Beauty in Serendra, where MUD has also opened a make up school. The text on the front reads: “Creamy, pigment-rich correctors designed to conceal and camouflage skin imperfections. The ultimate cover-up for scars, birthmarks or dark under eye circles. Blend with Make Up Designory’s Cream Foundations for a flawless, full-coverage make-up.” It’s obviously some pretty heavy duty stuff, but it never looks unnatural when applied.

At 825php, this is super reasonably priced. It’s going to last for ages, too! Compared to Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer kits (which I’m sure work very well), this is a bargain. Bobbi Brown corrector kits will cost your upwards of 2000php… at least. And the reasonable price of the MUD concealer is really just a plus. I’d gladly pay twice the amount for it (not that I want the price to go up haha).

There’s 3.5grams of product, housed in a no-frills, no-fuss, simple plastic case. They’ve obviously played around with the logo since the last time I purchased, and it looks pretty good. It is much easier to apply in warmer climates (as I learned to appreciate when I brought it to the US…what a struggle) as the cream remains soft and easy to work with. For under my eyes, I just use a clean ring finger. If I need it for spots, a small concealer brush does the trick. If I had to choose only two things to put on my face, it would be this and a good tinted moisturizer.

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this corrector. Not. A. Thing. I will definitely be repurchasing this for as long as I wear make-up. Make Up Designory is where I hope to take a personal make-up course one day soon. Their looks are always, always polished and my impression of them has yet to be tainted. So there you go. BUY IT. 

Make Up Designory in Burbank California

My friend Michelle suggested that i start a blog so here goes… So i went to Make Up Designory in Burbank Los Angeles, California. I took up Beauty Make Up. Its a month course, 8am-5pm. Usually 20 in a class but in mine there were only about 7 of us and 1 dropped out and decided to go back to high school. Our instructor was Nancy Sprague. She’s originally from MUD New York. According to her, she’s worked with Guns N Roses, Micheal Bolton, etc. Anyway so i go to this school without background in make up. Some of my classmates were already make up artists and hair stylists from other states . I was nervous on my first day. I was jet lagged and was so out of it. My classmate Arlene probably noticed and helped me get what we needed at the shop. I remember when i told the class im from the Philippines and that i flew in the day before, they were shocked. It was like i flew in from another planet. It was funny but they were cool. Nancy Sprague, my instructor, was really nice and i became tight with my classmate Arlene Viveros. Arlene’s like a walking MAC store. She had everything! Everyday there’s a lecture or seat work and then apply make up on yourself or your classmate. Since there were only 6 of us, we were asked a few times to join other classes. Its good practice. You get to work with people in different shapes and colors. =) The downside was our skin would get irritated from all the make up application and then wash and then make up again. There were days when my face hurt like….. Anyway going to make up school was so much fun. It can be tiring but it was worth it.

Check out my Pure Beauty stash:

Charm 14-pc brush set - okay, obviously the black and pink casing forced me to buy this. Upon trying it, proved to be a great buy. Will be using these often. A steal for Php2,200 (USD48)

NYX fan brush - I went to Pure Beauty because I learned that they sold NYX products there. So happy to find a store that carries it!

MUD (Make Up Designory) cake eyeliner in brown- Pure Beauty is I think the store of MUD. This brand is the house brand of the store.

NYX felt tip pen liner in dark brown - loading up on brown liners for my wedding make up trial

NYX round lipstick in Paris - bought two of these, one for my mom and one for my make up kit

Pure Beauty is at the 2f of Serendra. 

I remember, not too long ago, never being able to see a future for myself. I truly believed I would never amount to anything and as dramatic as it sounds, I would live by “what’s the point.” I let depression consume me and I convinced myself I would never amount to anything, therefore I never committed myself to a game plan or an education or anything really.

So naturally the idea hit me that maybe I felt that way because I wasn’t doing anything. Derp de derp. Once again my own worst enemy.

I still battle with my mind. I have to really try to focus when that little negative voice starts kicking in, but for once, I have an actual, legitimate game plan. And I’m happy to say I’m actually pretty darn excited.

In about one year, I’ll have my Cosmetology license and I’ll have a job at a salon come this November. I’ll be getting some training under my belt with my mentor who is also my best friend (not much but some training) for some time and during all this time I’ll be saving up to move out to Burbank, California to attend 6 months of Make Up Designory. And who knows where that will take me?!

For once I have a long term goal that I’m genuinely excited for. Two years is a long time, but gives me plenty of time to prep, save and get everything together.

I just never imagined I would feel stable enough to pursue anything.

So You Want to Be a Make-up Artist: MUD Manila at Day 5

My last day for school turned out to be the day with a massive traffic jam. Heavy rains had murdered the asphalt on the roads and boom! traffic everywhere. Class ended up starting late, but I must say it turned out to be a really cool last day. 

While waiting for class to begin (Kris was stuck in hellish traffic,) I was lucky enough to speak with Miss Georgina who was teaching the diploma course and to take a peek at her student, Zati’s worktable. One of my biggest hurdles was my efficiency changing colors or brushes, and I took cues from Zati’s worktable. It’s like a chef’s mise en place. Some notes:

  1. A white towel or a dentist’s napkin or a paper towel should be laid down for your palette and for your brushes.
  2. Put your brushes at the center of everything; upright in containers or on your brush roll. Have separate containers for clean and dirty brushes. You can divide them by cream or powder, or even by their use. 
  3. Have a container with tissue, cotton pads and cotton buds. Beside it can be your row of liquids—alcohol, make-up remover, brush cleaner, water (I use a container of saline solution, yup for contact lenses) toner even moisturizer. 
  4. Organize your cosmetics as you like, creams with creams, etc. As long as you can keep clean and you know where everything is.
  5. Have a trash bag or container. 

The rest of the story after the cut!

Kris was my first model for the day. She told me to give her a natural look, but to make sure it would last for the day since she was having dinner out. I realized this was the first day I was ever going to see her with a full face of make-up. And I was lucky enough that someone was speaking to her much of the time that I was doing her make-up or I would have probably been more nervous. I love that lip color!

External image
External image
See the full gallery on Posterous Then, Karen was gracious enough to allow me to do another smoky eye. Like I said about the smoky eye, always begin with the lightest color first. And alternate between the two eyes for each step to make sure that they’re balanced. Consider also doing the base make-up after so that you can clean up any fall out with make-up remover.
External image
External image
External image
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Here’s my pièce de résistance. (heehee!) Kris noticed that I was having too much fun with browns, blues and purples so she suggested that I use brighter colors. At her suggestion, I tried this combination—a vibrant gold- yellow, a shimmer-y rust and a dark brown. This is Anna and her sunset eyes. (ahahaha!) The last photo is from Anna.

External image
External image
External image
External image
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After which, Kris asked me to deepen the look. Make things more vibrant and to try a brash berry lip with the look.

External image
External image
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External image
External image
External image
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  1. HIGHLIGHT: MUD Sunset (vibrant golden yellow)
  2. MIDTONE: MUD Pomegranate (shimmering rust color)
  3. DEEP: MUD Espresso (dark, rich brown color)


External image
External image
External image
External image
See the full gallery on Posterous NARS Dolce Vita (matte dusty rose) | CONTOUR Taupe (neutral medium brown)


External image
External image
See the full gallery on Posterous MUD Rose Clay (natural pink-brown color) and Eggplant (burgundy wine color)

Ooooh i loved this look so much, we did it for the wedding (the one where I wore the blue smoky eye)

External image
External image
External image
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And that was my MUD Bridal and Beauty Class. 

Some last notes:

  • It was really valuable to have time to practice, a trained eye to critique my work and access to excellent tools.
  • The class ended with a spoken evaluation, it began with the setting of an outline. My HS teacher self was happy. 
  • Hygeine is so important, I find myself doing the routine even when am doing my own make-up. I like routines, really. 
  • Make Up Designory has a textbook that may prove valuable to people who want to learn the fundamentals. It’s really a textbook so there are no inspirational shots, but they have helpful diagrams. I recommend Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces and the Francois Nars’ Make Up Your Mind and Make Up Your Mind:Express Yourself for inspiration. Illamsqua’s Alex Box has what looks to be an excellent book too. Though am thinking of looking at modern art,indigenous tattoos and even tropical birds for more inspiration.

Do I recommend it? 

Definitely. It’s a methodological approach that combines both theory and practice. They’re lovely people and the time to focus on make-up and to actually do the work is worth it. 

Next up, my pro course at Maquillage Professionel and a lot of product reviews. 

Oh, of course, if you’d like to hire me, leave me a comment here or send me an email at irrationalfits at g mail dot com. 

My 5-day Beauty and Bridal Class was taught by Kris Bacani (trained at Make Up Designory in New York). The course itself is PhP42,000 (inclusive of a pretty decent starter make-up kit.) It doesn’t include brushes, but PurBeauty has all that you need to build a good pro kit. 

MUD Manila is at Pure Beauty 2/f Serendra (facing Market!Market!). Please click through to their Facebook page for the information on their upcoming modules, I hope to do a basic hairstyle course soon. 

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Portfolio updates and new projects

I have been stuck with minor changes and delays on all my scheduled plans, which not a major hassle has allowed me the time to update my portfolio and have plans in place to revamp and change a few small services around. 

Disappointment has kicked in the UK stockist I usually deal with has let me down  which I am sorely disappointed over, so I started doing some research and I will be ordering from America and having items shipped to where I am working. 

Which means my airbrush foundation, fx products and other items will come from outside sources. 

Strangely it works out cheaper and faster, given the track record of some of the people I deal with, I am still waiting for certain items, three weeks and counting.  

On the plus side I have found some amazing items that will make my travelling kit easier to handle. 

I have a little wish list of items that  I thought I would share: 

  • Duo fibre eyeshadow and blush brush (crown)
  • Mac 227, 239 and 224 brushes (just because I love them and have yet to find a duplicate that matches the quality)
  • coastal scents make up palettes
  • Le Maquillage Petite Palettes (fx)
  • Le Maquillage multi purpose Palette
  • Make up designory character palette 1 and 2
  • Accessorize eyehsadows and blushers (they look excellent and the colours are beautiful).
  • S/B airbrush make up (either temptu or TSZ)