the first time
you meet her,
she appears
out of thin air
with skyscraper shoulders
and eyes full of wonder.
the way her feet
dance through the world
makes you believe
she could stop
a war and you realize,
you are nothing
compared to her.
she creates art
with one twirl
and you can
only admire her
from a distance.

no one is ever
able to feel
her coming
but you feel it.
oh, you feel it.
your heart shakes,
palms turn into
a hot summers day.
you begin to memorize
the soft sounds
of her toes
hitting the ground.
you begin to memorize
the way her arms
swing to her sides
and the way her hair
moves as though
it is stronger than any wind.
you’ve never believed
in gods, but
when you stare into her eyes,
you’re sure someone must’ve spent
ages painting the warm
colors of her skin.

she believes
she is invisible,
yet you see her
in everything
- every little thing.
every step she takes is the
start of a beautiful dance
that you could watch
for hours, and hours.
she never makes
the wrong move
so you hand
her your heart,
hide it in every
piece she creates.
you’re sure she’d
never drop it
but the thing is,
does she even realize
she has it?
do you even realize
she has it?

the first time
you see her
blood spill, you catch
her with shaky arms.
you hold all the
hope in your heart
in your arms
and wonder, if
she was gone,
would the dim light
in your eyes
completely fade?
you tear wounds
open on anyone
that had dared to touch her
yet when she opens
her eyes again,
you pretend you
didn’t skip sleep
thinking of her.

some days, your head
spins and her laughter
is the only drug
that can stop
the world from
moving too fast.
when darkness falls,
you hear her voice
call your name.
you hear the
ringing songs of
her laughter
and you hear
your own heart
pounding for a girl
who deserves someone
with delicate hands
instead of blood
stained fingers.

you wonder
how a boy
like you,
broken and cruel,
could find a girl
with fire in her heart.
in every corner
of this world,
there is darkness
but somehow,
sun kissed skin
crept up on you,
and a flame in
your heart was ignited.

one day, she is
suddenly taken away.
she is thrashing
and kicking.
her movements have
never been so violent.
this is a dance
that is painful to watch.
when her hands
are too far to reach,
you whisper
her name and wonder
if you’ll ever be
able to hold her
the way you have
always imagined to
in your dreams.

you’d tear apart
every piece of land.
you’d tear apart
every tree, every boat,
in order to hear
the gentle sound
of her breathing again.
you’d tear apart
your own heart
in order to see
her finally
live out her dream.
so you begin
to search for her
and aren’t afraid to
see red everywhere.
you’ve never believed
in gods, but
now you’re praying
and praying,
and praying
for her. for her. for her.

- you are in love with a girl who no one seems to see but you, oh god, you see her everywhere (ms)


Jessie J “Price Tag” interpreted in American Sign Language.

This makes me warm and fuzzly inside. Like I just swallowed a sweater.  ;) 

ASPIRATIONS {part 1; Tae}

Tae had a lot of wishes. One was to be famous. Another, to make his family proud. A third, to fall in love. He wanted the white picket fence. The house on the hill. And the world made it easy for him to do that. All he had to do was simply write on his arm. 

I didn’t have many dreams. Sure, I wanted to be successful in my job, maybe settle down, maybe not. My life was a series of maybes. A series of what ifs. A series of spontaneous moments jumbled together. I didn’t necessarily want a huge family. I wanted to travel. I wanted to live my life and dedicate my time to something that could help me change the world. 

Tae spent his days making music. Practicing dance routines. Sitting in meetings full of managers who told him the game plan. 

I spent my weekdays working and my weekends volunteering. I lived frugally, but that was okay. I wanted to give what I had to people who needed it. 

We were opposites. Our dreams didn’t quite match up. We weren’t on the same page. But that’s just the backdrop. Our story is much crazier than that. Our story starts on the day I died. 


I’ve always had a crush on the top that Tessa is wearing in these pictures. The original top is the NICHOLAS EXCLUSIVE ONE SHOULDER V CROP TOP. It have a nice Grease feel to it. 

I’ve found the ABS by Allen Schwartz Asymmetrical Off-The-Shoulder Crop Tank which is a great alternative. It’s almost the same top. 

One top that I like is the BOOHOO CAROLINE ONE SHOULDER TOP. The one shoulder design makes me think of Tessa’s 2013 Worlds free dance dress.

These two bodysuits (Boohoo Bardot Choker Body & Missguided Bardot Body With Thong are very similar. Perfect for a night out.

Nakata Yasutaka Modern Portrait feature @ AERA (February 2015)

Hailing from the historic city of Kanazawa, the producer behind Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume’s catchy, fresh electro-pop grew up taking after his father’s love of machines and started down the path of composing entirely original songs by grade school. At times gorgeous and at times chaotic, I delved into the real intentions of this unrivaled prince showing his dazzlingly extraordinary music to the world.

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Steven universe music and how it makes me feel

Opal- makes me think about pearl elegantly dancing around the world
We are the crystal gems- makes me think of baby steven
Wailing Stone- makes me think of a stone screaming at greg
It’s over isn’t it?- a parody….of this song…pffttt
Don’t Cost Nothing- steven spending the entire day with his dad

@jancisstuff​ <- she is who supplied
7 Things to know about Scarlett

One Insecurity
She worries she is too simple. Plain

Two Fears
Being alone
Being hunted

Three Turn-Ons
Manly Men doing Manly Men things!
Stereotypical Romance

Four Life Goals
Learn to fight! (at least.. somewhat)
Find real love
Become a successful performer
See more of the world

Five Things That Make Her Happy
Romance Novels

Six Weaknesses
Easy to swoon
Can’t hold her liquor
Afraid of the past
Her father
Kids in need
Anyone who is hungry

Seven People/Things She Loves
Her Chocobo
Her collection of cheap romantic smut
Aeric, R.I.P. 
The Redwings. Pretty much all of them!
Her Father
Her self absorbed brother Reginald <3
Her Guitar