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A little winter jingle for your ritual’s ambiance or your home! Except for Witchmas most of these are ambient sound tracks to put your space in the spirit of winter cheer!

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Poly!McHanzo x Reader (soulmate au)

This is based on a request I go a while ago and I’ve loved the idea since I read it. Enjoy!

Genji’s was so done, he’d spent all evening trying to get at least a pair of you into room together so he could shove you into one another, anything to get any of you to touch, he was so tired of running around that when he saw Jesse tip his hat in a farewell he didn’t attempt to stop him. He didn’t know where you were and he thought Hanzo had ended up down by the creek that cuts through the property. This was the second party he’d set up just to try and get you three together and it didn’t work in the slightest, you’d all be too self-conscious to approach one another if he blatantly told you so he’d resorted to scheming… it wasn’t working.

He thought your color schemes were all ridiculously in sync, Hanzo’s blue dragons, Jesse’s red serape, your yellow light. Your colors combined meant that you could create every shade in the spectrum together and none of you realized it, not that he expected you to, the only reason you knew what colors you wore was that of what other, bonded, individuals had told you. But it still irked him. You all spoke regularly, you all spent time together, and there’d be moments where you nearly touched but didn’t. Genji wonders if he should stop trying, maybe he’s spent too much time on forcing this to happen when he should let it go at its own pace.

The crunching of metal and shattering of glass breaks the atmosphere of the room and someone screams from the front lawn, everyone bolts outside to see you laying on the grass with your now totaled bike a few feet away from you. Of course, it appears to be Hanzo’s car that hit you and you both seem to be staring dazedly into space before Jesse jumps in and starts yelling at everyone. “Don’t just stand there gawkin’! Get me some water and a blanket!” His volume seems to snap you out of your trance cause you sit up and begin to insist you’re just fine, taking your helmet off and shaking your hair out.

“Is my bike okay?”

“I’m afraid you’re lookin’ much better than it.” You swear and place your head in your hands, groaning loudly. “Are you feelin’ alright, honey bee?” A nickname he’d given you off of the description of your black and yellow combat suit, you nod and flop back down onto the dew-covered grass. Hanzo says nothing as he climbs out of his car, kneeling beside you as he goes to touch your face. Jesse bats his hand away and glares, “what in tha hell were you doin’?” He demands.

“I lost control, I apologize, I had no intention of hurting you,” Hanzo says to you as he glares at Jesse. You groan again and dig your fists into your eyes as you nod.

“Can one of you see if my eyes are dilated? My head hurts really bad.” They both reach for you, hands cupping the side of your face closest to them and you all nearly scream as the world explodes around you. Hanzo’s hair tie and Jesse’s serape are vividly colored now as you look at the new world around you, now bursting with hues and shades you’d never even dreamed of. “..I-” you manage after a moment, “-I’m not mad anymore.”

“The both of us?” Hanzo asks, dumbfounded as he looks at Jesse’s clothing.

“One way to find out,” without warning the cowboy leans forward and presses his lips against the archers, making your world dance once more as purples are added to your vision.

“The three of us,” you echo Hanzo’s words as the two pull away, his fists clenched in Jesse’s shirt.

“Well ain’t that just spectacular,” hums the southern man as he grins widely, “my honey bee and my darlin are officially all mine.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Hanzo huffs as he pulls away from Jesse to attend to you once more.

“Dude, you nearly killed one of your soulmates.” Says a drunk desk lackey and Hanzo growls low in his chest but you and Jesse burst out laughing. After making sure that you’re legitimately okay the three of you pile into Hanzo’s car and spend the evening at your home; talking, eating, even playing a few cards games. As you fell asleep that night, head on Hanzo’s chest with Jesse pressed up against your back you realized just how right this felt.

And somewhere in the night, Genji was screaming in exasperation.

‘I believed I was uncreative. What else can creativity be besides dancing and painting? How do I find out what my creativity is?’

Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular—with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. It has nothing to do with anything in particular. Anything can be creative—you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. You can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way. Creativity is the quality that YOU bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach—how you look at things.
So the first thing to be remembered: don’t confine creativity to anything in particular. A man IS creative—and if he is creative, whatsoever he does, even if he walks, you can see in his walking there is creativity. Even if he sits silently and does nothing, even non-doing will be a creative act. Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree doing nothing is the greatest creator the world has ever known. Once you understand it—that it is YOU, the PERSON, who is creative or uncreative—then this problem disappears.

Not everybody can be a painter—and there is no need also. If everybody is a painter the world will be very ugly; it will be difficult to live. And not everybody can be a dancer, and there is no need. But everybody can be creative.
Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing it is not purely economical, then it is creative. If you have something growing out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine.
You become more divine as you become more creative. ALL the religions of the world have said: God is the Creator. I don’t know whether He is the Creator or not, but one thing I know: the more creative you become, the more godly you become. When your creativity comes to a climax, when your whole life becomes creative, you live in God. So He must be the Creator because people who have been creative have been closest to Him.
Love what you do. Be meditative while you are doing it—whatsoever it is!—irrelevant of the fact of what it is.
Have you seen Paras cleaning this floor of Chuang Tzu auditorium? Then you will know: cleaning can become creative. With what love! Almost singing and dancing inside. If you clean the floor with such love, you have done an invisible painting. You lived that moment in such delight that it has given you some inner growth. You cannot be the same after a creative act.
Creativity means loving whatsoever you do—enjoying, celebrating it, as a gift of God! Maybe nobody comes to know about it. Who is going to praise Paras for cleaning this floor? History will not take any account of it; newspapers will not publish her name and pictures—but that is irrelevant. She ENJOYED it. The value is intrinsic.
So if you are looking for fame and then you think you are creative—if you become famous like Picasso, then you are creative—then you will miss. Then you are, in fact, not creative at all: you are a politician, ambitious.
If fame happens, good. If it doesn’t happen, good. It should not be the consideration. The consideration should be that you are enjoying whatsoever you are doing. It is your love-affair. If your act is your love-affair, then it becomes creative. Small things become great by the touch of love and delight.

The questioner asks: ‘I believed I was uncreative.’ If you believe in that way, you will become uncreative—because belief is not just belief. It opens doors; it closes doors. If you have a wrong belief, then that will hang around you as a closed door. If you believe that you are uncreative, you will become uncreative—because that belief will obstruct, continuously negate, all possibilities of flowing. It will not allow your energy to flow because you will continuously say: ‘I am uncreative.’
This has been taught to everybody. Very few people are accepted as creative: A few painters, a few poets—one in a million. This is foolish! Every human being is a born creator. Watch children and you will see: ALL children are creative. By and by, we destroy their creativity. By and by, we force wrong beliefs on them. By and by, we distract them. By and by, we make them more and more economical and political and ambitious.
When ambition enters, creativity disappears—because an ambitious man cannot be creative, because an ambitious man cannot love any activity for its own sake. While he is writing a novel, he is looking ahead; he is thinking, ‘When am I going to get a Nobel Prize?’ He is always in the future—and a creative person is always in the present.
We destroy creativity. NOBODY IS BORN UNCREATIVE, but we make ninety-nine percent of people uncreative.
But just throwing the responsibility on the society is not going to help—you have to take your life in your own hands. You have to drop wrong conditionings. You have to drop wrong, hypnotic auto-suggestions that have been given to you in your childhood. Drop them! Purify yourself of all conditionings… and suddenly you will see you ARE creative.
To be and to be creative are synonymous. It is impossible to be and not to be creative. But that impossible thing has happened, that ugly phenomenon has happened, because all your creative sources have been plugged, blocked, destroyed, and your whole energy has been forced into some activity that the society thinks is going to pay.
Our whole attitude about life is money-oriented. And money is one of the most uncreative things one can become interested in. Our whole approach is power-oriented and power is destructive, not creative. A man who is after money will become destructive, because money has to be robbed, exploited; it has to be taken away from many people, only then can you have it. Power simply means you have to make many people impotent, you have to destroy them—only then will you be powerful, can you be powerful. Remember: these are destructive acts.
A creative act enhances the beauty of the world; it gives something to the world, it never takes anything from it. A creative person comes into the world, enhances the beauty of the world—a song here, a painting there. He makes the world dance better, enjoy better, love better, meditate better. When he leaves this world, he leaves a better world behind him. Nobody may know him; somebody may know him—that is not the point. But he leaves the world a better world, tremendously fulfilled because his life has been of some intrinsic value.
Money, power, prestige, are uncreative; not only uncreative, but destructive activities. Beware of them! And if you beware of them you can become creative very easily.

I am not saying that your creativity is going to give you power, prestige, money. No, I cannot promise you any rose-gardens. It may give you trouble. It may force you to live a poor man’s life. All that I can promise you is that deep inside you will be the richest man possible; deep inside you will be fulfilled; deep inside you will be full of joy and celebration. You will be CONTINUOUSLY receiving more and more blessings from God. Your life will be a life of benediction. But it is possible that outwardly you may not be famous, you may not have money, you may not succeed in the so-called world. But to succeed in this so-called world is to fail deeply, is to fail in the inside world. And what are you going to do with the whole world at your feet if you have lost your own self? What will you do if you possess the whole world and you don’t possess yourself?
A creative person possesses his own being; he is a master. That’s why in the East we have been calling sannyasins ‘swamis’. ‘Swami’ means a master. Beggars have been called swamis—masters. Emperors we have known, but they proved in the final account, in the final conclusion of their lives, that they were beggars.
A man who is after money and power and prestige is a beggar, because he continuously begs. He has nothing to give to the world.

Be a giver. Share whatsoever you can! And remember, I am not making any distinction between small things and great things. If you can smile whole-heartedly, hold somebody’s hand and smile, then it is a creative act, a GREAT creative act. Just embrace somebody to your heart and you ARE creative. Just look with loving eyes at somebody… just a loving look can change the whole world of a person.
Be creative. Don’t be worried about what you are doing—one has to do MANY things—but do everything creatively, with devotion. Then your work becomes worship. Then whatsoever you do is a prayer. And whatsoever you do is an offering at the altar.

Drop this belief that you are uncreative. I know how this belief is created: you may not have been a gold medalist in the university; you may not have been top in your class; your painting may not have won appreciation; when you play on your flute, neighbors report to the police. Maybe—but just because of these things, don’t get the wrong belief that you are uncreative. That may be because you are imitating others. People have a very limited idea of what being creative is—playing the guitar or the flute or writing poetry—so people go on writing rubbish in the name of poetry.
You have to find out what you can do and what you cannot do. Everybody cannot do everything! You have to search and find your destiny. You have to grope in the dark, I know. It is not very clear-cut what your destiny is—but that’s how life is. And it is GOOD that one has to search for it—in the VERY search, something grows. If God were to give a chart of your life to you when you were entering into the world—this will be your life: you are going to become a guitarist—then your life would be mechanical. Only a machine can be predicted, not a man. Man is unpredictable. Man is always an opening… a potentiality for a thousand and one things. Many doors open and many alternatives are always present at each step—and you have to choose, you have to feel. But if you love your life you will be able to find.

If you DON’T love your life and you love something else, then there is a problem. If you love money and you want to be creative, you cannot become creative. The very ambition for money is going to destroy your creativity. If you want fame, then forget about creativity. Fame comes easier if you are destructive. Fame comes easier to an Adolf Hitler; fame comes easier to a Henry Ford. Fame is easier if you are competitive, violently competitive. If you can kill and destroy people, fame comes easier. The whole history is the history of murderers. If you become a murderer, fame will be very easy. You can become a prime minister; you can become a president—but these are all masks. Behind them you will find very violent people, terribly violent people hiding, smiling. Those smiles are political, diplomatic. If the mask slips, you will always see Genghis Khan, Timur Leng, Nadir Shah, Napoleon, Alexander, Hitler, hiding behind.
If you want fame, don’t talk about creativity.
I am not saying that fame never comes to a creative person, but very rarely it comes, VERY rarely. It is more like an accident, and it takes much time. Almost always it happens that by the time fame comes to a creative person, he is gone—it is always posthumous; it is very delayed.
Jesus was not famous in his day. If there were no Bible, there would have been no record of him. The record belongs to his four disciples; nobody else has ever mentioned him, whether he existed or not. He was not famous. He was not successful. Can you think of a greater failure than Jesus? But, by and by, he became more and more significant; by and by, people recognized him. It takes time.
The greater a person is, the more time it takes for people to recognize him—because when a great person is born, there are no criteria to judge him by, there are no maps to find him with. He has to create his own values; by the time he has created the values, he is gone. It takes thousands of years for a creative person to be recognized, and then too it is not certain. There have been many creative people who have never been recognized. It is accidental for a creative person to be successful. For an uncreative, destructive person it is more certain.
So if you are seeking something else in the name of creativity, then drop the idea of being creative. At least consciously, deliberately, do whatsoever you want to do. Never hide behind masks.
But if you really want to be creative, then there is no question of money, success, prestige, respectability—then you enjoy your activity; then each act has an intrinsic value. You dance because you like dancing; you dance because you delight in it. If somebody appreciates, good, you feel grateful. If nobody appreciates, it is none of your business to be worried about it. You danced, you enjoyed—you are already fulfilled.

But this belief of being uncreative can be dangerous—drop it! Nobody is uncreative—not even trees, not even rocks.
People who have known trees and loved trees, know that each tree creates its own space, each rock creates its own space. It is like nobody else’s space. If you become sensitive, if you become capable of understanding, through empathy, you will be tremendously benefited. You will see each tree is creative in its own way; no other tree is like that—each tree is unique; each tree has individuality, each rock has individuality. Trees are not just trees—they are people. Rocks are not just rocks—they are people. Go and sit by the side of a rock—watch it lovingly, touch it lovingly, feel it lovingly.
It is said about a Zen master that he was able to pull VERY big rocks, remove very big rocks—and he was a very fragile man. It was almost impossible looking at his physiology! Stronger men, very much stronger than him, were unable to pull those rocks, and he would simply pull them very easily. He was asked what his trick was. He said, ‘There is no trick—I love the rock so the rock helps. First I say to her, ‘Now my prestige is in your hands, these people have come to watch. Now help me, cooperate with me.’ Mm?—then I simply hold the rock lovingly… and WAIT for the hint. When the rock gives me the hint—it is a shudder, my whole spine starts vibrating—when the rock gives me the hint that she is ready, then I move. You move against the rock; that’s why so much energy is needed. I move with the rock, I flow with the rock. In fact, it is wrong to say that I remove it—I am simply there. The rock removes itself.’
One great Zen master was a carpenter, and whenever he made tables, chairs, somehow they had some ineffable quality in them, a tremendous magnetism. He was asked, ‘How do you make them?’ He said, ‘I don’t make them. I simply go to the forest: the BASIC thing is to enquire of the forest, of trees, which tree is ready to become a chair.’ Now these things look absurd—because we don’t know, we don’t know the language. For three days he would remain in the forest. He would sit under one tree, under another tree, and he would talk to trees—and he was a mad man! But a tree is to be judged by its fruit, and this master has also to be judged by his creation. A few of his chairs still survive in China—they still carry a magnetism. You will just be simply attracted; you will not know what is pulling you. After a thousand years!—something tremendously beautiful.
He would say, ‘I go to the forest and I say that I am in search of a tree who wants to become a chair. I ask the trees if they are willing; not only willing: cooperating with me, ready to go with me—only then. Sometimes it happens that no tree is ready to become a chair—I come empty-handed.’ It happened: The Emperor of China asked him to make him a stand for his books. And he went and after three days he said, ‘Wait—no tree is ready to come to the palace.’ After three months the Emperor again enquired. The carpenter said, ‘I have been going continuously. I am persuading. Wait—one tree seems to be leaning a little bit.’ Then he persuaded one tree. He said, ‘The whole art is there!—when the tree comes of its own accord. Then she is simply asking the help of the carpenter.’
You can go and ask Asheesh—he has a feel for wood, and wood also has a feel for him.
If you are loving you will see that the whole existence has individuality. Don’t pull and push things. Watch, communicate; take their help—and much energy will be preserved.

Even trees are creative, rocks are creative. You are man: the very culmination of this existence. You are at the top—you are conscious. Never think with wrong beliefs, and never be attached to wrong beliefs, that you are uncreative. Maybe your father said to you that you are uncreative, your colleagues said to you that you are uncreative. Maybe you were searching in wrong directions, in directions in which you are not creative, but there MUST be a direction in which you ARE creative. Seek and search and remain available, and go on groping until you find it.
Each man comes into this world with a specific destiny—he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally—you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The Whole intends to do something through you.

—  Osho

masons in fiction: shadow organization that makes the world dance like a puppet on their strings

masons in reality: you know how people often complain that once you’re out of college and you don’t connect with your coworkers all that much, it’s really difficult to make new friends? well,

Mikey, the lifegiver

Tmnt 2012 Headcanon: 

Mikey is oxygen. Oxygen: the right amount lets you live and by extent do all the best things. Too much and you are smothered, you are overloaded, you beg it to stop. Too little and you’re choking, gasping, dying, suddenly wishing you had lived just a little more. That’s Mikey.

Raph is fire. Mikey fuels him. Mikey soothes him. It’s really hard to have one without the other. Raph will consume Mikey’s overload. Mikey will absorb Raph’s fury in a sweeping embrace. They will collapse in a tangle of snapping and growling and laughter. Mikey’s powerful insight into Raph’s emotions maintain stability and health.

Don is earth. He is steady and waiting, quietly absorbed in his work until Mikey reminds him of the need for chemical fuel and how the air whispering through the trees can make the world dance. Mikey already knows his brother’s brain because he is the other side of the coin. Their minds blend well, between logical and creative.

Leo is water. He is steady and swift, rushing down a well worn path or creating new paths to flood, whatever it takes. Mikey pulls him back and reminds him not to drown himself in his burden of keeping the clan safe. Sometimes the brook is heard laughing as the wind ripples across. Mikey keeps him floating and steady because he knows just what his biggest bro needs to relax.

Splinter knows that keeping Michelangelo in good spirits is the glue that holds the team together. He sees the extraordinary almost supernatural raw potential and wants to carefully draw it out. Because oxygen is dangerous under too much pressure.

People underestimate Mikey. They have no idea how to respond or react if he were to explode. But that explosion would be magnificent and unique, shattering and crumbling, tearing him apart and painfully putting him back together, leaving him breathless and renewed, no matter how wounded or hurt or distressed. He continues. In the hollow depths of depressive nothing, Michelangelo endures. 

And so Mikey knows exactly how to handle himself, his darker emotions, his deeper primal desires. His emotional fortitude has been honed by years of painful sibling teasing and personal worries that he’s not a perfect ninja. But he doesn’t need to be. He’s a wild card. And he is so mind-blowing physically gifted that his body is supernatural. He can take on the world. He can support the precious lives around him easily. He is their air. He’s their sunlight. With Mikey, life is all right.

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I turned this into a story. It was cathartic.

son of neon after-hours with snow clogging the gutter and 3am diner-pie staining a t-shirt 

just realize and pause and reflect on how you felt when you were younger and where the fuck the car is parked

how many styles of wonder have you tucked under a winter hat and how many cigarette butts have been poked out on the bus stop bench

garbage can music and what it takes to truly make the world dance

Long ago.

Can I have a Tae smut where it lasts for a long time (rough at first then passionate) and long foreplay ? I’m sorry * hides behind darkness *

~Thank you for requesting Sweetie. I hope you like it~

Long ago on my first day of the 5th grade my teacher sat me next to this boy that I soon came to know as Taehyung. To be honest I didn’t like him at first, he was to loud, he always tried to talk to me while I listening to the teacher, and he keep drumming on his desk. It’s weird that after all these years I sill remember the first time talking with him.

“Hi.” He said with a square smile I couldn’t help but to stare at.

I gave a small nodded at him, too shy to say anything 

“Are you new this school?” 

I nodded once again. I had just moved a week before.

“You don’t talk much do you?” he waited for a repose but after not getting one he added “That’s okay.” and turned to talk to the kid next to him.

After a couple of months I finally started to warm up to him.

“Hey can I borrow a pencil?” He would ask

“Can you come prepared?” I said one day 

He stared at me shocked that I said more then a word but soon started laughing and asked the kid next to him.

I soon got to know Taehyung as more then the loud annoying boy next to me. I got to know him as the weird, hyper, music lover Tae-Tae. 

“Watch me, i’m going to make the whole world dance one day.” He would always say.

The start of middle school he would always wait for me at my locker telling me about his crush and how he’s pretty sure she liked him. Sadly all of them led to heartbreak.

A long time ago I used to wash away your self doubts. I used to hold you tight when one of your romances turned to heart break. Do you remember when we used to walk home together everyday after school or when we saw each other everyday? Now i’m seeing your name in lights and your face in magazines. I guess you are making the whole word dance. 

Taehyungs Pov

Y/N are you proud of me? I said that I’ll do it one day didn’t I? You better be at home dancing along with me. It’s been years but I still think about you everyday and I wonder how you’re doing. I hope you’re eating well, you always you used to forget to eat.

Ah, remember in high school when I first told you I was moving away? You just plainly said no. That was it. Just a plain simple no. Nothing else. You just walked to class, like nothing ever happened. What about that one time when I let you see my yo-yo and you almost hit the teacher with it? I still laugh when I think about it. That look on your face and how you didn’t say anything for what seemed like forever at the time.

I still consider you my best friend. I believe we have a bond that can’t break, no matter what. I surrounded myself with all these great people that you would love. I feel like you wouldn’t like them at first though, you never like anybody when you first meet them.

We’re going to meet again. Trust me. You also got find a new nickname for me now since everyone calls me Tae-Tae now days. V. You told that me you liked  the letter V and how you thought it was the most underrated letter in English, then we would think about all the English word we knew that started with a V and the most we ever got was 16. When I see you again i’m going to call you out on that, I know you knew way more then that.

I seen your name in books, but never your picture. You should work on that. I’ve been thinking about what you used to ask me all the time

“Tae, What’s worst being dead or living without feeling.”

I never had an answer for you. I was always left thinking about for hours on end. After asking my friend Jungkook it he said they’re the same. I thought about it, and I have to say I agree. I can’t even tell the difference between the two. This is just one of the many things that I will tell you once I meet you again. 

I’m looking at the time at its 2:00 AM. It’s time for me to go to sleep now since I should of went to bed hours ago. I have a busy day tomorrow. Hopefully your asleep right now, cuddling with that dog that you always sat that you would get.

Readers Pov

I got concert ticket to see him. I got VIP tickets to. Hopefully he recognizes me. I changed a lot during the years. My hair is short and a different color now, my teeth are now longer crooked. I also sound totally different now.

You better put on a good show for me tonight, like you used to do in my living room. I’m not going to be looking at anybody else. I remember when I first saw your face on TV being promoted. I wasn’t surprised, I just thought it would be sooner. How long did you train? How many hours did you put in to make this reality? If I added up all the hours you spent will it equal the number of days I haven’t seen you?

Do you know how we lost touch? Months after you moved we talked for hours on end everyday. I guess we both grew a little busy huh?

I’m not going to be able to talk to you a lot to night, I know i’m going to be rushed in a line full of crying girls, but it’s still something isn’t it? 

I’m wearing the hat you gave me on the day you left. The one with the cartoon alien,I hope you recognize it. Only 2 more until I can see you. It’s weird, staring at the hat now makes me want to cry. The X you had me sew on there is still holding up “Y/N sew a X on it so when I it at a concert I know it’s you.” 

I feel like this will be one of my last chances for along time to see you again since i’m moving to LA in a couple of weeks.

Teahyungs Pov

I recognized the hat, but the first thing I recognized was that eye smile that I still love. I was heartbroken when I saw it fade from you eyes when I said “Hello and who do you want me to make this out to?”. I hope you understand that if I wanted to avoid a scandal I had to act like that. I thought of writing my number but the other fans would of saw it  and by the time it got to Jin he would call me an idiot and cross it out.  So hoping that you still remember the question you asked me time and time again, I put 

They’re the same.

It was so hard for me not to jump up and hug you. I had so many things I wanted to tell you. My trainee stories, stories about the other members that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. I have some things that I regret not saying to you before I moved. I should of told you my feelings towards you. You knew I loved you, I said it all the time, but you didn’t know what type of love. I regret giving you that hat and not a kiss.

I hope you wouldn’t mind if I said this but you always had a way of turning me on. I don’t think you even noticed, but there were times when I had to hold myself back.

Readers Pov

It’s seems like forever ago when I was in that line and I finally got an answer for the one question of mine that went unanswered for years, and I agree with you.

I loved how happy you looked. I was going to tell you that I liked your orange hair but my tongue felt to heavy to form words with. Doesn’t it suck that on that night I figured out my feelings for you? 

I moved to LA.  You would love it here, but I feel like you would want to go back to Korea after a couple of months because you missed your family. 

I don’t have a car yet so I have to walk to the store but it’s fine I could use the exercise.


You were walking and staring at your phone, a bad habit you couldn’t seem to break. You were on your way to the store since you waited until you only and some milk and slices of ham. You were reading this article about subs, because why not? You couldn’t help but to wonder every now and then if you had made a mistake moving here. You always quickly dismissed the thoughts, only to have them crawl back into your head.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a solid figure. You dropped your phone and you pretty sure you heard someone fall…but your phone. You went to pick up phone then help the stranger up but by the time you went to help the stranger up you heard a voice you heard a thousands times 

“Haven’t changed much have you?” Taehyung said arms extended for a hug

You ran into his arms, half of you not believing your eyes. He took you in, taking in your smell, not wanting to let go, not again. You guys could of stayed like that forever but Taehyung resiliently let go.

“What are you doing here?” you asked 

“I’m filming a realty show. What about you?”

“I live here! What happened to your orange hair?”

“I changed it.”

“Change it back.”


You guys burst out laughing, it already felt like old times. 

“I have some free time right now.” Taehyung said “So if you wanna hangout we can…”

You nodded “I know this coffee place down the street from here we can go there.”

His familiar box smile that you missed so much spread across his face “Lead the way.” He said

You guys spent the rest of day together. You listened to his trainee stories and loved the excitement in his eyes. 

“Hey, Hey Vae let’s take a picture together” You finally said when you guys got back to your apartment picking up your camera 


“Yea V+Bae=Vae.” You said rising your camera to take the picture “I want to remember this day,”

He posed for the camera. You looked down at the picture of you and Taehyung smiling happily together, surely a picture you would hold on to forever. He looked around your apartment noticing all your Mario stuff you had laying around. 

“Sorry” You said picking up your Mario hoodie “I didn’t expect to have anyone over

“It’s fine.” He said “You and Jin would get along great.”

“I hope I get to meet him one day.” You turned around to be meet by Taehyungs passionate kiss.

You fell in love with the feeling of having his lips against yours, his lips tasted like mint. “I’m sorry but I regret never doing that.” He said hands still cupped around your face. You stared at him for a couple of seconds before taking the warmth of his lips back in without saying anything. You led him to the couch, never breaking the heated kiss. You laid him in a position so that you were on top of him. He started taking of your shirt, you had to help him with your bra. You then helped him take of his shirt before you went for his neck. He watched as your boobs hanged freely, turning him on even more. 

“Y/N, please don’t leave any marks.” It came out more as a whine then he wanted.

You moaned into his neck as a response, you started to suck lighter. You sucked on collar bone then back up to his lips. You could tell he was channeling all his passion for this moment. The kisses were slow, and gentle, but heated. It’s not like you didn’t love slow, loving sex you were just in the mood for something else, but you went along with it anyway. 

He changed the position so that he was on top.He left a trail of sweet kisses down you stomach while taking of your pants. He reached up and gently massaged you boob making your back arch. He felt how wet you were, he brought his finger to his mouth sucking off your wetness. He gave himself a proud smirk before pulling down his pants. 

He pumped himself a few times before placing the tip at your entrance. He looked up as if saying “Are you sure?” You buckled your hips in response. He pushed in to you. “Fuck.” He moaned he gave you a moment to adjust to his sized before he started going in and out of you with a slow rhythm. He held your hands as your moans started to fill the room. You melted into the feeling of him thrusting inside of you, still you felt like it was missing something. As he got closer to his climax he pulled you closer to him, wanting to feel more of you. His thrusts got faster and soon he found your g-spot aiming to hit in every time. Making a river of curse words come out your mouth. He started sucking softly on your neck making you wrap your arms around his waist. He started nibbling on your ear. You could hear every low moan and grunt, driving you insane. 

“Tae, i’m about to cum.” you breathed

He started draw circles on your slit, letting your climax take over you. It was calm, but it felt amazing. He helped you ride out your orgasm, soon being over come with his own. He let out one loud moan before he spilled his side inside of you. He kissed you on your nose and rested his forehead against yours. “Y/N you felt so amazing.” You smiled. “I’m happy to have you back into my life he said in a low whisper. You were happy he was back in your life, but your happiness didn’t make it to your eyes. He stared at you for a while, trying to make out what he was seeing in your eyes.

“Whats wrong?”  He asked smile fading.

“Nothing.” You were quick to say, maybe to quick.

“I know you enough to know somethings wrong now tell me.”

You paused for a moment “….I like it rough.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” He smiled “Come on round two. Let me fuck you the way you like it.”

 He brought you into a kiss once again, but this time channeling his lust this time.  He pushed you on your back making you gasp, he took the chance to push his tongue into your mouth, easily dominating your mouth. He started to rub your slit with his length, making you moan into his mouth. He broke the sloppy kiss, making you whine.

Skipping over you breasts he went straight to your wetness. He kissed up and down you thighs, taunting your lower lips. He started to flick his tongue across your slit, earning him his name in a form of a moan. He then started to lick you up a down, his tongue dipping at your entrance. You entwined your fingers with his hair to pull him closer. He started sucking, making you let out a moan that could of been mistaken as a scream. He stopped and got up. Trying to find the right words to turn you on he said “Suck me.”

You obeyed. You took his long length into your hand. You licked it up and down a few times before licking the beads of pre-cum off the tip. His head feel back as he licked his lips. He moaned as you started sucking on the tip going deeper and deeper. You hummed into him making him unconsciously thrust his hips making you gag a little. You came back up to press your tongue against his slit and go even deeper. He stopped you, and laid you down.

He pushed into you without breaking eye contact . He wasted no time as he soon started to pound you. “Holy shit Tae.” you breathed. He pulled you into a position so that he could reach deeper inside of you. He thought about the words he was about to say, does he dare to say them? “Do you like how my hard cock feel inside of you? Do you like how I pound you senseless? Are you my little slut?” you moaned at his dirty words. 

He switched positions once again letting you ride him but you soon realized that you were not the one in control. He place his hands at  you hips lifting you up and pulling you back down hard. He slowly got faster, His eyes closed as started to let out more moans. You’re climax suddenly over took you as you didn’t see it coming. You screamed out his name making him cum with you. He pulled out a squirted his seed on your bare chest. 

He guys laid there breathing heavily for a couple of silent minutes.

“Did you fake your orgasm the first time?”

Taehyungs Pov

I look next to me to see an angel sleeping.  I still don’t believe what i’m seeing. I know you just moved here but i’m going to ask you to move back to Korea with me. We can get an apartment together and be happy together. I just can’t lose you again.


  • When Eli didn’t make it in the world of dance she ended up exploring music and found remixing to be extremely enjoyable. She got her soundboards and equiptment the more she delved into, posting her work on youtube. One day she tried singing and everyone found it enjoyable, she also began using her own sounds for her soundboard, until she learned about a capella and began doing that. Eli keeps track of Nozomi’s travels because she finds her fascinating.
  • Nozomi travels around with her parents and because of moving a lot she didn’t have a lot of hobbies. She one day bought a guitar and a keyboard and began singing and one of her temporary friends thought she should post her songs and covers on youtube. She soon became known as the travelling cover artist. She admires Eli’s works too.
  • One day Nozomi leaves a comment on one of Eli’s latest videos, and Nozomi posts a cover of a love song and at the end it, there was a message for Eli, “For Elicchika~”
  • From then on, they went back and forth with love and suggestive songs covers for each other, their fans getting extremely excited.
  • In one of the countries Nozomi visited her mother set her up with the boy currently living next to them, they had gotten close, and mostly because of teasing they got together. The boy also had an aptitude for music, he then started accompanying Nozomi in covers. (Eli was totally jealous and at that time they stopped flirting through their covers and Eli went back to Remixing random songs)
  • When Nozomi moved away the boy had promised to keep in touch and Nozomi beleived him, the next country was Russia and Nozomi was excited to meet up with Eli.
  • A month in Russia, Nozomi’s boyfriend confessed to her that he had cheated on her and Nozomi was a little heartbroken but she had expected it.
  • Eli was there to catch Nozomi and mend her heart back (gay gay gay gay gay) Then Eli suggested a collaboration, Nozomi agreed. Collaboration also announces Nozomi’s breakup with her ex.
  • Nozomi then moves out of Russia and Eli promises to keep in touch, and she definitely did. This makes Nozomi love Eli so much more because she’s the first person to actually keep in touch with her.
  • More flirting, more collabs
  • One day they decide to move into LA together
  • super cute updates on their life together through vines, instagram and vlogs
One Direction made the world dance, sing, cry, and scream. Whether you’re a fan or not, they had some form of impact on your life. Don’t let them just disappear. Don’t let them just fade away. They’re still our boys. They’re still trying for us. If Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry can get up on that stage and sing without a brother then we can at least give them our support. Don’t give up on this band. Don’t give up on One Direction. It’s not what Zayn would have wanted. Lets make the world dance again.
Lessons I've learned this Oireachtas season...

- Don’t break in new shoes while learning 3 brand new rounds, you will feel terrible about your dancing (and look like an awkward baby llama walking on ice)
- it gets better. And then worse. And then better again. But it always gets better.
- 30 days is not a lot of time on the calendar, but in reality it can make a world of difference
- Your dance family will always be there for you. Always.
- Just because you didn’t get blisters that one time doesn’t mean your shoes are broken it. Bandaid up or prepare to bleed.
- Sprint intervals are your best friend (and worst nightmare)
- In the end, it doesn’t matter if you miss a tip, or fall off pointe or anything. What matters is you’re pouring everything you have into your passion. And trust me your life is better for it all around.