Evelyne Brochu’s dancing style ranges from ovary exploding, sexy as fuck, gonna make every girl in the world question her sexuality, Café de Flore style dancing to complete and utter adorkable, actual excited six year old at a birthday party, Orphan Black blooper reel style dancing and I love her for it. 


Jessie J “Price Tag” interpreted in American Sign Language.

This makes me warm and fuzzly inside. Like I just swallowed a sweater.  ;) 


Popular local dancers FBI Dance Crew were the surprise finalists at Thursday night’s world dance competition in France’s “Faites Danser Le Monde”.

The competition saw dancers from Brazil, Greece and Europe battle all night for the chance to win the title.

The Kenyan dance crew won France over with their emotive choreography, using dance to tell the story of the Garissa Attacks.x

You go, FBI, you go.

Good morning and happy Tuesday beautifuls. With a hot summer day on its way, I am wrapping up in a fave color, lace, little details, and comfort love. My picks are from the VS Body by Victoria collection and are perfect coverage bra and cheekini panty. Feeling beautiful, empowered, and strong, inside and out, I am ready to take on the day to come. As you prepare for your day, start things off on the right foot with a base layer you love. Clear your mind of the clutter of yesterday, engage in the current moment, focus on the positive, and see yourself for the incredibly beautiful person you are. Love yourself unconditionally and allow this love to radiate out to touch the lives of all who surround you. Pursue your passions whole heartedly allowing your true self to shine and know you make this world a brighter place each and every day. Dance gracefully along your path with grace, kindness, and compassion as your partners. Find strength and confidence in being true to yourself as you continually strive to be the good in the world you want to see. Allow your love to ring true, know in your heart that love can win, and have a fantastic time rocking your day! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3

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Takes a village…that lip-sync tho #inspirational


It is our duty to be awesome!


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Does Abby not realize that you can have opportunities and still train?! Take Chloe for example... She trains and is improving, but she is also taking opportunities and working professionally. Abby is doing a disservice to her students. She needs to stop being so selfish.

Abby is an idiot. She thinks (and even pretty much states it later in this episode) that being on a TV show for 5 seasons makes you above anyone else in the dance world. She thinks her kids are the best of the best when in reality they’re suffering greatly because of her.

my life goal is to one day b able to go to a mall and actually buy every article of clothing that i want w/out lookin’ @ the price tag

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Ok I get that you're a really good dancer and I respect that don't get me wrong but your wig height is a little ridiculous. I feel like there's a point where you need to stop. Just an opinion tho:) keep doing what you do and good luck at nans

what does my wig style have to do with my placements and talent as a dancer? lol I honestly just have a lot of hair and some days it’s poofier than others and some days my wig is lower on my head. it varies and I do my wig the same every single time. I like the way my wig looks regardless and honestly your anonymous opinion and time was wasted sending me this because if you actually knew me personally, nothing anyone could say would make me doubt myself and what I do in the dance world. I like what I like and I’ll continue to do it. :) thanks !

In need of a good summer jam and are a fan of Vampire Weekend’s fun style of music? Then The Gorgeous Chans new fun summer filled track called Marina & I is the track for you. With a summer filled guitar riff and a chorus full of beautiful trumpets that makes me feel like I am back in the 50′s and makes want to dance on a beach without a care in the world. Only the second track from the six piece from Nottingham and already they’re showing that they have a lot of potential - Jakk