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My name is Kyla Carter. I am a 20 year old with a passion to perform. I am a circus performer and I have been pole dancing for a year now. I want to get further in my career as a circus performer in every aspect possible, but money has gotten in the way. I would love to be able to afford the euip...

Hello everyone!! I want to thank all of you that have supported my pole dancing! It means so much to me that people are opening their minds to this incredible sport! I am in love with performing! It makes me feel alive! There is beauty in motion. 

I have been having a lot of financial issues, especially within the past few months, and it would mean a lot to me if you could help! I love pole dancing so much and I’m going to have to stop taking classes soon because I can’t afford it anymore.

Please help me! Any amount you can provide will allow me to continue training to become the artist I dream to be! I wish to continue competing and performing and making a name for myself in the pole dancing world as well as in the circus world! 

Thank you to those who read this and thank you to those who share this! I really appreciate your kindness! Every bit helps!

I hope that one day I won’t struggle financially, I’ll be able to afford my own place to live in that has a pole that I can practice on, and to just perform as my job instead of having three to try and support myself. 

I wish all of you the best in making your dreams come true! “Don’t dream it, be it!”


Jessie J “Price Tag” interpreted in American Sign Language.

This makes me warm and fuzzly inside. Like I just swallowed a sweater.  ;) 


Popular local dancers FBI Dance Crew were the surprise finalists at Thursday night’s world dance competition in France’s “Faites Danser Le Monde”.

The competition saw dancers from Brazil, Greece and Europe battle all night for the chance to win the title.

The Kenyan dance crew won France over with their emotive choreography, using dance to tell the story of the Garissa Attacks.x

You go, FBI, you go.

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Takes a village…that lip-sync tho #inspirational


It is our duty to be awesome!


I can’t stop thinking that while I’m here writing this post the red hot chili peppers must be at their studio working on a new jam that in the next months will be another life source that will make the whole world dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

Most important Question: Am I too old to put “married to: Alistair Theirin” as my facebook relationship status on facebook. I never did the fake married to a character or good friend thing as a teen and honestly that’s what I’m feeling right now…

Made a Team Free Will+Destiel playlist:

It’s basically about each dealing with their own things. Sam deals with Lucifer, Dean battles his inner demons with alcohol and Cas makes a choice between heaven and ‘humanity’. 

  1. World on Fire (Setting)
  2. Dance with the Devil  (Sam)
  3. My Demons (Dean)
  4. Anthem of the Angels (Cas)
  5. Unbreakable (Sam)
  6. Trench Coat Angel (Dean meeting Cas)
  7. I walk Beside You (Cas)
  8. Runnin’ (Sam)
  9. Old Number 7 (Dean)
  10. Remember Everything (Cas)
  11. Devil on My Shoulder (Sam)
  12. Down Goes Another One (Dean)
  13. Standing Where You Left Me (Cas)
  14. Shake it Out (Sam)
  15. David (Dean)
  16. Selfless (Cas)
  17. Help Me (Sam)
  18. Sugar We’re Going Down (Dean)
  19. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Cas)

okay, so two people i know (of) have now gotten a scholarship to dance at aldc la. one is going next year and one leaves tomorrow. (btw they and me are NORWEGIAN so I don’t understand how). and I’m just praying so hard for them ‘cause i’m afraid they’re gonna ruin their chances of making it in the dance world with Abby